Green Town Residents Missing from School | TVJ News – Sept 6 2021

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  1. That’s why parents need to learn to read, but it’s very shameful that these children having difficulty having their children in school! The government needs to send someone out in the area !😥🇯🇲🙏

    1. All of those residents spoke fluently.
      Hence one could appreciate that they can read. It’s always best to give compliments before complaints.

  2. That isn’t a priority of the government the objective is to lock up inosent Jamaican for mask ect. This is the worst government in the history of Jamaica we need to get them out any means necessary

    1. Actually, I was thinking something similar. ALL citizens are likely in lockdown while foreigners getting better treatment (gathering together how they like and having no need to wear mask). So it’s not just the “poor” who are suffering.

    2. Rubbish. Successive governments in Jamaica since our so-called Independence have been just as bad in one area or another. Tempus fugit and obviously memories are short. And, as many of these children are at primary level, why can’t parents home school the children themselves? Or at least as it their children. Now that’s another question, bordering on wherewithal, discipline, and ability. And how about their local churches? Since Jamaicans go on, and on, and on, about their religion and religious beliefs, where are the many churches stepping in to aid in this time of need?

  3. It’s quite obvious that the government has not followed through on its promise to provide internet access and functional tablets to students in rural communities/areas hence the parents have become very skeptical about this new school year. They have no motivation to continue online classes. The children should be virtually interfacing with their teachers and classmates.

  4. Come on government, what going on with Digicel. Is anyone interested and care about these communities? The avenue for learning must be provided in order for the students to learn.

  5. All the children and university students have gone back to school in the UK yesterday so me nuh overstand wha agwaan back home☹Shame on the government the way they treat my people and children. The Rich children can access education.

  6. kmt anju can do much better bcz if you take the vaccine you still can still get the covid i don’t see the sense in they are doing the virus will spread rather we like it or not anju need fi go back a the drawing board

  7. That’s why we should vote out the this government… we need a Government that is for the people!!! Flow and digicel not working… simple mathematics get a next provider that can get the job done!!!!!!!

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