Telecoms Providers to Improve Online School | TVJ News – Sept 6 2021


  1. Flow is the main problem!! Their mobile network is 3g and sometimes it drops down to EDGE!! As for their home internet it’s unreliable, sometimes gone for weeks or very poor speeds.

    1. Absolutely! Our internet was gone for 29 days in July/August because someone thief wire. Why is it my problem? An nuh mi thief it. It took 10+ calls to finally get it fixed. Did I get a refund of $8000 for the month without internet? Nope.

  2. Flow on their line on post every day and the internet is the same slow ,low and no . I would honestly like to know what they are doing 🤔

  3. My flow internet as need given a full weeks service and since grace pass through every morning by 9am it starts acting…sometimes for the whole day it’s down
    Digicel said they don’t have enough applications from my area so i can’t get there internet

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