Whitmore’s Job Under Scrutiny after Panama Defeat – Sept 6 2021

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  1. TAPPA still isn’t tactically sound, he has no knowledge of tactics and in game management. He just leans back and folds his arms smh

  2. I said dozens of times and I will say it AGAIN! Two factors that have ruined Jamaica’s chances to see the world cup since France 98 are: NO ACCOUNTABILITY AND INDISCIPLINE! Michael Ricketts and Tappa are not held ACCOUNTABLE for their years of FAILURES, so they continue their inept.

    1. I think you use indiscipline because it’s Jamaica..I see no indscipline in this team stop reaching.

    2. @Kingston Half-way tree Let me help you: Indiscipline: Failure to obey rules and orders; a lack of control in the behaviour of a person or group of people. Stop living in denial and call it as your eyes tell you.

  3. Base on the players that was here the assistant coach must know if they can start all eight or bring some from the bench

  4. Everyone should be familiar with Jamaica 🇯🇲 qualifying procedures by now. We like to dig ourselves out of a hole, last minute ditch, who must draw and who must lose for us to go through the needle eye. We love the Blue Mountain ⛰ our backs walking across the Qatari desert 🏜 to get to the World Cup.

  5. Carvel Stewart tappa needs to go, he is not a good coach. He has too much problems with certain player’s, this is not tappas team its jamaicas team

  6. That’s the problem begging people to play that’s not qualified enough not because they’re in England make them soccer players are good players for that matter

  7. He needs to go what does he know about football? The team has no core no mid field the 16 should have been taken off and the 7as well tappa have no tactic no idea. Jff go and get a proper coach or better yet give the job to Neville bell.

  8. He whitmore is selling out the match…for lucrative money…just like the usa match …he was in match fixing.. .selling out the match for large incentives…..leave coaching

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