Hear what stood out to CNN analyst about shooter’s note

The man who opened fire inside a Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia, purchased the handgun he used the morning of the attack and left a "death note," outlining grievances against people in his life, city officials said Friday. #CNN #News


  1. My little brother works at this Walmart and during those hours. Thank god he was not there but after what he told me, this is a really messed up story. This was a disgruntled employee who wasn’t all the way there mentally. Higher ups were complained to and warned about this individual, people have quit because of this individual, and nothing was ever done about it. Mental evaluation should be important when it comes to stressful jobs. This is something that quite possibly could have been avoided. Condolences to the families suffering from this tragic incident.

    1. @Terratiger I think this goes beyond emotional intelligence into some kind of paranoid-laced mental health issue…

    2. @Annette Robinsonwhy? Walmart isn’t responsible. They could be sued for discrimination if this guy had mental health issues and they fired him because of it. Nobody is responsible for the actions of this nut job besides this nut job. I understand you might not like Walmart. And wish that there was something that could be done to help the situation. But it’s not Walmarts fault. Companies definitely shouldn’t be requiring employees to disclose their personal health details to get a job at Walmart. Especially mental health. That opens the door for so much discrimination.. gun laws are dumb as well. Sometimes there’s no solution’s that wouldn’t do more harm than good. Maybe they should start having armed loss prevention officers there just for situations like this. Not to start shooting people stealing. But just to shoot active threats against peoples lives.

    3. @Louisa von Dartwhatever. The guys obviously a paranoid schizophrenic. Talking about how he knew from their smiles. Like wtf?

    4. Shooter: They’re holding me back and mocking me and conspiring against me!
      Everyone else: Oh god keep me away from that weirdo. He’s narcisistic, selfish, and dense as a brick!
      Management: Seems fine, you’re just being overdramatic.
      Walmart Corporate Offices: Huhwuh?
      Me: COUGH gaslighting, COUGH COUGH! the COUGH! employees COUGH COUGH! Oh sorry, while I was trying to get a frog out of my throat my hands twitched and spontaneously raised both of my middle fingers while looking right at the general manager of the entire store.

      Edit: I highly reccomend reading up on gaslighting behavior patterns. Might be helpful against management types in the future.

  2. This is why a waiting period is advised . A lot of people act on impulse and making a person who is suicidal or homicidal wait a few days might allow for a change to not hurt oneself or others .

    1. @Phouc He thought about doing it for weeks yeah but he bought the gun the morning it happened. He didnt buy it 2 weeks before m8.

    2. @Sevenfold120 IT DOES NOT MATTER _WHEN_ HE BOUGHT IT.
      the point is and has ALWAYS been GUN “LAW” DOESN’T STOP CRIMINALS

  3. That “patriotic gun owner” had more rights and constitutional protections then the 6 dead people.
    Think about that for a second.

    1. @Delvien Vol That’s silly. There is no way to defend yourself at a job like that. Their guns would have been home, car, maybe their employee locker…
      Now listen…
      Hear me out…
      Maybe… just maybe… If the chode wasn’t some 2nd amendment ammosexual and had no right to a gun… and… are you still with me?… and the chode didn’t live in a country of 350M with 550M+ guns… This might still have happened… But… the other 607 mass shootings THIS YEAR wouldn’t have happened… and most likely maybe 1 or 2 of the 638 mass shootings LAST YEAR would have happened… and…
      Wait… do I need to go on?
      Or do you get the picture.
      You like your guns better than people.
      Just do me a favor… Just kill me and not my kids when you go nuts.

    2. @EverlastingPain Why aren’t you trying to ban cars? They kill more people then guns, there are less of them and they require licensing. Objectively more dangerous, why don’t you care about those people? Clearly the greater evil but you let it pass because you just want to control the populous not reduce deaths.

      How about banning fast food? Or requiring people to exercise? Heart disease kills more people then guns annually. Oh the people don’t matter, just stripping rights from people because it makes you feel good.

      When you’re picking up people to put into concentration camps, send me to the death camps and brainwash my wife and kids into slaves for the elites like you are doing to your own.

    3. @Delvien Vol I couldn’t agree more. There should be way more regulations on cars (which is already way more than guns). A two week, or more training course, rigorous training and testing, and physical test along with IQ tests and bacground checks.
      And even more for a gun.
      Driving and gun ownership should be for those who have earned it, not for anything with a pulse. Make it free, but elite. Only the chosen. Kind of like the NFL (only those who qualify) compared to a 2nd grade little league (no matter how much Timmy sucks, he still gets to play).

      Have you ever been behind some 95 year old driver, or some 18 year old anorexic mall chick?

      Now… imagine them with guns?

      I fully agree you should have a gun, when you prove you can handle it, and everyone you know, past and present, agrees that you aren’t a chode.

    4. @EverlastingPain Sure just disarm the military, police and corporations first. The population should always hold more martial power then the ruling class aka. the government, as this country was designed.

    5. @Delvien Vol Again… couldn’t agree more.
      There are a few things on this planet that are way too much for the human race to handle… I call them “alien technologies” that were left here to f*ck with us…

      All weapons.
      The combustion engine.

      There are probably more, but those are the ones that make the news as being the most devastating to the human race.

  4. I find it very disturbing that I initially thought that this was about the Night Club shooting. So we’ve already moved on to the next tragedy eh? I expect within the next couple of days we’ll all be talking about another incident. WAKE UP America! You can be so much better than this.

    1. @Jose Ceron yes, primarily. BUT that said, it would help to make screenings and wait periods national. While I became a pacifist after Viet Nam, my military training remains; I feel I am a responsible gun owner and have actually influenced friends to get proper training, which includes an anger management assessment, which I think is tantamount. Add a month purchase delay to that, and we would all be in better safety. Not perfect, but better.

    2. No it can’t. Columbine was in the last century, and it was not the first mass shooting. This is as “good” as it gets.

  5. It used to be called ” Going Postal ” after numerous workers in postal sorting rooms cracked under the pressure of working in a hostile environment and brought their guns to work. The same hostile environments exist in Walmart today. The management knows it and is responsible for it. People are promoted to a level beyond their capacity for handling stress and are used until they break. Bullying and mockery is rampant. All it takes is easy access to guns and this sort of thing happens. Words have consequences…………

    1. truest comment i’ve read on this, but also, i don’t want to give this man any credit. he was clearly mentally ill, and society and capitalism failed us all. but i am currently recovering from being abused by the public from working the frontlines of retail and hospitality all through covid. nonstop abuse every single day for 2 years.

    2. I was never good in positions of management and/or supervisor positions. Multitasking was a very stressful for me…even now I have difficulty with this. I am more comfortable and productive in a one on one situations

  6. Sounds like he has schizophrenia needed to be heavily medicated on anti psychotics Led by satan or a disembody voices I have a loved one that is dealing with this It’s very scary.
    The fact that he was 35 That’s usually when it peaks if it doesn’t happen in there early Teens.
    Just another reason why we need medicare for all.
    So we can get more people diagnosed and stabilized.

    1. Led by Satan? So God lost on that battle to allow “Satan” to take over the shooter? Only diseased brains think in this way!

    2. Right? News commentators always want to act like reaffirming that the second amendment exists is this end-all for the gun conversation. There is zero willingness to look at the real problems of our country

  7. Law abiding gun owners have to accept responsibility for the number of guns in the wrong hands. Every body on the planet does not need such easy access to weapons of war. The waiting periods would help with domestic violence. Or workplace violence in this latest Walmart violence.

    1. Law abiding gun owners don’t have to accept any responsibility. Funny how obsessed anti-rights folks like yourself are with prosecuting innocent people.

      Disarm the government and the corporations then you can disarm the populous. The government under Biden gave more then 80 billion dollars worth of military hardware to terrorists and you want to take guns away from normal citizens first? XD

  8. Passing an EQ test would be a good idea for all gun owners, but it couldn’t be made retroactive, only going forward.

  9. Sounds like Mr. Bing might have been suffering from schizophrenia. If his parents failed to help him, it could be because they had no money to do so or were not sophisticated enough to recognize mental illness or, most likely, both. It might help across the board if mental health care (as well as physical health care) were far more accessible in the US than it is. Then some sensible gun control like a waiting period and age limits among other things would incrementally bring down these horrific mass shootings.

  10. ‘Killing people, is a choice. Just like not killing people, is a choice.’

    Think about it.

    Peace to the victims and their families.

  11. He thinks the min wage Wal-Mart employees were “grinning at him and laughing at his downfall”, that sounds delusional, that was all in his head.

  12. There are a lot of people in management and upper level positions in organizations that are unwell. I have experienced this first hand myself, and human resource departments are unfit because they allow it and protect them, up until it has gotten too late. HR is not for the standard employee. No one in upper management checks on lower level staff to ensure the people under them are doing their jobs.

    1. More than a lot, the whole management system in this country is counter productive and destructive to workers. You are nothing more than a number to management and how to boss employees around is taught in Business Schools creating more unwell people ready to enter management positions to become a small army of unwell people. Workers can manage themselves if only workers built up their own confidence and business acumen and took more control over their own work lives.

  13. That’s why we am need to be more compassionate because we don’t know what stressors or emotional problems people are experiencing.

    1. How do we know people weren’t kind to him and he just refused that kindness? Why are you taking the word of a mass murderer?

  14. As a Christian of a far away nation, I gotta say, it’s heartbreaking that this happened. What on Earth possessed this guy to do this to people who weren’t even involved in the things he was upset because of? Let alone to do this at all?

    Can’t say that mocking he mentioned doesn’t happen though. It’s happened to me before, but it’s no excuse for murder.

    I really hope all of you who were affected by this heal from it, both physically and emotionally.

    1. I‘m also far away🇨🇭The thought that you can go (in a rage) and get a war weapon immediately like some milk.. is insane and contributes to this killings on a almost daily basis.🥲

  15. This is why we all need and have the right to bear arms we are responsible for our own and other people’s safety period Lonnie ray

  16. I was twenty years old when I was service connected disabled in 2004. I met my sister’s boyfriend, three years older than I soon after, whom tried to stab me to death. I managed to wrestle the knife away from him. The very next day, I decided to buy a pistol because I didn’t want him to try again. I found out that he was beating my sister, telling her a restraining order is just a piece of paper, and bragged about how he could just steal a gun and shoot our family dead if she ever left him. My sister rebuffed any police intervention, even lying for him because she said she was scared of what he might do to us. I quickly found out that I went from being trusted to using an M-16 with grenade launcher one day, to not being trusted to carry a pistol the very next day after an honorable discharge. Don’t you know I was sweating bullets for eight months because I was not old enough to own a pistol for self defense? This boyfriend was already in and out of jail and was a criminal. Yet I had my hands legally tied because I was twenty years old.

  17. I knew it! That the gunman was a very hurt person and this is where it came from. My heart hurts for them ALL. This is my toxic families need therapy or to not exist

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