Herschel Walker getting tax break in 2022 on Texas home intended for primary residence

Republican Herschel Walker is getting a tax break intended only for a primary residence this year on his home in the Dallas, Texas, area, despite running for Senate in Georgia. Publicly available tax records reviewed by CNN’s KFile show Walker is listed to get a homestead tax exemption in Texas in 2022, saving the Senate candidate approximately $1,500 and potentially running afoul of both Texas tax rules and some Georgia rules on establishing residency for the purpose of voting or running for office. #CNN #News


    1. I mean, if we’re honest, he doesn’t seem bright enough to know what state he lives in. State of Denial is my guess.

    1. @corn pop was an orange dude LOL. Claiming your primary residence is in Texas while claiming you live full-time in Georgia does have tax implications. Poor thing. And yeah, Trump is and always has been innocent of any wrong-doing. Sorry, just choked when saying that. 😂

    2. @corn pop was an orange dude There is a law preventing him from running. The law requires him to be a resident of Georgia. If he claims to be a resident of Texas, then the law does not allow him to run to be a Senator of Georgia.

    3. @corn pop was an orange dude it is not legally possible to claim to be a resident of one state for “tax purposes” and another state for other purposes, such as voting or running for office. You can have only one domicile — aka primary residence. He could argue that he made a mistake on his tax filings but he likely would owe a penalty.

  1. They now know getting Trump out of the picture is important. The seat is still important with Manchin and Sinima playing games

    1. @Rodney Oneil If Walker wins, Manchin and Sinema are stronger. If Warnock wins they don’t carry so much weight

    2. @Democracy #1 I wouldn’t put anything past a lefty either. They will just discredit and dismiss everything they disagree with at face value. But hey, what is a women’s sport?

    3. @corn pop was an orange dude I wonder at what point in your life did the homogeneous status of women’s sports become so important to you that you would take the time away from all other issues in your life to focus on, comment on social media about, disparage others who disagree with you, regarding it’s importance so intently.
      I’ll bet before you heard of such a politically driven controversy, you likely couldn’t have careed less about it…. But because Fox and friends, Rupert Murdoch and other ” righty’s” told you it was important and that you should be outraged, THATS when you understood how much of a terrible effect it has on your specific life and took up the yoke of maintaining the “natural order”of women’s sports!
      Now you are on the path of women athletes “hero” and protector.
      How gloriously special for you.

    4. @Democracy #1 um… you’re right. I never use to give a damn because women’s sports where not broken until Biden on his first day in office Fd that up with the trans equality rights act which makes no Fn sense. What rights did trans people not have other than not being able to walk into the wrong bathroom exactly?

      Then the same racist potato collapsed an ally government and set back women’s rights thousands of years in the middle east.

      Then this same double lobotomy patient (1988 & 2013) made women and children less safe with an open border for human traffickers to use children as immigration tokens.

      Nobody on FOX told me to think for myself. Biden is really Fn women over globally and the only reason you don’t care is a complete lack of integrity. The left is more angry at Kanye and Elon than they ever where with Epstein and that says volumes about the cult of blue no matter who.

  2. It just keeps getting better, too bad this embarrassment will still get 49+ percent of the vote… hopefully the REAL Americans in Ga will vote enough for Warnock to go over the hump😂🥺

    1. “embarrassment”?…I beg to differ. Republicans have NO shame or embarrassment. If they did, they would never have endorsed nor voted for this modern day Stepin Fetchit!

  3. Arent there state residency requirements to run for office anymore ? I know Josh Hawley doesn’t live in Missouri but still runs for office. Oz didnt live in PA and ran there. And now Hershel claims Texas as your primary residence and runs for Georgia senate ? What is going on ?

    1. @Bobbun No neither state will make an issue because they are Republican states and he is running as Republican so they are ok with it.

    2. @Dianne Baker no Hillary Clinton moved to NEW YORK STATE. The terms to run for federal office is in the constitution.

  4. After spending 7 minutes explaining how Warnock is a vampire, I don’t think Georgia is ready to hear how getting a tax break on his Texas house ties in with Hansel and Gretel.

    1. Yep another group of Trump and Republican haters running their mouths off on tax matters they know nothing about.Do you really think Walker would take deductions with out the advise of a tax advisor who knows the laws.Besides call 3 IRS consultants at the IRS about instructions on a tax question and you get 3 different answers ,You talking heads are always talking about things you know nothing about

    2. Oh please – I love to listen to someone who’s got such mastery of the English language coupled with such amazing oratory (look it up) skills!

    3. @Etron The reading comprehension of those supporting Trump makes me understand why they don’t want kids to be educated in a manner that gives them info from all sides and think for themselves instead of withholding facts to make them believe the misleading info they are being fed.

      Read slowly…
      The tax laws are not the issue. The deduction he is given for claiming a primary residence in TX for the past 2 tax years is the issue. If TX is his primary residence as stated and sworn to in his tax returns, Article 5, Section 3, of the US Constitution would disqualify him as a candidate (unless he is pulling a Dr. Oz and listing a relative’s address as his place of residence).

      The State of GA requires candidates to file affidavits with the GA Sec. Of State containing specific information in order to be named on the ballot as a candidate as a US Senator. Included in the affidavit is the proposed candidates address of residence. If Walker is claiming that TX is his residence on his taxes but listing a GA residence on his affidavit, he is possibly lying to the IRS which is a crime (but laws are nothing to the GOP) or he has lied on his affidavit. Not only would the residence be an issue on the affidavit, but the affidavit also makes the candidate commit that they will not knowingly break election laws. If TX is his residence and he has put GA, then he broke an election law when he signed the affidavit. Again laws and policies mean nothing to the GOP. After all abortions are terrible, unless of course a GOP candidate has paid for them. Why would a little thing like election laws mean anything?

    1. I see all the wrong answers in this comment section! For a group that always references the Constitution, how In the Hell do you not even know Article 1…. Like literally, Article 1, you didn’t even get to Article 2, before you got bored???? Go read section 2 of ARTICLE 1!!!!! 🤦‍♂️And also, States laws do not supersede the Constitution of The United States of America!!! WTH!!

    2. Doesn’t anyone wish that cnn or basically any of our media would cover all people like they do this guy??
      I don’t even like Hershel Walker but I am not a blow job libersl hack who doesn’t notice that they are holding a senate candidate to 10000X the accountability thsn our sitting F’ing president and our sitting vp or speaker of the house and basically anyone who is a democrat sorry to say

      I read somewhere that cnn was bought by a bigger company and was not going to be the democrats PR firm and act like they work for the White House …. I guess that isn’t happening

  5. When Herschel Walker loses, he can always audition for a role in the remake of “Blade, the Werewolf who is also a Vampire Slayer”

  6. Regular people can’t live in one state and vote in another. He live in Texas and runs for office in Georgia. Why?

  7. Doesn’t declaring his primary residence as being in Texas in 2021 and 2022 actually make him ineligible to run for office in Georgia? Doesn’t his primary residence have to be in Georgia in order to be the Senator from Georgia? Will someone from Georgia sue the x state to have him removed from the ballot for being ineligible?

    1. @RuBaron715 does he live in GA? I guess it’s one or the other… he can’t run cuz he lives in TX, or he lives in GA & committed tax fraud. Either way nothing will happen to him. Oz didn’t live in PA either but he made it to election day. Sad no one follows the rules anymore. I also think this is the last time we put Warnock up for this seat. He isn’t bringing the votes

    2. @Ethan WeeterWeeter What he did is considered fraud. He is taking a tax break for a home he doesn’t live in in another state. He would have to lie and say he lives in Texas when he doesn’t. If lying and cheating isn’t a problem for his supporters then I guess they will still support him. I wouldn’t vote for a Dem who did what he did. I would stay home.

    3. @Percival Googlyeyes Why for a senator? Because the law says so? Because being a football player is a game not an elective office and doesn’t have a legal requirement to be resident of the state you play in? Does that begin to give you a clue?

    1. He didn’t receive 50% so there’s another 50% out there that are decent they think they are they think they’re God-fearing Republicans would never vote for a black man but would vote for a mentally challenged black man where is the decency hands-down Warnock should be 90% of the vote it shouldn’t be a close race Warnock should win hands down Republicans hate everything they don’t have policy it’s just hate do you mean the Republicans couldn’t find somebody to run other than Herschel

    2. get your taxes in order because the 87000 IRS agents are after the people making under 400000. rubber stamped by warlock. you might listen to your real governor Kemp not warlock

  8. When you get Lindsey Graham and Ted Cruz to campaign for you and they do all the talking and not the person running (Walker). There’s something wrong 😂😂

    1. You could add the Forbes top 1000 to that list. Any politician worth over 5 million, which is most of them. Welcome to America.

  9. How a Senator is able to maintain residency in multiple states (or at least outside DC) is astounding. Shouldn’t happen.

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