1. Hope Hicks was a significant enabler of Donald Trump. The January 6 committee called her out for her deceitful testimony. Please don’t help her redeem her reputation.

    1. What deceitful testimony? The January 6 committee got their answers and thanked her. Mainstream news media is generally satisfied, too. More independents would be sympathetic to leftists if they (leftists) weren’t just as ugly and mean as Banana Republicans when it comes to unforgiveness and refusal to allow redemption.

  2. It seems like a lot of these jerks are trying to save their own hydes. Kudos to Hutchinson and Sarah Matthews for coming forward and not wanting to participate in this trash. This lady didn’t resign…says a lot about her character and credibility

    1. I don’t think many people will have missed the dramatic effect. Which is a good thing, the public needs to be aware of how bad this really is.

    1. I know…. the legacy was traitorous from the beginning…. with a Hamberder and cup of covfefe….. better than Washington and Lincoln

    2. @Terry Reynolds “1.2 billion. So you go ahead and you stack spaghetti sauce at a store— at at at a supermarket. You control the guy or the woman that runs the run run run— brings out the carts on a onaonaona on a forklift. What happens?!” Joe Biden.

  3. After watching hope Hicks’ testimony before the January 6 committee, I’m pretty sure that she became the Conman‘s “close” Communications Director because of her vast experience.

    1. @SNOOPY SNOOP #1B you forgot the B in front of job… she is very competent at that job


  4. She’s still lying and helped facilitate all his dirt. Put her on the stand in front of the country with the rest of the grossly unqualified traitors.

    1. I am not defending Hope at all, but I think she said that hoping 45 would listen to her to stop if she makes it about him rather than our democracy… She knows if she said she worried about our democracy, he definitely would not listen.

  5. He’s a narcissist, and winning takes priority over everything. He has always divided people into two categories – “winners” (himself and anyone who alligns themselves with him) and “losers” (basically everyone else, but those who oppose him in particular). Being a loser is the worse thing imaginable to him. He’s afraid of being deemed a “loser,” because he’s afraid that it will cause a chain reaction that will lead to the crumbling of the entire facade as a successful billionaire executive that he’s built around himself and he’d lose everything. So he does whatever he thinks is necessary to win. He does not give a crap about his legacy and never has. All that matters to him is winning, no matter the cost and no matter what he destroys. And as we saw on Jan. 6, he’d sooner destroy American democracy to stay in power than concede to the world that he lost.

    1. In the core of narcissism is pathological shame. Why else would anyone go to such lengths to try to convice themselves they have value?

  6. What is scary is that Hope was worried about “damaging his legacy” and NOT the threat to democracy, the threat to rule of law, the threat to our country.

    1. Yes ! And majority of the GOPS are worried more about their jobs than protecting the constitution, we should worry about future of the young generations….

    2. @thejediway Of course, her personal opinion carries no weight. Unfortunately, she represents the way of thinking a lot of Trump followers have, and that mass of people is a threat to our democracy, rule of law, and nation, and that is scary

  7. He didn’t just put pressure on the VP, but he attempted to cause him personal injury or death, but not calling off his supporters.

  8. How incredible that Woodward, Bernstein and John Dean should all be sitting on a panel together five decades after Watergate, all joined together in a common cause.

  9. “I’m scared that we are damaging his legacy.” DAMAGING HIS LEGACY?!?!?! As if it was a great reputation to begin with… Wow.

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