House Passes Resolution Condemning President Donald Trump’s Tweets | Morning Joe | MSNBC

As Trump defends the tweets that have widely been criticized as racist, the House on Tuesday passed a resolution on Tuesday night condemning those tweets. Four Republicans voted on the measure along with Rep. Justin Amash, who recently left the party.
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House Passes Resolution Condemning President Donald Trump's Tweets | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. trump so corrupt uses racism as cunning diversion. meanwhile he and Putin well on way to rig 2020 vote. Mitch sits on legislation that would protect vote. The fix is already in and America will be getting burned.

    1. Ely Pevets This sorry sod is still clinging on to a conspiracy theory that was disproven by the ‘gods’ of democrats. Now we know where your intelligence lies.

    2. MamaKat The Russian Collusion Delusion is a conspiracy theory designed by the establishment to try to get Trump out of office. A coup that warrants treason charges followed by the appropriate punishment.

  2. They need to begin impeachment hearings NOW. Remove the corrupt and incompetent racist bully from office

    1. Impeachment for what? Loving America and being a patriot? Fighting back?
      Racism belongs to the D party where everything is predicated on skin color. Trump-Russian collusion has also been debunked. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama did the real collusion with Russia.

    2. NPC#8675309 racism is not patriotism , immigration from all over the world is part of the USA since it was founded . If you don’t believe that Trump is racist that might make you a racist

    1. @Scientific Methodology trump has A TINY BASE.

    1. J. Noble huh? You better go reread my comment again and correct yourself before I make you look foolish.

    2. You see, the Boob Squad and Pelosi will back at each other’s throats in a week. Power in the hands of liars and Traitors forces them to compete. TRUMP will tell Pelosi, “See, I threw you life line and you didn’t take it. I even defended you. Looks like we need to make a deal”. She will be in Trump’s pocket in less than a week.

  3. This GOP is not conservative or becoming more conservative, they are extreme right wing reactionary Fascists. Call them what they are.🤪😜

    1. Dittzx which was based on fascism, which was born from socialism. Fascism can be viewed as forced socialism in a lot of ways.

    2. Nobody’s fascist it’s just Trump playing 4-D chess and you’re too dumb to understand what’s happening

  4. He is a disgusting human being. Just because somebody just doesn’t like him. Doesn’t mean that they need to go back to where they came from all because they dislike him. That’s their personal opinion and how they feel about him.

    1. @NPC#8675309 “stay tuned to the propaganda networks”.. he writes right after throwing out qanon nonsense.

    2. @NPC#8675309
      Trump derangement syndrome! You can’t reason with them. This has got to be a severe psychological mental disability! Psychiatrist should be cashing in.

    3. @Christian Townsend Trump is a racist. Full stop. It’s in the genes. His dad marched with the KKK in NY.
      It is a disgrace that this man occupies the WH. He shames all Americans.
      People laughed when he started his “birther movement” against President Obama. But Trump was deadly serious.

      Now in the WH is tries his best to unravel all Obama’s policies. Out of pure hate.
      btw I am a Londoner and we gave him the best “non welcome”.

  5. Today *Kris Kobach* on a hypothetical question by Chris Cuomo: “Would you still support him (Trump) as your president (if he would openly say he is a racist)”
    —– *it depends on who he is running against* —–

    Yes, they are either racists or opportunists who enable racists!

    1. In all fairness, Trump is a year older than his father was, when his father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. With Trump though, it’s clearly Dementia.

  6. The problem is Trump doesn’t think he’s racist so in his mind he’s not and his voters fall in line. A case of do as I say, not as I do.

    1. well you identified a larger issue, racists are delusional and don’t believe they are racists
      it’s a huge problem in the US

    1. Nah, just look at ANTIFA and their flag and antics and compare that to the paramilitary flag of Germany pre WW2.
      Racism belongs to the D party where everything is predicated on skin color.

    2. Croakyguy I don’t see any republicans firebombing ‘migrant’ facilities while beating, screaming and forcing all who disagree with them to accept their ways or get beaten/arrested.

    3. @NPC#8675309 I grew up in apartheid South Africa. I know racism. You are a racist of the worst kind, the type who cannot admit what they are. Your future is finished and you’re too hate filled to understand it. All good. Go away Racist Troll, you have no moral authority here!

    4. @CRedding94 Being the Racist you sound like, you couldn’t , could you? Again, I live in South Africa and I know Racism when I see it. Y’all are it. Go away supporter of hate.

    1. Oh so you actually see Trumps actual tweets??
      Then explain how they’re racist and treasonous.
      Use your grown up words.

  7. Republicans make great lap dogs. Loyal to their master. No back bone in anyone. Who do Republicans represent?

  8. I can’t believe this is the best we can get… The world is looking at us and thinking how pathetic we are…

    1. We are feared and respected again.
      Oh boo hoo we aren’t friends with Iran anymore and won’t hand them billions of dollars to support terrorism.

  9. Tadaaaa: The Republican Squad! (Not as charismatic, smart, progessive or good looking as the Dem’s Squad tho)

  10. Please he isn’t trying to divide the democrats. He is trying to keep the focus off Mueller, Epstein, The Russian, The Saudis, The North Koreans, and every other illicit or illegal activity he is involved and or participated.

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