1. I watched this earlier on broadcast….What a joke!…Just a position that will bloat an already larger caucus.

  2. A pipeline would help middle class prosperity. Getting rid of Bill C69 and 48 would help middle class prosperity but no we won’t do that

  3. You’ve got to be kidding?? Middle class Minister??? I can’t believe that Alberta wants to separate and miss out on stuff like that WEXIT NOW

  4. Reporter: “this is your dream job”
    Minister: “is it”
    Yet she can’t even define what her job is 😂😂😂😂

  5. How can Liberals even face Canadians when everyday I hear common folks saying they are struggling with debt, taxes, rising food prices, lack of housing? Do Canadians need to riot to finally get rid of liberals?

  6. These useless LIBRANO’S created yet another cabinet position for the under qualified. Way to go central and eastern Canada FOOLS.

  7. Perhaps if she had the salary of someone in the middle class she’d have a better idea of wtf her job entails 🙄

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