1. Trump: “I also hear that a nuke will knock out a hurricane in a minute, one minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injecting a nuke inside the hurricane, almost like a cleaning? So it would be interesting to check that out.”

    1. One of the most deadliest attacks in Afghanistan in 20yrs thanks to your Xiden president blood is on your hands & his ..

  2. Does anyone remember when pat robertson said God is punishing Haiti when a earthquake hit there? Well pat, is God punishing Louisiana and Mississippi with this hurricane? Is he punishing, Alabama, Florida and texass with the surge in covid outbreaks?

    1. @flex da cat Are you that much of a fool that all you see is any person that disagrees with you is automatically on the opposing team? You have a childs mind if thats your logic.



    3. @mike brigs NOBODY needs a reason, and EVERYBODY has the ‘right’ to express their opinion on whomever they like – ESPECIALLY the orange nutjob, in the context of performance comparisons, for example.

      PS: words that are ALL in uppercase, should be reserved solely as a means of suggesting EMPHASIS on a particular word.

      Writing ENTIRELY in uppercase is moronic & just appears as if you are shouting. Please stop.

  3. Looking at some of the comments is hilarious! Now the tRump trolls are trying to make a HURRICANE political. It gets more insane every day!

    1. I haven’t seen a single random pro Trump comment here it is all you guys talking about him and the gop on a weather video like the brainwashed lemmings you are

    1. @mike brigs Even the Republicans and FOX, OANN and Newsmax say it was ISIS, so, climate that?
      If you wanna talk fake accounts, no one would name their kid mike brigs, unless they wanted the kid to be a loser.

  4. It amazes me that, in an area where the power lines come down with any large storm, they haven’t gone to using underground power – perhaps spend some of the infrastructure money on that.

    1. Underground lines are not good for places that are prone to flooding. It’s expensive to repair underground power lines compared to above ground powerlines.

    2. Well I hate to say it but Republican run States don’t believe in Government being “for” the people. State governments like to sit on their perches and watch all the money float up to them. It’s like a mini socialistic state. So you gotta applaud them for spending a nickle.

    1. @macforme It’s stores power from being charged by solar or from being plugged in and works on a backup battery, too. I paid $50 bucks for mine. I also have a hand crank charger for extreme emergencies.

    2. @Mr. White OOOhhh you are right! I have one… I better find it before I NEED it. Came with a cranking radio too.

    1. Grid system? Texas was the State that isn’t connected to a shared grid. The other Southern States are connected and can share power.

    2. @Dori Tos Was talking about the grid system when it is up and running. Texas had a problem this past winter with the polar freeze because it wasn’t on a shared system. If the lines can be connected, at least Louisiana can get power from other States while some of their stations are still trying to come back.

  5. I hope they meet regularly with the Dutch Government. Discussing life on this kind of land ad infinitum must be ongoing, on both sides.

  6. $15 billion dollars to keep New Orleans out of the water. With climate change rampaging on, this is a doomed city. Preserve the French Quarter and move everything else north. Repairing this city is a waste of diminishing resources.

    1. the early suburbs were drained swamps that have been subsiding.
      Bad decision a hundred years ago that has gotten worse

  7. Im not from US, but my first reaktion is: why are powerlines still up in the air ?
    Its not the first time hurricane hit US cost !

    1. Underground power lines are prohibitively expensive in areas with high water tables and dont increase reliability because of it. Many areas have upgrades to concrete poles but it is a slow process that will take decades to complete

  8. They were literally telling people to evacuate in the middle of the storm last night… and this morning they turned away the Cajun Navy… something isn’t right with that admin over there.

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