1. Who cares about consumer sentiment?
      It’s better having a socialist system, where everyone will have a home, a job and what to eat.

  1. Like so many times before, the media intensifies the story beforehand, however it eventually is then less traumatic than the viewers were made prepared for by all the TV programs and their hosts and analysts.

  2. Did she say it is a CAT 2 but still has the force of a CAT 4, that’s nuts? It does not have the same force, and will soon be a tropical depression, fake.

    1. @Dolores Ramirez I’m no “meteorologist”, I ‘m looking at the same info map she is, she just can’t read it, and BTW, map now says 40mph, headed for jackson ms, FAKE on her part.

  3. *Blue Commie California is Collapsing*
    *80% of the Jobs Created Pay <$40,000 per year* *>$800,000 is the Median Price for a Home*

    1. EVERY month is straight pride month. Only fools don’t know that! We don’t need to “celebrate” and hold parades because we are not peculiar atrocities of nature.

  4. My, Be Best prayers have been awnsered and hurrican Ida has miraculousely dropped from a category 5 to a category 2 in short order.

    1. Yeah, thanks for that, melanoma. What would we have done without you? Blamed Joe for the weather? I wouldn’t put it past them? . . . 😆✌️

  5. Well there goes the news cycle.

    Turns out we’re headed back to Afghanistan stories sooner that we thought.

    Poor Joe. 🤣

    1. @Amy Davis

      It means the hurricane is already dissipating and won’t be the lead story for long.

  6. It loos like half of Pennsylvania is going to get 5 inches from this storm. Here is Pittsburgh, we have a 100% chance of rain from this hurricane within the next hour. That is one huge storm

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