Idaho Republicans Try To Ban Vaccine Mandates Amid Record Covid Surge

Idaho State Representative Ilana Rubel (D) tells Lawrence O'Donnell it is "stunning" that Republicans are trying to remove vaccine incentives when there's only four ICU beds available in Idaho.
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    1. Give the entire supporters of vaccine mandates the electric chair in prison. Just eradicate these people already officers. Arrest them and get rid of em. They are terrorists. Skip the lawsuits. These people are dangerous and should not walk among us civilized people.

    1. @Paul Wilson ~ US Army pro-authoritarian and anti-fascist, damned good at it. I put fear in the hearts of fascists, are you one?

    2. @Michael Parratore ~ Good, then you should take the Ivermectin horse suppository, it’s a little on the big side, but more is better. On the down side, that gerbil you have residing in your colon might not be happy sharing its crapped quarters.

    1. @ParabolicBraap in Idaho the number one former child abuse is the parents drop them on their head and now we are seeing the results of that

    2. @caspian seas I’m from Cali…. And I’ve never met so many illiterate uneducated goofballs anywhere!! in my entire stay in Cali!

    3. @caspian seas not putting chemicals into ones bodies when they are not in medical need is a form of brain damage to you?

    1. @eclectrickery That is what the CDC would like you to believe. Many healthcare workers know the truth and that is why they don’t want it. I know 2 people that died after getting the shot that were in perfect health so let it be a personal choice. And for God’s sake do some real research people. And don’t use google.

    2. @L. Austin Whatever you do as a healthcare worker well thats up to who hires you the fact that you are an anti vaxxer yet wear a mask and work in the healthcare profession means you have a clue with what you deal with and if you want to expose yourself to it that’s your business the fact that i want to be treated by whoever i want is mine we all have our reasons.

    3. @remhk * The right party’s answer to everything call people sheep, you radical conservatives will thump the bible, declare your rights are being violated and just cry bloody murder if things don’t go your way. Look vaxx no vaxx go do your thing just make sure your actions don’t lead to infecting others.

    4. @Osv Carbajal what are u going on about? Getting all political… this vaccine mandate is bigger than politics buddy. Humanity’s future is hanging by a very thin thread. We may not experience the little freedom we have now because u sheeps are enabling these demons to take away our autonomy from us. It’s all about full control and they will use whatever means necessary to achieve it such as in the name of this pandemic which doesn’t make any sense when it comes to real science or reflect actual reality. U sheeps have blood on ur hands for allowing this to happen.

    1. @ORANGE GENERAL Yet they have to drive thru to get there. Stopping to eat, drink & refuel. Watched them from the kitchen window for 9 days. They like to stop at a local Bar and Restaurant in town. We are even further West.

  1. Republicans were worried about “death panels” under Obama. But somehow they are in favor of “the purge.”

    1. The guy who invented the vaccine, Robert Malone said the vaccine does more harm than good and thinks mandates are ridiculous.

    2. @Pepe The Frog It is Dr. Katalin Karikó and her collaborator Dr. Drew Weissman who are more commonly credited with laying the groundwork for mRNA vaccines. Malone is a scientist. In 1989, he co-wrote a paper titled “Cationic liposome-mediated RNA transfection.” While his work on RNA transfection might have been important, his claim to be the “inventor” of RNA vaccines is shaky, to say the least.

    3. @Jon Haymaker he’s the inventor of mRNA technology and he’s been on record multiple times in various interviews stating these facts. Nothing shaky about it.

  2. How about we do have a safe and proven vaccine. Personal freedom ends when it endangers the health and lives of others. A true patriot puts country before self.

  3. Republican lawmakers are letting America die for partisan politics instead of trying to heal America for all citizens regardless of party affiliation and voters need to wake up.

  4. The high Covid counties here in Oregon are floating the idea of redrawing state boundaries to be part of “Greater Idaho.”

    1. Companies have no liability. Jab doesn’t stop transmission and wanes. Naturally immune being forced to get a jab even though they suffer more side effects. Variants aren’t ending animals like mink and white tailed deer have it. Passports make no sense. No idea if boosters will be the difference or increase side effects.

    2. The vaccine is so safe and effective that people are still transmitting the virus regardless. Use your goddamned brain. It’s not protecting anyone. It’s not even technically a vaccine. A vaccine has dead viral antibodies within it. Pfizer and Moderna do not.

    1. Cdc released numbers over a 90 percent survival rate for almost all age groups. Companies have no liability. Jab doesn’t stop transmission and wanes. Naturally immune being forced to get a jab even though they suffer more side effects. Variants aren’t ending animals like mink and white tailed deer have it. Passports make no sense. No idea if boosters will be the difference or increase side effects.

    2. Yeah. Maybe you should move westward. Try Oregon out for size. We’ve seen how well that state’s been doing these last couple of years. Then again, anywhere mass liberal rule, mayhem ensues.

  5. A Doctor I know caring for people with Covid always had PPE on. He did not get Covid at work. He got Covid on a night out with friends.

  6. Being an ‘Idahoan,’ I watch with amazement (and amusement!) the Republican Shenanigans attempted by our elected politicians. Conservative ideals have a broad appeal everywhere. And Idaho can teach other states how to remain at the Bottom-of-the-List-in-the-USA with wholesome Idaho features such as being dead last in per-student funding, and 39th in teacher salaries. In 2018 Idaho’s K-12 education system ranked 48th among 50 states and the District of Columbia, and Idaho ranked 50th in average weekly wages, for starters. “Let’s hear it for the BOYS”!!

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