‘It’s repugnant’: Bash reacts to Gaetz nominating Trump for speaker

CNN’s Dana Bash criticizes Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and GOP for nominating Former US President Donald Trump as House Speaker. Watch the analysis. #CNN #News


  1. Doing the same thing and expecting a different result??
    The two parties should negotiate a deal… Why not elect Jefferies?

    1. @Shadow , yes, I am definitely one of the “you people” as defined by persons with enough education and intelligence to engage in critical thinking skills. Thanks for the compliment!

    2. @Man ‘O War , What happened at those hearings is the official analysis and documentation of what happened before, during and after an insurrection. Anyone that has a problem with that is either a treasonous American citizen or a foreign enemy of America. I’m a registered Independent and feel that factual history must be preserved irregardless of political party or affiliation.

    3. @Pertinax Prime i know how hard English language is. I respect your view.
      I doubt it very much that you’d call me a fool or like you put a tool to my face and get away with it.
      The internet has made it easy for people to disrespect other without getting punched in the mouth for it said Mike Tyson

    1. @eatingketchupchips women were tricked cause women are not men. Men built the world women took D. Now women think they can be a man lmfao. Have fun with the cats

    2. @eatingketchupchips they are low cause women sleep around and have abortions. Women a garbo and men are done with them. Everything you have came from a man the car you drive was designed and built by a man the house that you live in was built by men the stores and shops you go to built by men ran by men the people who keep you safe men and the people who give you the D so good you start peeing all over the place are men

    1. The humiliation is the democrats putting a happy face knowing their guy your guy election denier won’t be speaker.

  2. Poor Kevin, even after all that groveling to Maga ppl, they still won’t let him have his powerless speaker position. This Couldn’t happened to a better guy. 😁

    1. @Gail Butcher Third in line actually if Biden and Harris who fly separately for this reason are incapacitated than Kevin becomes President which is why people are weally pissed.

    2. Guess your not watching. Only a few are holding out. Just like it was with Pelosi, Nothing new stupid

    3. @Veronica Rainone Biden isn’t “in line”…he already IS the president, hence why I said VP is 1st “in line” making speaker 2nd “in line “…

  3. You want a guy with the lexicon/vocabulary of a thirteen tear old to be “Speaker?” Day one: “Mr Speaker the thing you call the “hammer-thing” is called a gavel, and your seat is not “the throne.” Gaetz thinks he’s sucking up to the football team captain. “If I vote for you will you make me the quarterback?”

    1. McCarthy often uses the word “untrustable,” which proves your point, as well as showing that he has no understanding of the word ‘trust’.

  4. They need to change the rule: to be Speaker of the House you need to be a member of the House. The current rules are just plain stupid.

    1. ThT would be funny. Id probably get on Twitter again just to hear Trump talk shat and imagine the fit CNN would throw

    2. Even if Trump got the vote the FBI would steal it from him just like they did the election. The Twitter files prove there was election interference against Trump this is a fact.

  5. Trump predicted this would end today because he as always thought he was above anyone and that he would be nominated for the speakership. It was all setup… But laughingly, he got one vote 🤣




      “Conform no longer with the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of the mind.”

      The Holy Bible

      When Trump gets back in the White House, he will “CONFIRM” the Abraham “Peace” Accord he started in Israel. Then he will proclaim himself God-ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION-“THEN SUDDEN DESTRUCTION”!

      He is Israel’s awaited messiah. THE Antichrist.

      Netanyahu (false prophet) is back ~


    2. Acting like what??? Actually disagreeing and debating??? Sort of how a “democracy” is supposed to work! You can’t be serious!

  6. January 6th will live and burn in my memory forever. Matt just proved beyond a shadow of doubt that he asked for a pardon for reasons.

    1. @Michael Morrow once again, you are writing extensivley about this traumatic incident on the internet to strangers. I am sorry that happened to you, and I am sorry for your loss, but I hope you can find a therapist to help you work through all these unresolved emotions. It’s okay, you’re human, but this isn’t a healthy outlet for unpacking all this – especially after insulting people before you trauma dump.

    2. @eatingketchupchips @eatingketchupchips9567 I wouldn’t read too much into my communicating with strangers or my writing extensively about a matter. I have the ENFP personality type, the same personality type Fidel Castro and Ernesto Guevara had. Folks like me love to communicate. If you put one of us in front of an audience, we’ll chat with that audience for hours on end, till we’re literally tossed out of the room.

      It isn’t at all out of the ordinary for me to chat extensively about all kinds of things. For example, I’m a huge Star Wars fan. I’ll chat with total strangers about my dream Star Wars Disney+ Series, featuring Emma Stone, because why wouldn’t I want Emma Stone to play Empress Palpatine, a populist reformer beloved by all, except for the Imperial Old Guard and New Republic oligarchs united by their desire to facilitate her downfall? She’s a tremendous actress and I think Mark Hamill would have a great time working with her. After all, she’d be the rumored daughter or Luke Skywalker. Sooner or later, they’d surely spend a lot of time working together on the show.

      Yeah, don’t read into things. I will chat with strangers about just about anything that pops into my head. That’s my nature.

    3. aprilcrumpton: The fact that Jan 6th will live in you memory forever, just goes to show what a easy and carefree life you have led. It is only a fractional portion of the country that even knows, and less that care, what happened on Jan 6th. Much like CNN’s ever dwindling audience, your narrative of what is important continues to shrink as more and more Americans realize they have been duped by a small group of psychopaths.

    1. @Tony Greif Of course in Amerikkka, where damn near all of their viewers are…white Americans!!!!! 😂😂😂😂……But what the commentator said was actually true….🤷🏿‍♂️….Around the world, key word being: WORLD, CNN is just as respectable a news source aside from the AP you’re going to find.

    2. @Dale Hedrick throw a COUP in TOO! FOOL! The g.o.p ‘s on U.S. ! or is that a number 2? Well thats the LION (fox)TOO FOOL! Try an APOLOGY to U.S.

    1. I agree. That’s exactly what should happen. These unprofessional Republicans don’t deserve this, and have shown themselves to be mostly incapable of governing. Electing a speaker is basic stuff. Get on with The People’s business.

    2. Lol “unprofessional Republicans” ? Why because they aren’t afraid to stand up against the status quo? something that the squad and Democrats never did. This is how democracy actually works pay attention.

    3. @Susan Kay None of them, with of the exception of the 20 holdouts are interested in “the people’s’ business”. They’re interested in lining their pockets. Our government is corrupt.

  7. It will all be settled tomorrow (you can quote me) when many go home for the weekend because they only like to work 20 hours/week and their corporate masters call them to settle it so they can find out who gets what committee chairs so they can bribe them. Corporations don’t like uncertainty. They all disgust me.

    1. @Susan Kay: Yes, in fact Victoria Spartz has been withholding her vote for the last 7 roll calls so if she continues and the 4 Republicans don’t show up and the Democrats hold the line at 212 then only 6 more abstentions are needed to install Jeffries.

    2. @Ray Ray maybe i misunderstood, as you can miss role call and vote after everyone else, but you have to be there in person.

    3. @eatingketchupchips: That sounds about right, I mean they have to allow for unexpected nature calls, etc, lol.

    1. Trump should be nominated speaker today, 1/6/2022, two year anniversary of the hero mostly peaceful protesters. Why does Dana has her panties in a bind? She’s not a real journalist anyway. America 🇺🇸 First🤙, America 🇺🇸 ALWAYS, swamp creature journalist and politicians LAST🏄🏼‍♂️🤙😏

  8. “This big man needs no introduction. He’s been an entertainer and educator of young people for over half a century. His soothing demeanor and his ability to educate those of us through the use of his exquisite musical talent makes him the ideal person to mend the divide in this chamber. He hails from that famous street you all know and love. So today I nominate Big Bird for speaker of the house. Give it up for Big Bird.”


    – Friday January 6th. 12:10pm.

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