Jan. 6 Select Committee Schedules First Hearing For July 27

Former Congresswoman Donna Edwards, White House reporter for Politico Eugene Daniels, and founder of Country Over Party Matthew Dowd react to the news that the 1/6 select committee will hold their first hearing with Capitol and D.C. police officers.

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  1. While McCarthy sits playing ‘Who will I pick’ while the real crazies like Jordan, Gatez, MTG, Boebart all want in but he knows it’ll all be on him who he picks. … Wait till the Democrats start calling those insurrectionists that have pleaded guilty and want to cut a deal to reduce jail time into the hearings.

    1. Why McCarthy even has a say in this is beyond me. Repubs had their chance and blew it. This no longer needs to be bi-partisan. Liz Cheney is enough!

    2. They are not waiting on any list from him. Pelosi made that perfectly clear the people on that may or may not be on the committee depending on how she and her fellow committee members feel about each choice. This is going to be the committee in my opinion they had their chance and stalled repeatedly. She is not going to let this turn into a Benghazi type side show to deflect the American people. Sedition went down here I want people held accountable and punished appropriately up to and including them being shot or hung for that. Those laws are still on the books to my knowledge.

    1. @Jerry Smith The Trump appointed Joint Chiefs of Staff condemned Jan 6 as a violent insurrection. The seditionists attempted to seize the ballots of the electoral college before they could be certified, which constitutes the peaceful transfer of power, and were calling for the deaths of the first and second in the line of succession. Can you find a statement from the USJCS condemning the Kavanaugh protests as an insurrection?

    2. @Brian Jones Right wing disinformation and hate speech CULT45 loyal propagandist.
      This one is extra delusional.
      FBI needs to investigate where he was on January 6th.

    3. Except that was a peaceful protest. Which is a right.

      Not a cowardly insurrection like the 6th.

    1. @Jim Younger is that why the Republicans have done everything they can to avoid them? They’re starting with Capital Hill police. Under oath. And many voted for Trump.

    2. @Jim Younger Nothing irrelevant about being able to subpoena Republicans to testify under oath, regarding their participation in the Jan 6 insurrection.

    1. McCarthy would have to select him. McCarthy has gone to see his Messiah to get his list together.

    1. Meanwhile they are already predicting a massive red wave in the midterms next year as we watch China Joe Biden’s crime surge 1000% in all the Democrat cities, millions and millions of illegal migrants and criminals & drugs pouring in continuing to invade America through China 🇨🇳 Joe Biden‘s open borders, inflation the highest level in 30 years & rising monthly, along with gas prices surging to the highest levels in a decade.

      In 2022 they’re already predicting a recession or depression.

      Because of China 🇨🇳 Joe Bidens ‘America last’ policies like printing money out of thin air Devaluing the dollar causing this crisis on all fronts

    2. @UCb_qyD3i4RCl8L_5YIPuJvA    whites see browns as illegals and blacks as criminals so whos the racist one?

  2. History repeating itself this is a perfect example of how Adolf Hitler took over Germany led the country into a disaster that killed millions of people men women and children.

    1. @Stephen Hancock Dude, the seditionists self-incriminated. They literally documented themselves attacking police, demanding the location of the ballots of the electoral college, and chanting death threats to the VP and Speaker of the House.

    2. @Andrew Perry Sure thing, should be an easy open and shut case, right? Put the people that did that on trial for sedition then. Oh wait, there’s no felony charges, they are just holding people illegally. Problem is, how do they cut out the Glowies from the picture so they don’t lose for for entrapment. I’m excited to see the trials for this, especially the people that were tortured. Might get some minor assault charges in there.

    3. @Stephen Hancock Proud Boys city chapter leaders and Oath Keepers militiamen are being charged with conspiracy. There are over 500 in FBI custody and they will see their day in court. Good thing they filmed themselves.

    4. @Andrew Perry Proud boys and Oath Keepers are just Ideas. They’ll all be fine in the end.

  3. Tell them to keep an eye on Matty… so he doesn’t bring his Li’l friends into the hearings and distract everyone with accusations and contempt.

  4. Anyone who can identify these peaceful protesters have the moral obligation to turn these in to the authorities

    1. And those same republicans voted against giving medals of honor to the Capital police officers! Disgusting!

    1. We won with poorly educated I love the poorly educated tRump 2016
      I dun no wat that means but let’s make amrica geat again 2020!!.?1

    2. @Brent Grusendorf You should have cared about those things before now. Clearly, you didn’t or you would joined us in demanding an investigation.

    3. Except that didn’t happen. The footage of cops holding the doors open was from AFTER the insurrection when the traitors were being escorted OUT of the building.

  5. Hold each and everyone accountable for the treasonous acts that day. A day we as Americans will never forget.

    1. Are you talking about the DNC Reichstag event? Or the attacks on businesses, People, officer Dorn, and the federal court houses all year that the DNC orchistrated? Oh, I’ll never forget.

    2. @Stephen Hancock He’s referring to the Jan 6 insurrection when seditionists attempted to seize the ballots of the electoral college before they could be certified, and were calling for the deaths of the first and second in the line of succession.

  6. Take your time,steady as she goes. The wheels of justice can move slow. That’s OK. Do it right,no Mistakes,no regrets. Just get them all. Especially those in Government that planned this with all the rest of the criminals,then put em in jail.

  7. You don’t have to be a psychic or rocket science to see the republicans led a failed coup 🤦‍♂️

  8. I hope each hearing is going to be live. I guarantee Faux will not be showing them live. They will edit each one, so their viewers remain clueless.

  9. Everyone brace yourselves. Accusations of Fascism and Communism from Right Wing cultists will flood any comments as retaliation against logic and evidence

  10. Committee needs to hit the ground running, w mid term elections round the corner…..dems gotta subpoena Kevin, Hawley, Lauren, Greene, Bo, Rudy and citizen homie ASAP!!

  11. Who removed those panic buttons? Be thorough,get phone records,sworn testimony.The American people want answers.

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