Just 4 Republicans Stand Up To Trump, Condemn Racist Tweets | The Last Word | MSNBC

Every single Democrat voted to condemn Trump's racist tweets, but only four Republicans, and newly independent Justin Amash, joined them. Lawrence O’Donnell discusses the failure of Republicans to stand up to Trump with Rep. Debbie Dingell, Karine Jean-Pierre, and Suzette Hackney.
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Just 4 Republicans Stand Up To Trump, Condemn Racist Tweets | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. @J Val As a Floridian… please no… I will unleash the everage florida man on Grump and let him go bat sht crazy

    2. @MAS zeppelin
      Depends on your definition of ‘IS’ is. I hear the left has an expert on that subject.

      Racism IS racism, have you listened to what the left says. They spout more racist comments than a herd of Trumps.

    3. @Armastat True. But still dude cmon lol. Its disgusting to have to say half of this stuff. Its the PRESIDENT of USA.. sigh. Yuke.

    4. @MAS zeppelin
      Ikr. Here is the real kicker.. If u define evil, racism + all the other ‘isms by the left’s OWN Definitions… then the media and every politician on the left has done the same and is as evil as Trump. And there are hundreds of them doing this EVERY SINGLE DAY for over 2 years. So if u added up the BS on both sides and put it on a scale, the side on the left would have sank to the center of the earth like a black hole.

    1. @andrew chambers a *racist human being voted in by racists that’s why he’s president

    2. PowdaToastFace Killah AOC based her election platform on hatred of “white men” racist. Ilhan omar has been reprimanded by congress for her racist anti Semitic remarks. The only racists are the racists calling others racist.

  1. Have this go on record, the vast majority of House Republicans are racists! Either they’re too scared of being attacked by him as to not lose their seat next year or they agree or both. It’s pathetic. Same thing with an impeachment inquiry, put them on record, history will judge them!

    1. J bell and what do you call those cages? The trump towers? You ought to be ashamed of yourself for defending this horrible policy and supporting the orange dingbat.🤮🤮🤮🤮

    2. @Cascail Boutx The cages have been around a while. You should be ashamed for being so dense. People like you made Trump possible because you’re so blindly misinformed. And then you use bully tactics? Then expect to have moral authority when it comes to Trump? Don’t think so. Apparently another wake up call is needed.

    3. J Bell by stumping around with a false narrative you’re trying to accuse me of racism?🤣🤣🤣

    4. No, Republicans do not thing everyone is Racists. Democrats are the one beating a Dead Horse. The only time I hear about Racism is when i turn on the TV, or Computer.

    1. OMG you are right. This makes my stomach hurt. My heart so sad. I grew up w/mixed races, ethnicities, I never heard my 95 year old grandparents or 76 yr old parents talk any negativity of any race. People are people period.

    1. Those four women accused Trump of running a concentration camps at the border. Your perspective is a little biased.

    2. @J Bell and they are right. Trump is such a Hitler wannabe, such a tryhard. Notice how he loves dictators so much? That when he is with them he cant seem to find his balls?

  2. Four people of principle in the entire GOP House Caucus. Sad days for our Nation lie ahead, we must end this tyranny with our votes.

    1. @ML Feathers there is nothing wrong with my county.
      there is something wrong with the marxist democratic party.

    2. Natty Bumppo whatever do you mean? These are two people who hate trump bc of his policies. You don’t think they disagree with him? Or is it bc they are not I. Public office bc I noticed you didn’t disagree Pelosi and the other dems should also leave the country,

    3. Saltponds239 what do you think the Senate will do with that? Republicans will cover for their crooked , sleazy mentor.


    1. @Cnut Olderson We all evolved from the same common ancestor. Differences in skin color, physical features and culture are the result of adaptations to climate, diet, etc. that occurred over long periods of time as populations migrated. Final answer.

    2. @Jason G Supporting neonazis chanting “Jews will not replace us,” and calling them “fine people,” are as anti-Semitic as it gets.
      Remember Adolf Hitler?
      Think Agolf Tweetler.

    3. @Johan sigurdson You have no idea of WTF are you talking about.
      Not everyone is racist.
      There are countries and religions where people of different ethnic backgrounds live in peace and harmony.
      Of course there are isolated racists in all modern societies, but not in certain societies in general.
      Whereas traitor Trump is making racism a general behavior by a specific minority.

      A minority of Euro mots that used to discriminate against those “less white.”

      Have you forgotten how the Irish were treated on arrival?
      Italians? Poles? Etc.

      Hypocrisy much?

    4. @Johan sigurdson Trump accuses everybody of whatever he is.
      If you tell him that he’s a racist for asking for the death penalty against the “Central Park Five,” he’ll accuse you back of being a racist, without saying why.

    1. @Jason G ah, and your presidunce embraced the crowd chanting “blood and soil” & “the jews will not replace us”

    2. Jason G how much do they pay you to post this propaganda on every comment? Nothing? You’re not a paid troll? You’re missing out dude. One of them spoke out against the government of Israel. Trump etc turned that into anti-semitism. The others have spoken out against him, and since they’re women of color, they’re easy targets for him. Hence the racism accusation.

    3. Jason G, you say they’re ALL documented making anti-Semitic remarks, so Rene fairly challenged you to refer her to the sources where such things are “documented.” Not surprisingly, you can’t, and instead accuse HER of changing the subject. Sad.

    4. Jason G Talking about Israel’s treatment of Palestinians is not anti Semitic, it is merely pointing out the injustice of their policies.

    1. @Cat Castaneda
      So Insulting random people + Refusing to accept results of a legal Election + assuming all sorts of bad things about people you have never met = being a good American?

      Sorry that’s not for real patriotic Americans, they were brought up better than that.

    1. @Tom Mitchell Stop talking about the popular vote you don,t use that system or you have the same states dominating politics not to mention all the dead people voting for democrats and illegals,talking about the popular vote is talking about orange peel totally useless,He won with the system you use and in a nation of 300 million 3 million more votes is not really that much.

    2. @andrew chambers it’s 3 million more than ur racist wanabe pathetic fake pres got. Sit on that n spin

    3. @Elvis Tess Still.millions and millions of people voted for Trump so sit on that and spin. MAGA

  3. Lindsey Graham defended Trump’s racist tweets by calling the women “Socialists and Communists who Hate America” which not so ironically is what Hitler said word for word about Germany and the minorities he was attacking.

    1. Very insightful Wilbur. Trump’s whole political strategy has been a play by play copy of Hitler’s agenda. The only difference is that Hitler was a war hero and believed to his core in what he was doing, as heinous as it was. Thank goodness that Trump has neither the intelligence or conviction of Hitler.

    2. @buddyrichable1 he s also a coward who refused the call to arms from the country that he claims to be a patriot .never heard of a coward patriot lolmf

  4. It is EXTREMELY sad, hurtful, that this is what America has become.. Seriously, for the POTUS to say such a thing as he did is beyond THIS COUNTRY PERIOD!! These 4 women don’t hate this country.. Think about it.. Trump said, “They hate Isreal”. Isreal IS NOT, NOT THE UNITED STATES!!! He said they hate Isreal FIRST, BEFORE he said America… Stop and think about that…

    What Trump said was absolutely 100% RACIST and I don’t use that term lightly.. That was FLAT OUT HATEFUL, UGLY AND RACIST…. I NEVER EVER thought I would see the day that a LEADER of this country would EVER,EVER say something like that… I’m Native American!! So if I told every WHITE PERSON, “GO BACK WHERE YOU’RE FROM!” You wouldn’t like it!! Your ancestors STOLE THIS COUNTRY from the very people you’re saying don’t belong here!! They didn’t get on a boat and come here just like Native Americans did not.. YOURS DID!!!!

    If you don’t think or believe what Trump said was just utterly disgusting and racist, you’re also the problem.. Just like Republican Justin Amash said, Republicans CONDEMN HIM IN PRIVATE but are too much of a coward to do it publicly… These Republicans you see saying, NO IT’S NOT RACIST, go behind closed doors and TELL THE TRUTH AND SAY YES IT WAS!!


    1. Don’t be sad, just wake up. These four women just accuse the president of having concentration camps at the border. That’s a pretty big accusation. Never mind the loss of perspective on history. You guys just don’t get it and you refuse to get it. You’re all wrapped up and get identity politics in your own feelings. Meanwhile your party marginalizes black people. You don’t even know if your primary vote is going to count this time. It didn’t last time you know that, right? Just calling all your political opponents pet names like racist and homophobia and all that garbage is why Trump is president. Please wake up.

    2. @J Bell : The Concentration Camps are REAL. Not an accusation but a FACT. Evidently, you don’t get it.

    3. @Truthful4ever Saying so just doesn’t magically make it so. I’ve seen enough to form a pretty firm opinion on it. I’ve seen the dem party and their media spinning these types of things my entire life. I am extremely happy about large segments of the black community waking up to it though. It’s about our country and the people that are in it/love it. It really is that simple.

    1. And you have done nothing to stop the Democrat Party and their lies. These people just accused the president of having concentration camps at the border. I have no sympathy for you and your party. Whatever you do don’t watch Fox News LOL

    2. @Andrew Mastin OK Lowest unemployment in 50 years, lowest unemployment for minorities in History and we are not fighting other Nations wars. Remember the jobs that were never going to come back?

      Another tanker was just seized by Iran – do you see Trump rushing into a war for a tanker that wasn’t even ours?

    3. @Kolin Mademe this coming from a supporter of hildabeast.
      we left the marxist democratic party
      because of haters like you.

  5. It is past time for all to stand up and stand together against this Anti-American administration.

  6. Trump does not love America, he loves Russian money, Russian prostitutes and Russian Dictatorship, so Trump needs to go back to where he really loves: Russia.

    1. He could go back to his fathers country dot dot dot
      Except that Germany doesn’t want trouble making immigrants.
      And yes, I know it was his g/father who has German oranges.

  7. Trump wants America to go back to the days when white men like him could insult and abuse others without consequences.

    1. @Carrie I believe a Grand Jury also failed to indict.

      A mess? I agree look at Chicago, LA, Detroit and Seattle – all a total mess but help is on the way. 22 MS 13 gang members just arrested in LA County – 19 were illegals.

    2. @Mads Horn Sorry about that – America is the greatest country on Earth. I support ICE and the American flag. Better?

    3. @Mads Horn OK – Speaking of killings The DOJ (Barr) just arrested 22 MS 13 members in LA Country – 19 were illegals. They killed one person and cut his heart out. Better?

  8. He understands what he’s doing and doesn’t care! These were the orders from his boss Putin! He’s just following orders. Divide and conquer!

    1. He understands what he’s doing. For 2 days everyone’s talking about the tweet now and not Epstein or how in 1994 Trump was accused of raping a 13yr old child at one of Epsteins house parties.
      Trump knows exactly what he’s doing. Trump: uh oh, Quick throw the shiny ball!

    1. There is a difference between condemning Israeli policies and attacking Jews – and anti-Semitism is I agree, a real and present threat in the world.   It is a threat that is regularly wielded by the far right in the US as elsewhere.  Plenty of Jews I know are extremely critical of Israeli policies, while honouring – as I do – the right of the Israel to live.The point is that fascism moves fast,  Jason.   If you look at Germany in the late 20s and early 30s, you see the same odious rhetoric that is spreading through America.   Nazism did not spring up complete with death camps overnight.   But it took less than nine years between 1933, when Hitler won (as part of a coalition that thought it could control him) and 1942, when the organized mass murder of Jews (and Roma, and some other groups) really became systematic.     I urge you to read say, talks by Timothy Snyder that are free on youtube – they are succinct warning.

    2. @John Willetts The Israel lobby has so tainted the political process that Israel can openly commit atrocities to Palestinians, and if you point that out you are anti-Semitic.

  9. Rep. Lewis was breaking down during that speech. The pain was real, pain in the memory of the fight so many years ago to find “some” equality…something he fought and nearly died for… This is unacceptable.

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