1. Close down every American factory in China Xi will snap to attention which is what Trump was talked out of doing which would have cost one particular factory 40k jobs. That’s 40,000 unemployed Chinese workers in a day. Now imagine the domino effect of that happening.

  1. The West including America repeatedly reminded China that they are well aware of Chinas expansionist ambitions, and that the West must defend the Democratic determinations of all countries. It must also be noted, China’s expansionist ambitions spread further than just Taiwan. But it has been China’s escalating aggressive actions, its threatening rhetoric and its preparedness to use economic influence well outside its region that has continued to cause great concern to the rest of the World.

    1. ​@Setiawan Skom do you read history? USA never invaded Iraq but went to Middle East when Saudi Arabia and Kuwait invited them there to protect against Saddam Hussein who was threatening to invade Saudi Arabia after illegally occupied Kuwait. US only chased Iraqi army from the Kuwait upto their border. Do your homework before making wild allegations.

    2. @My name is nobody so what is your problem when they retaliate and attack US? You think US is an exceptional country who have the right to attack others?

      And i think NK and vietnam also have a right for revenge for what US did to them, the brutal carpet bombing that killed 4-5 millions of civilians

  2. It’s always sad when a country with so much greatness goes down such a dark path. Same thing with Russia.

  3. I was waiting in an airport recently when a page came across the speakers for a ‘Gee Long Wang”
    Hilarious name but I suspect his first name was Xi which is close to Gee!
    A lot of people around me were laughing and then I saw this little Chinese man running past us just like the dude @ 3.21 in this video.

  4. Wow ???
    I was trained by 🇺🇸 Military…
    Never run out on reporters , just say ..
    No comments at this time …
    Smile and walk away. Until official response is given .
    I learned that as a E-1.

  5. “first the deadly flu and the new and alarming numbers coming in from the CDC tonigh
    among the worst flu season in a decade and it hasnt peaked yet, 39 states now reporting high fly acitivity ,seven more children lost last week alone, 37 children dying so far this season ” – ABC News 2017

  6. ” Alternative approaches to those referenced above , including building chimeras based
    on SARS-CoV-1 , SARS-CoV-2, and MERS-CoV, may be subject to the DHHS P3CO
    Framework and must be submitted to NIAID for review and approval prior to the work
    commencing … “

  7. The USA needs to start to limit import trade relations with China or at least slow down imports to cause additional financial strain on their economy as they align closer with Russia and lean toward conflict around Taiwan!

  8. They need to be held accountable for all deaths from COVID. Millions of lives lost globally they are responsible for. Accident or not, there is a consequence that has to be paid.

  9. That CCP Rep turning tale to Western questions is not unlike a scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail: “Run away!! Run away!!”

  10. Imagine to be journalist and to be given a set of questions but not to be allowed to ask something outside of that set. True “democracy” at it’s best.

    1. @Gambit Odsey Footage of ? Is there any particular case that you are speaking of ?

      Innocent people are prosecuting everywhere but the difference here is that in the west it can’t be covered and one way or another the people will know about it.

      Try to do this in China and be vocal about it.

  11. Jake Tapper: When he gets re-elected….it’s not by the people, like we do here in the United States.
    The American Electoral College: 👁️👄👁️…

    Me: 💀

  12. Pls give us info on China’s new FM background to see if his combative approach has a reason..This background check en behaviour may also aid in understanding his approach to Taiwan en South China Sea region.

  13. Great points made, I agree: support of the visit in California with Taiwan is a great thing – in California… Let Taiwan decide how they think is appropriate to liaison. (We all know they have a meeting method approval process with the mainland, I would imagine). Great idea, the more communication/ open dialogue the better.

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