Microsoft President Talks Future Of Work, Cybersecurity Reform

Microsoft President Brad Smith joined Stephanie Ruhle to discuss the future of the workplace as companies delay return to office dates amid a rise in coronavirus cases. He also explains what the private sector and government can do to tackle cybersecurity threats.

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Microsoft President Talks Future Of Work, Cybersecurity Reform


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  2. This is a joke, right? They are talking to the President of Microsoft about cybersecurity? We are way past April 1.

  3. The future of work? For Dems, it means keeping people on extended unemployment forever. So for many, the future of work is sitting at home and playing video games and ordering Grub hub.

  4. Does anyone at all frequent the tenderloin district of San Francisco ? I read an article from David Marcus regarding a recent visit and it appears everything is closed up the streets are empty except for masses of homeless and drug takers ? Is this correct and why are these cities falling in to this state of disrepair ?

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  6. Working from home has much less significant impact on cybersecurity as opposed to sending IT work to foreign countries including Russia, but American CEOs send IT work overseas every day.

  7. I’m in IT and been working from home since Feb last year. It’s perfect, higher productivity, no lost time traveling. And finally able to focus, the open office plans are a absolute disaster for being able to focus. Screen time is insane now because meetings are also on the monitor, so that’s a downside. And building culture on the company is more difficult.

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