1. CNN, you can look at me. I see my shadow and I can play videogames in an expert fashion without looking at the controller.

  2. ukrainian troops are seeing hell on earth in donetsk particulary bakhmut city and marinka city things are critical for them there

  3. If Ukraine surrenders, then we all have surrended. We must stand firm for the pillars of Liberty. Ukraine didn’t go out looking for trouble, like Rittenhouse, trouble came looking for it to destroy it….

    1. Ukraine let the U.S/U.K train and equip its army to fight Russia! Ukraine is not a democracy and is corrupt! You reap what you sow and now Ukraine and NATO are paying the price along with Europe who all thought they could roll Russia easily.

    1. lol. Do you really think Russia will allow a NATO backed enemy attacking what they consider their new territory right on their border? The back channel negotiations are in full motion as we speak and this war has already been planned to end very soon with Russia getting some nice territorial. Your little Western lies and tricks don’t work against nuclear superpowers. This war was in no way a reflection of either side’s true power because both of them had their hands tied behind their backs in many ways.

  4. Ukraine is in for a lot of suffering in the coming months. The West should give them everything we possibly can to win and protect their people, this is a moral duty. If Putin wins, he will know this strategy works and he won’t stop with Ukraine.

    1. @Duckman You cannot compare any of this crap with what’s happening with Ukraine. Ukrainians are willing to defend their country, and we are going to provide them with every bit of military equipment to expel Russia out of all of their territory and provide Ukraine NATO’s safety. We cannot allow dictators to win, they will only keep on going further and further.

    2. @The Uyghur Django Unfortunately the UN is too mentally ashamed of expelling Russia and China out of the UNSC. Those two *must* be out of it, for good. Dictators have no place in our modern society.

    3. @Lawrence Harris Regardless of the origins and history, the US is here in our world to provide us safety and peace, this is what they have given us post WW2, and you cannot blame the US for deterring Russia’s illegal war. Yes, the US has every business in this war and they will interfere until peace happens.

  5. It is time to end Ukraine`s suffering and give them modern battle tanks, fighter jets, attack helicopters and air defence.
    It is quite stupid to give Russians time to recover, at the moment they are vulnerable, in spring it may be too late, until that time they will bring 300-400 thousand new soldiers to the battle field, plus weapons from Iran, NorthKorea, Belarus, maybe Kuba and from own production.

    1. Ukraine had a perfectly good air force/air defense and tanks, Russia destroyed it just like they would destroy any thing else you send them.

    2. Only problem with your synopsis is, the West cannot supply appropriate weapons ,in quantity and quality to do the job.

  6. Well I don’t blame those Ukrainian folks you do what you got to do to survive one way or the other🤔

  7. May Our Lady of Zarvanytsia continue to protect Ukraine from Putin’s evil madness. May all Ukrainian saints intercede with the Almighty for the immediate removal of Putin and Lavrov from power. May the First Testament Prophets (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Elijah, Amos etc) join all the holy Jewish men and women to bring this about. May St John XXIII, St John Paul II and St Nicholas, together with St George, St Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and all the angels protect Ukrainians and bring their country a just peace.

  8. Does anyone still think this war was worth it🤔 Do you suppose when it’s all said and done, there will still be a country called Ukraine🤔 This is the price that is paid when we let warmongers take the reigns.

    1. Even after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russia still currently spans ten or eleven time zones, with over 6.6 million square miles of land! With all of Russia’s struggles, it boggles the mind how any Russian leader would think, “Our problem is that we lack enough territory!” and attack its neighbors. Meanwhile, quite secure and powerful countries like Israel, which are nearly 800 times smaller, are doing quite well by any comparison. After several months of fighting and the loss of over 50,000 troops, at its peak, Russia controlled perhaps 70% of the Donbas, or an additional 7,000 square miles of territory, which added another one-tenth of one percent to the size of Russia.

      Russia does not need more land or different borders; it simply needs a better leader! Ending this war as soon as possible is an admirable, humanitarian goal. However, in a larger perspective, Russia has been terrorizing half of the world for several centuries, and Russia is currently in the process of destroying itself: so, with this larger perspective, perhaps it is wise to allow this to go on as long as is necessary. Ukraine is hurting, but will emerge all the more powerful and resolute after they completely defeat Russia on the battlefield that is their own country, and do so in front of the world. – j q t –

  9. Europe has not thought this through , as well as committing suicide economically by having the sanctions back fire on Europe, many of the small to medium weapons that have gone missing and probably fall into the hands of extremist groups, such as AZOV, AZOV will perform a reign of terror on Europe when Europe is either unable or unwilling to continue support for Ukraine. All for the good of Democracy in the greatest Democracy in Europe ie Ukraine.

  10. Whenever I hear this guy talk about the war in Ukraine I come away from that monologue or discussion feeling depressed and disheartened.

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