1. I’m heartbroken too, as a lifelong Angels fan. Thinking of his family and the team, and he’s way to young for this! RIP.

    1. @Amazonia My guess is Skaggs took to manny med’s trying to become a male! Nothing but a dirty transgender so dont feel to bad about this good news!

    2. @anthony ritch WoW! Really? Anyway I help men to boost their manhood. Details on my channel..🌹

    1. @Hotcheetojuice to other people it”s not because the Bible stands for basic instructions before leaving Earth

    2. @Hotcheetojuice you may not believe in it but you have other people in society that does believe in it and I’m not the kind of person that will force you to believe in something that you don’t want to believe in

    1. @Shane McLemore Lol..mad at a fake man i can’t see?? Lol…never. Don’t be scared by my confidence. And again fake man, it’s *you’re not your. Tighten up.

    2. Highly Favored ok because I’m so scared of you ohh I’ll think twice before commenting to you I’m literally shaking as I’m typing this 😱🙄

    3. @Shane McLemore “I just don’t get why YOU’RE so mad, man lighten up.” sounds like a coward to me.. And you’re shaking probably from withdrawal, not from being the coward you are.

    4. Now, Shane…I want you to find men who are confident & try hard to live in faith..learn from them.. Because being a coward, confused, illogical and having ADD is not becoming of you.. Rethink what you’ve been taught, cause it ain’t working.. Okay…..Okay, now turn the PS4 or porn off and get your priorities straight. The world is waiting for you………….

  2. R.I.P Tyler is so sad when someone young and with a brilliant future dies my deepest condolences to his family

  3. You just never ever know when your time is up.. Life is too short for all this hate and division..

    1. @Linda Wood We have us a big shot on here reporting others, you should be reported for being ignorant, a typical woman’s mentality, psychotic behavior from all broads

    2. Swnsasy. Can you please tell us who’s causing all the hate and division , and if you say Trump and his supporters then i double what Hitler said to you…

    3. @13grneyez…What TF does a profile pic have to do with anything? Some of us don’t want our faces broadcasted to strangers. Having a pic, or not wouldn’t keep someone from getting executed if they approached me in a hostile way.

    4. @13grneyez Look who’s talking, you telling others about a profile pic, maybe you should take yours off because you are one ugly man looking mule face stupid broad, be quiet you witch

  4. So sorry to learn of his passing. To achieve what many of us tried so hard to accomplish — making the majors — and to die so young… My deepest sympathy to his family.

  5. Even though I never seen the angels play I still feel really bad for everyone that was close to him

  6. RIP Tyler Skaggs. My heart dropped when I heard the horrible news. My condolences go out to his family. This has absolutely been a sad day😭

  7. This is horrible. He just got married this past winter. I feel so bad 27 and so much life left! First Nick adenhart now several years later this. My heart goes out to you Angels fans and especially his wife and family

  8. No cause for alarm or foul play. Lots of healthy 27 year olds die of Natural causes everyday.🤨

    RIP and condolences to friends and family.

  9. From the NHL community it’s so sad to see talented warriors like Skagg pass way to soon. Praying for his family and May the Lord watch over his wife.

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