MSNBC Reporter Interrupted During Hurricane Ida Coverage By Heckler

MSNBC correspondent Shaquille Brewster was interrupted during live coverage of Hurricane Ida in Gulfport, Miss., when a man ran up to Brewster and his crew and heckled them. Brewster tossed back to anchor Craig Melvin, who later reported that Brewster and his crew were safe.

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MSNBC Reporter Interrupted During Hurricane Ida Coverage By Heckler


  1. I’m just in under a half a min and seeing that dude abruptly park his truck and hastily start to approach Shaq is just likea real wtf is about to happen moment

    1. @Dulce R-L For the one’s with no belief in God, but a belief in there made up gods, is that true?

    2. @Dulce R-L Thank you mister know it all. Or I should say mister know nothing. Kindly keep your opinions to your self. Thank you.

    3. @TY LEE HAMAUKU if I don’t believe in a made up god, I surely do not believe in a made up devil. Lol. You poor thing.

    1. @Cody Zanini see my other comment. This man’s mental state, personal responsibility, rationality, and impulse controls are impaired. Before people brainwashed u into believing everything is a “who’s side are you on” issue… people just corrected this kind of behavior rationally. This man SHOULD be looked at differently depending on what his job is. But you’re just like him clearly. Your point you’re making? You don’t really rationally feel that way. Otherwise u would have to acknowledge that the right has been doing the exact same thing. Trump himself cancelling anyone & everyone who dares to criticize him. Oh except most the right likes to talk of locking people up or sending them death threats. Even their own Republican officials get death threats from their own Republican voters. So u can gtfoh with your false equivalency

    2. @Cody Zanini I’ll actually go a step further bro. Nowhere in human history has it been acceptable for a human to target & aggressively advance on another stranger like that. Telling their boss? No son. For all of human history that body language gets DEALT WITH.

    3. @Cody Zanini you’re right on that one….all libby folks know is that which you just mentioned. And they will go to any length to get it done, too.

    1. @CurlyGirl From Russia obviously. Did you also notice I disabled my discussion page? Gotta protect myself from fascist sjws who report you, ya know.

    2. Yeah, I appreciate the sentiment. But think that through please. Strong, quickly shifting winds, bear spray -> do the math on that one please.

    3. @Winston Smith you’ve commented 627 times in the past 3 weeks on MSNBC videos alone… you have any hobbies? Or do you just really like MSNBC that much?

    4. More like a cattle prod, taser, and an aluminum bat. Or, the whole crew should just be armed to the teeth.

  2. Guarantee if that man defended himself the heckler would have called the police, played the victim, and received the benefit of the doubt

    1. The guy would scream about his freedom of speech and his rights but will never think of the news crew’s rights and freedoms.

    2. Exactly my friend because in Mississippi they still ain’t forgotten gotten over slavery yet they forgot that slavery ended 100 years ago that’s why I Mississippi got so many millionaires because they inherited generational wealth for their great-great-grandfather who owned slave a good example of this is Mitch McConnell @Belly Dancer Em

    3. It’s Mississippi, cops probably would have opened fire at the reporter and cameraman and claimed that they thought the camera and microphone were guns.

    4. @Belly Dancer Em recording aint enough, we’d need nationwide protest in order to see Shaq get a fair trial…

    5. @Belly Dancer Em Haven’t you heard? People don’t believe their lying eyes. WE DON’T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED BEFORE THE VIDEO STARTED!!!

    1. @Harold Moore I believe the noun is ‘Snowflake’….. 🤣🤣 but at least this comment will go unnoticed due to the word ‘noun’ I love educated people….. 🤣🤣

    2. @Ima Doll Yes, sometimes people are educated in certain areas. It’s a phenomenon that happens when you do this called “learning”.

  3. He looked more like an attacker than a heckler. When you closed coverage looked like he was physically assaulting the reporter. God, hope he’s all right.

    1. @Alfred Stiffcock Those who are lead to believe absurdities are the same ones that commit the atrocities. And the absurdities the Republicans/QAnon members believe Are already causing them to commit atrocities. Not just on a societal level like January 6 and soda restriction laws, Mr. Coleman murdered his two small children because he thought they had reptilian DNA. The absurdities have now reached critical mass. We as a country are in deep.

    2. @crocodile2006 oh look it’s a Cultist, trying desperately to make sense of its surroundings. It furrows it’s brow, in a vain attempt to understand. I think it is learning, learn to mimic humans. 😳

    3. @Corona Pyrrhus That comment shows how uneducated you are about the truth re: the BLM demonstrations. Per the police investigators, Harvard University investigators for an indepth report, and a non-partisan, international organization that analyzes and publishes reports societal issues:

      93% of the BLM protests WERE peaceful.

      Of the 7% that were not, the vast majority of the violence was perpetrated by white extremist groups & basic criminals taking advantage of the protest. (Again – police investigators concluded this, too.)

      AND – almost all of the violence against people was done TO peaceful protestors & journalists – by police and racist counter protestors.

      Fact check this! You should! Don’t just believe what you read on social media and/or hear from lunatic lying Fox TV hosts & other media whores who profit from stoking the MAGA crowd. Please! Google it! It’s easy!

    4. @Sitori my statistics are almost identical to yours. From multiple sources. The black lives matter movement as a whole was one of the most if not the most peaceful mass protests in history. The amount of people that were out on the streets protesting was enormous.
      And specifically the proud boys and to a lesser extent the Boogalou boys always the instigator. Funny, clowns that think of themselves as alpha males calling their gang ,”boys”

    5. @Sitori >7 months of straight riots
      >billions in damages
      >police station taken seige in Seattle
      >teen murdered by CHAZ insurrectionists
      >Multiple people murdered
      >people pulled from their cars and attacked
      >Minneapolis burnt to the ground
      >Portland ANTIFA chaos
      >7 months straight of violence as media reports “mostly peaceful protests” as city burns behind reporter

      All of that versus a Boomer bumrush of the Capitol that lasted a couple minutes. Guess what? Thirteen percent also does more than 50%. Now address that.

    1. When he ran up it sounds like his complaint is he thinks msnbc isn’t reporting the story accurately?

      While I normally agree MSNBC has issues with the truth at times.I dont think they are doing that when reporting a storm.
      The heckler was dumb for what he did when he did it.Its a storm not politics lol

    2. He’s mad because Biden didn’t just nuke Ida.

      Or use a sharpie and send her in a different direction.

    3. Vectis Pete – Or a “democratic hoax”. All those people affected by the storm are “crisis actors” and the damage was caused by the government in an effort to “control us” and anyone who believes there was really a hurricane are “sheep”.

  4. Imagine being so angry at the world that you feel the need to do this.

    Imagine an entire news ecosystem feeding this fear, anger, and hatred, just to ensure their political allies seize power despite being a minority.

    Murdoch, Newscorp, and AM talk radio have so much to answer for.

    1. These close-minded right-wingers feel the need to act aggressively to anyone they see as opposite of them: Media, liberal, LGBT, etc.

    2. @Brian Yes but their aggression is generally directed at property. Unfortunately , your kind tends to attack people.

  5. Looks like a lot of crazy out there… yup, that’s Mississippi for ya. Just represented his state real good lol

    1. @Person Woman Man Camera TV what was this reporter doing that was crazy!? The crazy guy said he was “misreporting” or something like that. Not sure how u can misreport on a hurricane and see the destruction ourselves.

  6. That wasn’t just a distruption, that was an assault. His actions put Shaq in reasonable apprehension of an imminent harmful or offensive contact.

    1. @lulu in hollywood Don’t say no one accosted reporters, that’s a lie, again something you want to be true. Nothing I’m saying is absurd because I don’t base what I say on my imagination. You do and you seem fine with that? Stick to facts and what evidence proves so as to not make yourself look foolish. Your drawing a line between the clown on the video to Trump that you can’t prove. You so badly want it’s be true, though. Wanting something so much doesn’t make it real.

    2. @Zoooma
      This guy interrupted a report about *the weather* to accost the reporter for failing to report the weather accurately. He’s on team Scrump.

  7. Wow. That’s not how a grown man should behave. The “heckler” I mean. That reporter was very professional.

    1. Imagine someone addressing you like this just because they don’t like a bumper sticker you have or a shirt you’re wearing. You would think, I can’t believe this happened to me in America.

    2. He’s probably telling the reporter Not to Report the Storm because their Isn’t one and you carnt Talk on a beach here unless you have a permit and someone like you isn’t allowed here either. Probably the over weight guy was from a ‘Certain’ organisation,just checking on things. The reporter did a good job. 🤪🚔😷🧟‍♀️

    3. CNN has no professional reporters just a bunch of bad actors maybe he is upset cause they backed Joe Biden who just admitted he is not in charge of anything and takes orders from others. Shame shame so the whole thing is a fraud.

  8. He’s doing his report on live tv and suddenly a male Karen shows up. Hope the guy is arrested for attacking your reporter he’s doing a good job on reporting on Ida.

    1. @C. S. Yelling at someone’s face and assaulting a reporter isn’t peaceful. The man should be arrested and charged. He’s just another Q Karen.

    2. He literally was did not do anything violent. Is he a dummy yes but so are you if you think he should be arrested

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