Mueller clarifies answer he gave about indictment in his second opening statement

In his opening statement to the House Intelligence Committee, former special counsel Robert Mueller clarified an answer he gave to Rep. Ted Lieu during the first hearing before the House Judiciary Committee. #CNN #News


    1. Democrats and fake news stations are bouncing off sound bites in this hearing on TV and in the press, Used for those people they think are the “stupids” in society,
      People who will not have listened to what is happening, people who have not looked into the other side of the story,
      They are the people who have been offered free healthcare, free food stamps, free education, people who believe if these people are so kind as to give us all this free stuff then what they say must be true.
      They haven’t even looked into “why would they give us all this free stuff?” What do they want from me?, Soundbites for the “stupid” vote?

    2. @Carol 70-year-old English NATIONALIST What are you talking about you live in England. You have the NHS. That’s health care for everybody. You have it but you dont want anybody else to have health care.

    3. You have the welfare state that takes care of you better than in the US . But you dont want anybody else to have what you have.

    4. @DanCin in the MoonLight The British welfare state was started after a referendum, every person pays in and everyone gets free stuff, it belongs to the people not doled out by a socialist government.
      It is failing now as hundreds of thousands are crossing our borders to take advantage.
      the cost of the NHS has to balance with what the people are prepared to pay.
      most migrants refuse to pay anything,,,it fails

    1. @mrkillop18 did mueller say that or not? Also why do you think Pelosi said she would rather see him jail. Let that sink in

    2. @elizabeth tudor please. Not one Democrat is going to jail. The moment one does because of trump he will be impeached. Sweet dreams

    1. @aldo s
      But I give you balls for typing what you did because some idiot out there will probably agree with your bogus comment.

    1. You triggered republican snowflakes are fucking hilarious! You all prove us all correct when you have no substance to talk about.

    2. @Bird Man substance? You mean the stuff cnn has been pumping your tiny brain full of for the last 4 years 24/7 non stop….was that what you considered substance?

      Substance is for people with something to prove….and the way I see it when your right your right.

      No go scream at the sky and call your mommy, the democrats just ate another turd sandwich today.


    1. @William H You’re obsessed with the sex habits of other people aren’t you? Maybe it’s time do go outside and go on an actual date. Get out of the house, get away from the online porn and actually meet a person.

    2. @Joey BoX0RoX It will happen to you too dude. It happens to everybody. It’s part of aging, no vitamins or exercising helps. Why do you think they have all those ads on TV for hearing aids ?

  1. “Do you Mueller, currently reside on planet Earth”?…Mueller: “I cannot get into that”

    1. @Without Jesus Hell Awaits why isn’t Adam Schiff under investigation for perjury? Hos many times has he been on tv and quoted in interviews claiming proof of Trumps crimes. He was and is flat out lying and guilty of defamation.

    2. Lol thanks America. You gave us “Get Smart. Hogan’s Hero’s. The Beverly Hillbillies. The Three Stooges. And my favourite. Everybodies favourite. Sienfeld! And now this. And I am not joking. Even CNN. Msnbc. Fox Trump. Nancy. Shifty. Bob. It is great entertainment. Especially since they banned my pokerstars last year in this country. Like 2009.over there!

  2. So if I have an affair all I have to say is “I can’t get in to that”?? Will that completely exonerate me??

  3. I think it appears that Mr. Mueller was just a figure head and the investigation and report was all done by the very bias leftist lawyers in his ” team ” and this day was a total waste of time. Clearly there will be nothing more.

  4. This was like watching clown show starring Mueller as the main clown!!!! Why was he even there if he wasnt going to answer questions!!!

  5. NOT MY PURVIEW 1000x — that is Muller weapon NOT answering for the TRUTH – what a waste of tax Payer money.

  6. Muller should of retired ten years ago. This process of guilty till proven innocent not good for anybody.

    1. It really is at the core of this whole report. In the absence of guilt the president is innocent. That is his human right. Mueller has no authority to pronounce Trump innocent or even guilty. He only has the power to advise indictment and that he did not do.

  7. Oh my God. The Democrats are failing time and time again. REPUBLICANS absolutely destroyed Mueller. The end.

    1. @aldo s actually in the report states 11 counts of obstruction. Read please sitting president cant be charged that is why there was no indictment. He stated OLC Several times if you jokers were really listening.

    2. Always helpful when looking at the pretty pictures listen to the words as well. Maybe a bit too much to ask?

  8. Muller still looking for the Muller report he filed ten years ago. Did he even write the report that he would not comment on once.

  9. “…So what abo-”

    *”I can’t get into that!”* -Mueller

    “Let me clarify… *he can’t get into that”* – Muellers Lawer

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