NY Gov. On Getting Comprehensive Gun Reform Passed | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. *Chris looks exactly like his father. It’s seriously like looking into the future.* zaddddddy (I know, I just wanted to make you smile given the current climate. So much sadness, I hope you smiled from my comment).

  2. If you can’t shoot a deer as a hunter with 10 bullets, you don’t deserve to be call a hunter. No assault rifle weapons!
    Also, 2nd Amendment says Well Regulated Militia.

    1. @Progressive Humanist

      Unfortunately for you Democrats, the 2nd Amendment is an individual right completely unconnected to service in a militia.

      Supreme Court > Your opinions

    2. Lily Jade Most of you shitheads need a history lesson. Please educate yourself on a subject before you speak about it

  3. The thing is, you can’t outlaw mental illness, but you can outlaw weapons of war/mass destruction. That’s why other countries don’t have this carnage. Really not hard stuff here.

  4. Everyone could see today, that Trump couln`t understand, what he was reading from the teleprompter. The only emotion he can feel is HATE.

  5. Like always, Trump tried to imitate emotions by reading from the teleprompter with to much breath, a ridiculous tactic. The only emotion he can feel is HATE

  6. The House of Representatives has already passed a bipartisan bill. Moscow Mitch is obstructing it’s being brought to the Senate floor for approval and Trump’s signature. Americans have had the right to bear arms for hundreds of years. You can go to a place like Greenfield Village of Dearborn,Michigan and watch the reenactors do the pour, shoot and clean system of firing a musket in the time of our American Revolution. Those were the “arms” that we were entitled to bear per our Constitution. Current military assault weapons are an entirely different machine. Any true huntsman prides himself on his marksmanship. Animals in the wild are rare, have their own seasons and frequently require licenses to shoot. There would be no meat left if a hunter attempted to shoot a bird with an assault weapon. Years ago, the NRA tried to justify it’s hands off stance by saying that “”At least, they ate what they shot”. After so many mass murders, nobody is “remembering” that bit of marketing. It sounds awfully close to cannibalism. Where mass shootings were relatively rare before, now with Trump carefully inciting his crowds, mass murder has become a daily affair. No place in America is safe. American citizens are not safe. Does Putin expect America to capitulate at his next visit?

  7. Fun fact: 45* killed an Obama era regulation that made it harder for mentally ill people to purchase a gun. He did this 1 month into his administration. The (N)ational (R)ussia (A)ssociation which spent a record 30 million on getting him installed made him jump on that.

  8. What does the 2nd mean? What does it mean to the different groups within our country. The right the left Congress the supreme court? Is it about hunting? Or is it about thinking it’s the line that stands against dictatorships. If so what guns should be allowed? Where is the rational discussion

  9. Sorry Gov, read the constitution or better yet have an adult read it for you and explain that the second amendment isn’t for hunting…..its for protecting ourselves from tyrants like you. Tell me I’m wrong.

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