Oath Keepers’ vision described by former spokesman | USA TODAY

Oath Keepers' vision described by former spokesman | USA TODAY 1


  1. Anti-government? If by that you mean People who uphold and defend the supreme law of the land, I ask you this. What government do they oppose if they uphold and defend the United States of America? They are called the Oath Keepers because they keep their oath to the U.S. Constitution. That is the exact opposite of Anti-government.

    1. And who gave them the rights to decide that only “they” are the defenders of the US Constitution and rest of the citizens are not? And since when did violence and chaos became the first response towards being anti-government?

    2. @Robbie S “Only”? no one said they were the ‘only’ ones. You added that. The oath they took while in service of our nation not only grants them the duty but also holds them to it. It is illegal for them to not uphold their oath.

      “”And since when did violence and chaos became the first response towards being anti-government? ” Did you mean to type this? Are you saying they are violent towards themselves? Or that some one was violent towards them? Or that we have never used violence towards an anti-government group until now?

      This sentence doesn’t make sense, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you mistyped your thoughts and I will gladly read your revision.

  2. The whole period of 30 years of the country’s independence Kulibayev family robbed businesses, people. They were part of so called mighty Nazarbayev clan and this has to end. Only developed countries like yours are able to help to balance the justice in regards of this family. This process has already started. Even the latest movie about Nursultan Nazarbayev called Golden man produced by Oliver Stone tells the world the truth. Nazarbayev in his interview said himself that he shot peacefu civilians during events in Zhana Ozen in 2011. He admitted it himself. Crimes like this are against all legal and human rights. The small group of people has stolen all from the people and ruined the economy. Now the country is surviving. All because of bunch of criminals including Timur Kulibayev, Dinara Kulibayeva, Bolat Nazarbayev, Umut
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  3. Yellowstone Season4 Episode3 Watch how LITTLE MILITIA TAKEN OUT Watch and learn You don’t even have to be agents of the law JUST ORGANIZED

  4. When you get out of the military and don’t have any marketable skills . This is adult cosplay from rejects that can’t hold down a job. Oathkeepers? They are literally the opposite.

  5. When the media, govt and courts are not doing the will of the people, the people have the power to change the govt, says it right there in the constitution.

  6. I have never been so happy and proud than on January sixth… I’m so happy and proud you keep repeating the date so I inequivackly remember… I have had relatives spilling others blood in every war for this country at least starting with the Civil war… and those wars made no communist politicians go into their safe rooms… this so called baby cou did so and brought teers to my eyes… please be careful communists of America… the generals of the United States were raised differently and educated properly… if you overstep too far? Which you have… believe me… all of the American generals of the United States already have a plan for you… and it will come far sooner than any more oppression that you will be allowed to appraise on the American public… your time will soon be done,,, cheers to the late California communist, ,,🍷🍷

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