1. Hope all the community is safe 🙏 for the family and friends and for the Officers to get the break in the case that they are desperate to get for a suspect to be apprehended

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  2. This is so sad. My thoughts go out to the families, friends and loved ones of those students. I hope the perpetrator gets caught.

    1. These cops are fishy as hell. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if a cop did it. They do stuff like this all the time. Some cop just murdered 3 people in California.

    2. @srl nee very interesting that you say this, as this has crossed my mind numerous times in the past week
      Remember, only a couple of hours before they were murdered the cops were called not even a football field away from them and they were also called a little earlier at a party. A couple of the roommates were at so who is to say the lead investigator on this in the one running a show or someone involved with the investigation did not do it themselves.

    3. @Monica Brown even stranger, in the beginning of the investigation the sheriff announced there was NO danger to the public and then he changed his mind. You simply don’t announce something like that unless you know who did it. He changed his mind probably because they decided not to charge their fellow gang member.

  3. My cousin Jodi was a victim of a random attack a long time ago. It’s weird not ever knowing what happened, I hope these family get some closure. My cousin had a ton of national attention as well but slowly they are just forced to move on if they aren’t finding good clues

    1. Condolences. This mindset that does the things r so perplexing triggers can b common but only small fraction tr

  4. In my experience, it’s difficult to maintain security when you live in a house with college students. We had someone walk off with some expensive audio equipment, plus guitars and amps when I was in school. Just because nobody ever locked the door.

    1. That has been my experience too, I have always had that argument with roommates, “lock the door everytime”. Especially when you have a high turnover of roommates, or parties, or people coming over often. You never know people who are casing the joint from the inside or already knows the lay out

    2. @Sisu Guillam You’re correct that people can still break in, but having a locked door or locked windows can slow them down and potentially buy you more time to escape and/or call the police. Even a few seconds can make a huge difference. Plus, breaking in generates noise and draws attention to criminal activity, which is risky for the crooks and can factor into them deciding to give up.

      The point is this: any barrier or deterrent is better than nothing at all.

    3. @HΣΛRTS ϴF SPΛCΣ Because they believe that America is a perfect place where bad things don’t happen. Only bad things happen because of White supremacists, m’kay?

  5. Even if they know something, it would be stupid of them to share details as it might help the killer further bury evidence. More details after the person is caught. Patience.

    1. I completely agree. They have to withhold crucial facts or it would be spread over the internet like wildfire.

  6. Omg when the dad says the girls met in 6th grade & did everything together & died together and that gives them strength b/c they’re together just 😭😭😭😭

    1. I’m disturbed by this killing …
      I’m from the Philippines and ican tell
      You the reality of that murder will hunt me for a while…

      Because 1 killer 4 victims in the same house…as soon as the first stab was struck noise comes after ….commotion, screaming, struggling ,blood everywhere and more than likely trying to hold and stop the killer …. I will stay away from YouTube for awhile cuz this really disturbed me

    2. @THE CHIEF WILDHORSE you might be joking but that’s a possibility that has been brought up in other forums and sighting a 21 yr old college student owning a range rover supposedly that she bought with her own money. Food for thought

    3. @Miss Treicy
      Why do you think they are dragging this out?
      Because these kids were drug dealers

    1. @Dr Beechas but in a targeted attack, you would expect to see an overkill of 1 or more of the victims. That’s not what happened here. They all received a similar number of wounds. And so they are unable to pinpoint who the specific target was. If at all, there was a target.
      It’s petrifying to think he goes under the radar!

    2. @Dr Beechas I’m one of the many believers of this attack possibly been carried out by a female, most people react to that with WOW. The experts tend to believe it’s a male. It saves time to type he. However, I do believe a female can display such amount of rage as any male

    3. @Reeva absolutely. Women definitely doesn’t fit the typecast murderer like this but there is definitely some women capable. I really hope they aren’t dead set on looking for a man.

    4. @Dr Beechas totally agree. History has shown, when women get going they can be equally, if not more so, evil as any man!

  7. Everyone is going to be surprised when the truth finally comes out. There is something very wrong with the way this is being handled.

    1. I thought the same thing. Possible that either a cop’s or local figure’s child committed the crime too. I suspect the room mates though.

    2. These cops are fishy as hell. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if a cop did it. They do stuff like this all the time. Some cop just murdered 3 people in California.

    3. It seems fishy to me too. But keep in mind that anything they reveal at this point will be revealed to the killer as well. The FBI / BAU are involved too. It’s possible that the PR is all a strategy.

  8. My RV was stolen and crashed by juvenile delinquents in a small town and the level of incompetence in the town and county police departments is astounding. One of them said to me ” this ain’t CSI” and it sure isn’t. More like Mayberry. No doubt the same here. Barney Fife in charge.

    1. @ExitScreaming after the fact. Before they arrived how much potential evidence was trampled on and handled by whoever was on the scene?

    2. No it is not . You are making ridiculous assumptions here . They immediately called in the state police investigative unit and not long after , the FBI.

  9. This is 2022 already. How is this possible with surveillance cameras everywhere? Those poor parents need answers yesterday.

  10. One major unknown the cops have not said to-date as far as i know, which they should have known from day 1 is, was the sliding glass walk-in glass door where the kitchen is on 2nd flr locked when they got there, and was the glass door left open or closed. These information would help to narrow down the question of whether the 4 were targetted, as well as aid in helping to answer other questions.

    1. Why do you think your entitled to know that now? They didn’t mention so you’re somehow unclear if they know it ?

  11. I am a retired police chief in Spokane, WA and although I have been doing my best to avoid criticizing the competence of the Moscow PD and Idaho State Police without having access to all the facts they have, it sure seems to me that the likelihood that the murderer would manage to commit such a horrendous crime without leaving ANY identifying clues at all stretches credibility.

    1. You can’t blame someone without proof. I’m just guessing but one of those pretty girls was having a fling that went wrong.

    2. @Amelia X They would find his DNA all over the shower.
      He’s an animal. He just went into the woods and washed up with dirt.

  12. These are the moments. You wonder. If having security cameras everywhere and sacrificing some privacy for protection. So sad to see their lives end so soon and this way

  13. To the families of these four my heart goes out to yall. May yall find what people did this and get the punishment they deserve. My prayers are going out for yall as well. RIP Idaho 4

  14. Just heartbreaking, I think the hardest part of losing a child is the memories you’ll never see manifest throughout their life as we as parents imagine every possible scenario of how they’ll grow up to be but death is the only scenario we dare not imagine.

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