Police use technology in arrest of Univ. of Idaho stabbings suspect | USA TODAY

Surveillance video, phone records and other digital footprints helped in the arrest of Bryan Khoberger, the suspect in the Univ. of Idaho stabbings.
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In the days after four college students were stabbed to death in their Moscow, Idaho, rental home in the early hours of Nov. 13, police traced the digital footprint of the victims and the man accused of killing them in exhaustive detail.

Authorities tracked down the suspect's car in his college parking lot, backtracked his cellphone's movements for six months, and even figured out exactly what time one of the victims was using TikTok on her phone, court records show. They used a video stream from a food truck to help determine where two of the victims had been earlier, and phone records to figure out who gave them a ride home.

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  1. 🙈🙊🙉🙏 I Wonder How He Feels Having A Defense Lawyer That Looks Alot Like His Victims, Maybe He Will Breakdown and Confess, I Noticed He Didn’t Look At Her Today 🤔

  2. No, they didn’t say it was 2011-16 Elantra. They said it was 2011-13. But since Kohberger’s car is 2015, i guess they r pretending they said 2016 so his car fits in the range, LMFAO.

    1. his web history will be the end of him ,for a man who is familiar with crime & evidence collecting he was extremely sloppy

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