President Trump: Mueller Shouldn’t Be Given ‘Another Bite Of The Apple’ | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller will be testifying before two House Committees on Wednesday, committing to at least five hours of public testimony. Former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance, former DOJ Chief Spokesman Matt Miller, Democratic Strategist Basil Smikle, and Republican Strategist Matt Gorman join Stephanie Ruhle to discuss what we can expect from Mueller’s testimony.
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President Trump: Mueller Shouldn’t Be Given ‘Another Bite Of The Apple’ | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Robert Mueller will not be saying a lot,but what he does say will be fact,hope that it takes a bite out of the incestuous lunatics derrière.

    1. @menotyou notyoume I’m not paranoid. It’s just when someone from another country comments on US politics you have to wonder what their motivation is. Many of you, I know, are enjoying the train wreck that is this presidency.

    2. @P Nomis maybe because America affects the world maybe because Boston’s practically Irish and maybe I hate corruption so much its every bit as Important I comment here.
      You do know the internet is a world wide web ?

    3. @P Nomis your neocons have destroyed the middle east for oil and you say its nobodys business when it comes to us policies?
      Small windows my friend

  2. My favorite part of the report was Traitor Trump’s reaction when he found out about the
    creation of Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation.

    On May 17, 2017 then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions told Trump about the special counsel investigation.
    “When Sessions told the President that a Special Counsel had been appointed, the President slumped back in his chair and said, ‘Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my presidency. I am f—–d’” according to the report, which based its retelling of this conversation on notes taken by Jody Hunt, Sessions’ chief of staff at the time.

    Trump then became angry, according to the report, and “lambasted” Sessions for his decision to recuse himself from the investigation.

    “How could you let this happen Jeff?” the president said, according to the report.

    Trump told Sessions that the Attorney General was his “most important appointment” and said Sessions had let him down. Sessions told investigators Trump told him “you were supposed to protect me.!!!”😭😭😭

    Now does that sound like an innocent man to anyone?

    1. @Crimdor No sweetie, working with NATO is working with our ALLIES. You are confusing collusion with diplomacy. Sad you don’t know the difference. Really sad to be so ignorant as you seem to be.

    2. @Crimdor You are just wrong. Mueller was directly under the supervision of the DOJ and was thus constrained by its policies. He knows the law far better than you and he was fully aware of his authority as Special Counsel. As far as bring him to testify, that will be a win for the Democrats as he will publicly get to speak to his findings in the report and they are clear and plain. Mueller would have preferred that people, particularly the politicians in both the House and Senate read his report rather than him having to publicly appear but since it was evident that they were not reading it, it is important that the public gets to hear him testify to what he found and reported. It will certainly embarrass AG Barr and humiliate trump.

  3. But, but, the guy I hired already repeated what I told him to say. Not fair you’re actually going to read the information!

    1. Hazzycakes – cite one thing in the report where mueller found that there was a destruction of evidence.

    2. @Hazzycakes Trump handed over 1.4 mln documents, gave the special counsel unlimited access to multiple campaign aides and staffers, no evidence destroyed. I swear you all reach so hard when the truth isn’t what you want it to be…….delusional

    1. @Real Talk The orange buffoon is a failed businessman, a fake billionaire and a con artist? A real billionaire would’t have bothered defrauding ordinary people for a few millions, through a bogus Trump university.

    2. Trump said he won’t be watching the Mueller testimony.lmao
      I bet my last dollar he’ll be watching it like it was Tom Brady’s last Superbowl game

    3. @Pipe Down before it is over Democrat’s who are proven to be short on brain’s are going to wish they had never called Mueller back . Mark my words Republican’s are going to grill Mueller . On how it all got started . Kind of like the dumb move Jerry Naddler made calling John dean a felon to be a witness and analyze the report . Dean was involved in the water gate cover up . Yet Democrat’s called him as a key witness to shed light on the Mueller report . A felon for lying in watergate got a suspended prison sentence . Dumb to call him . Democrat’s lead the league in Dumb . It’s going to blow up in there faces mark my word’s like everything else Democrat’s do . They are on a sinking ship there dream of a Godless and lawless society has slipped away and they are not going to stop Trump ! Trump 2020

  4. As a Trump hater….I would temper expecations…..we all know that Trump is a liar….this not new to his base…..if it gets to the non voters and the fence sitters….then mission accomplished.

    1. Agreed. Though I really wonder how anyone can be on the fence about this guy. He’s a despicable liar; either you see it or you just don’t :S

    2. The DNC is going to crown Joe Biden and make him run against Trump…..HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAH!

  5. Reluctance and unwillingness are not to be confused.
    Mr. Mueller simply does not seek a spotlight.
    He will do the right thing just as he did in a time of national need.
    He was awarded a Bronze Star that time.

    1. J Austin – I believe your take is correct. Just like these talking heads are saying – congresscritters need to frame the questions just right. No matter how bad a light Mueller’s testimony casts on Trump – it won’t even dent the collective willful ignorance his base has cultivated.

    1. Annie – “try to fired”
      The guy is a foreign agent that doesn’t even know English well enough to craft 2 coherent sentences.
      His name is, “San Jose” for crying out loud.
      Literal troll account.

  6. Mueller is still chewing on the first bite… This could have been over if Barr hadn’t lied to the American people…

    1. @blueserman1 I didn’t mention periods lol wtf. And yeah, um still waiting for him to go to jail. I’m even waiting for someone to prove any of the many false alligations against him. Still, nothing.

    2. @David tinch If I had insulted him for his spelling, yet mine isn’t great. Then your point would be valid.

  7. He’s going to be tweeting while Bob Mueller is testifying; and everybody knows he’s going to be watching it.

  8. Jim Jordan cannot do a light touch. His head will explode when he hears Mueller’s answers.

    1. @Carole Smith lmao Dems are silent and complicit.

      Look at the people of Puerto Rico and Hong Kong………Dem constituents are too lazy!!


      The World is watching!

    2. Mueller will answer all questions straight from the report, nothing more. Yawnnnnnnn 🛌 💤

    3. @Dawn Oceanside Your comment is an example of “what you don’t know that you don’t know”. Your judgemental reference to Dems is inaccurate. If you want Trump to be re-elected and you get your way, the day will come that you wish you had known far more now and would have made a different choice. You obviously are lacking a lot of information and making important decisions without all the information can lead to errors in judgement.

  9. Except, actually it’s about a President that has repeatedly broken the law while everyone around him goes to jail while he is free and talks noise…


  10. If Dumbo says he doesn’t want to watch it, he’ll watch it with 100% certainty. He’s scared shitless and he’s gonna tweet a lot about it.

    1. I don’t think normal thinking people care. The white brain dead will believe what he wants.

  11. ‘If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so’

    1. @Sweet Willy guess you didn’t understand that whether they found something or not.. the doj under their policy could not indict a sitting president.. so they couldn’t make a decision either way.. says so in the report.. maybe you should read it.. 🤔

    2. pingo. oh I totally understand the rule of law, I also know that no self respecting prosecutors would set the bar at “I can’t prove innocence but I also can’t prove guilt” that’s not how our justice system works for anybody including the president you don’t like

  12. Hey Trumpsky, the plain truth is that even your mail-order family and your Daughter-Wife don’t want to bite your apple anymore. You’ll have to go to Hannity for that.

  13. If Barr terminated the investigation its gonna come out… the corruption is breathtaking and any real patriot should want to know the truth.

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