Pressure On Sen. McConnell Builds Over Action On Gun Control Legislation | Deadline | MSNBC

NYT reporter Nick Confessore, The Bulwark’s Charlie Sykes, former TIME Mag managing editor Rick Stengel and Move On’s Karine Jean-Pierre on Sen. McConnell resisting pressure to end Senate recess for gun vote reform
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Pressure On Sen. McConnell Builds Over Action On Gun Control Legislation | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. Massacre Mitch, Moscow Mitch, Cocaine Mitch, the Turtle, take your pick of nicknames for this reprehensible cretin!

    1. @James Davis You vocalize for your First Amendment rights but seem to be intent on questioning mine. And if you can’t approach the matter without reminding everyone at large that you find the need for guns (the rest of the civilized world doesn’t have such needs and they also have democracy and right to free speech – but of course, no mass shootings) and to top it all, you can’t distinguish the irony of using the racist in the Whitehouse’s catch phrases in the context of your elevating the extremely corrupt and pseudo-fascist McConnell to the status of hero, you might think about furthering your education.

    2. Hopsta More intellectual conversation. I don’t produce content because I’m a self confident adult who doesn’t need to seek validation from strangers.

  2. Moscow Mitch must be dethroned and prosecuted after he leaves office! He is the kind swamp monster in DC!

  3. While I’d never vote for him, Tim Ryan’s doing a great job of changing the perception of politicians as a separate class with the t-shirts and caps. Really subtle but genius approach to visualizing populism in media. Obama’s tan suit and Iowa State Fair apparel on steroids

  4. Republicans: “Mental illness is the cause of mass shootings. That’s why we want to cut Medicaid and abolish the ACA without a replacement.”
    America: 🤔 😆😂😝

    1. Between June 16th and July 18th there were 36 mass shootings in America. 34 out of 36 shooters were BLACK MALES – and they only make up 7% of the national population. You won’t hear this info on MSM.

    1. Please donate to Amy’s campaign! Because you know Moscow Mitch has a huge war chest of filthy lucre.

  5. I’ve been saying it for a year or more. The trumplican party is dead. All their careers are over. Thoughts and prayers.

    1. @Nazaree Hines-Starr if you think thats BAD , Wait till he drains the swamp , you will see hehe……

    2. Do you really see politics as a career choice? Its public service, and should be treated as such. I guess thats why President Trump is doing it for free.

    3. @Miitch Lightning Hahahahahaha. OK then let me rephrase that …the trumplican party is dead… all their self service is over… thoughts and prayers

    1. Donate to Amy McGrath’s campaign to oust Moscow Mitch! She is the retired marine fighter pilot running against Moscow Mitch.

    2. @John3:16 Pitbull This should play nicely in McGrath’s hands… a lot of time left till November 2020, and many more shootings left to come. FBI director says white nationalist terror acts are on the rise.

    1. He’s the Majority Leader. He decides what legislation comes to the floor. It’s the way it’s always been. You can say every Majority Leader holds the Senate hostage whether they’re a Democrat or Republican. Harry Reid operated like a dictator when he was boss of the Senate. A nasty-mouthed dictator at that.

    2. So now we have proof of another “Trump whisperer” in the form of National Russian Association… who could have known?

    3. Rueben Aragon because the conservative legislators are cowards
      They hate DT but they fear his reprisals. FINALLY some are fighting back like MGahn who they fired a day before he was eligible for a full retirement. I get why he idolizes Russia’s absolute power. He will stop at NOTHING to achieve the same here in America? How can these mean spirited personal vendettas against men who were simply doing their jobs not be un-American?
      We’ve got to get this train wreck out of the Oval Office
      Please don’t allow yourselves to get complacent and decide not to vote.

  6. So the president of the NRA is on equal footing with the so-called president of the United States

    1. In fact, the 1982 Congressional report on “The Right to Keep and Bear Arms” (attached) specifically details the thoughts on this matter by our Founding Fathers, including George Washington:
      “Following the revolution but previous to the adoption of the Constitution, debates over militia proposals occupied a large part of the political scene. A variety of plans were put forth by figures ranging from George Washington to Baron von Steuben. All of the proposals called for a general duty of all citizens to be armed.” (Sources: The most extensive studies of these militia proposals are John McAuley Palmer, Washington, Lincoln, Wilson: Three War Statesmen (New York, 1930); Frederick Stern, Citizen Army (New York,1957); John Mahon, The American Militia: Decade of Decision 1789-1800 (Univ of Florida, 1960).)


      “The suspicion of select militia units expressed in these passages is a clear indication that the framers of the Constitution did not seek to guarantee a State right to maintain formed groups similar to the National Guard, but rather to protect the right of individual citizens to keep and bear arms.”

      “Other figures of the period were of like mind. In the Virginia convention, George Mason, drafter of the Virginia Bill of Rights, accused the British of having plotted “to disarm the people—that was the best and most effective way to enslave them”, while Patrick Henry observed that “The great object is that every man be armed” and “everyone who is able may have a gun”. Nor were the antifederalist, to whom we owe credit for a Bill of Rights, alone on this account. Federalist arguments also provide a source of support for an individual rights view. Their arguments in favor of the proposed Constitution also relied heavily upon universal armament. The proposed Constitution had been heavily criticized for its failure to ban or even limit standing armies. Unable to deny this omission, the Constitution’s supporters frequently argued to the people that the universal armament of Americans made such limitations unnecessary.”

      Thus, while our Second Amendment does indeed stress the ideal that armed citizens be well-trained and remain proficient (this is the precise meaning of the term “well-regulated”), nearly all of our Founding Fathers considered the entire body of armed citizens as the “militia,” and protected their right to keep and bear arms by means of the Second Amendment, an absolute moratorium against any infringement.

      If you believe otherwise, you’ve either been sold a load of manure or are trying to do the same. For further details, please refer to the attached Congressional Report.

      Finally, please stop trying to rewrite history. Doing so is not fact. You cannot rightfully call yourself PolitiFact when you’re peddling falsehoods.


      “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” – Second Amendment to the United States Constitution

  7. Love seeing the GOP squirm. I can’t wait to see them fall farther down into their own excrement. Reap what you sow, baby!

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