Private Employers Form New Front In Effort To Boost Vaccination Rates

Andy Slavitt former senior pandemic advisor to President Biden, talks about the challenges of getting more people vaccinated as the Covid delta variant drives a new spike in cases across the United States.
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  1. That’s the call from the tyrants at least. If they comply, and considering they are already having trouble competing against infinite unemployment benefits to get enough staffing, then they deserve to go under.

    1. No vaccine. No job. 99% of all US COVID deaths are unvaccinated. 2,000 healthy unvaccinated people in the US will be dead from COVID in 28 days. This is a fact based on 100,000 new cases reported July 31st. Tick tock tick tock. You’re either waiting to get the COVID shot or you’re waiting to die. Both end up in death. Your body. Your choice. Tick tock tick tock.

    2. Hospitals are short staffed now but this tyrannical government is going to make them fire people.
      Good Luck with that.

  2. “All employers could do that now”. They could also watch their businesses crumble and the country grind to a halt as people leave, while facing financial ruin from lawsuits when the unviable DOJ ‘ruling’ is overturned by actual courts.
    I don’t know anyone who wants to work for an employer that mandates unnecessary medical procedures.

    1. What will they do if WE DO NOT COMPLY! If we all quit our jobs? Stop paying our rents and mortgages? Stop paying our taxes? Stop paying our bills? What will they do? There are too many of us! We surround them! Resist the tyranny! WE HAVE THE POWER AND THEY KNOW IT! They are afraid of us! DO NOT COMPLY!

    2. @Lisa Saunders been saying this for the longest. people need to learn how to use their power wisely!

    3. @Lisa Saunders I predict that none of that will happen and that you will continue to pay your rent, bills, and taxes. And that you will continue to rant in YouTube comments and possibly be arrested for road rage someday. Just a hunch.

  3. NURSES BELIEVE THE PATIENTS. They administer the vaccines and witness the side effects and believe what the patients state was their actual experience. A lot of doctors and pharmacists are sell outs to medical cooperation’s and have to regurgitate the approved narrative.

    1. You’re wrong. You’re not vaccinated. The nurse that gave me my shot has no idea if I had negative side effects or not.

    2. @Gary LeBlanc Actually nurses do see people’s negative side effects when they come in to be treated for them

  4. Fascism. Just say no, make them fire you in writing and contact a lawyer then sue them. Plenty of other jobs out there right now.

    1. @j2times2006 Waste their time then, even that’s a victory. Coercing anyone into a medical experiment is literally a violation of the Nuremburg Code, google what that is and what it says.

    2. Better to talk to the lawyer first. Don’t want to paint yourself into a corner taking legal advice over the internrt.

    1. AMEN! We were here at our jobs everyday, while the higher ups sat at home, in their PJ’s, & barked orders at us.

    2. Exactly what Smokers said in the mid-2000s, while those who did not want cancer pushed back and BANNED THEM. Smokers were unproductive anyway … likewise anti-vaxxers lack critical thinking skills, better employees can be hired.

    3. again, people who are conscious of what they put in their bodies don’t necessarily lack critical thinking or have bad judgment. Actually it’s the opposite. And it most certainly doesn’t make them unproductive workers. Dude, ppl are allowed to have a different opinion.

  5. I refused the shot my employer tried to force on me because they weren’t willing to accept responsibility for any negative effects from the shot.

    FYI, third highest cause of death in the US is medical malpractice.

    1. Key word to me there is “practice”. They can “practice” their experiments on someone else. I’ve already given them and their country, (cuz it’s not ours anymore, in case y’all hadn’t noticed), enough of me.
      You know who I can’t sue, the VA. You know who pays my med notes, same. When they were the first fed corp to make it mandatory for employees, that was my deciding factor that I will NOT be getting anything. Judge me all you want, idgaf. I’m well aware that the VA is in business to give vets a second chance to die for their country, if you’re not, jokes on you.
      People act like it’s malaria, for Christ’s sake.

    2. You have placed yourself as a target to get fired at a future date for some totally unrelated reason. You should begin preparations soon to find another job or career. Forty six years in corporate America. That is how it works.

  6. Two lab rats are sitting in a cage…. One rat says to the other, “have you taken the covid vaccine yet?” “NO” replies the other, “I’m waiting to see how the human trials end”

    1. Yes, tell the rats it was a success. An unbelievable percentage of the world population took the poison vaccine and now rats get to be the dominant land mammal again…just like in the dinosaur days. LMAO

  7. Lol except people are quitting and finding places that don’t require it. Jokes on these companies.

    1. You don’t have a corporate job. All corporations will implement a “Vaccine Required”. Do ypu think it’s easy to replace a $350,000 job with another $350,000 job. The first question will be ” Can I see your vaccination record before you set foot inside our office ?

    2. Remember Smoking in the Workplace .. a lot of smokers quit, and more productive workers were hired. This time, irrational ignorant people will be fired, and replaced with people that have better brains … it is a win-win deal, no joking.

    3. your logic is very flawed. As a corporate chef and smoker, who happens to be un-vaxxed, there as been absolutely zero impact on my performance in the 9 years I’ve been employed by the company I work for. Our industry has been hit hardest during this pandemic. The last thing we should do is turn away people who are willing to work, because they have a different set of beliefs or ideals. That’s discrimination and you’re opening yourself up for some serious civil lawsuits. I’d be the first in line to file charges.

    4. @Davey Cooks Your logic is twisted to support your anti-vaxx nonsense. Did you ever take a smoking break outside during the work day?? Yes, you did, MANY in fact… end of discussion Mr Productivity, lol. As an Engineering Manger, I can point to MANY who were fired for poor productivity, people who are willing to spend hours every week outside screwing off smoking, are unproductive by nature, thus undesirable.
      YES the Pandemic has caused great stress on corporations… ENDING it should be YOUR concern too?? .. getting everyone vaccinated is the plan for that dude, the ONLY plan, why don’t you get this?? ..maybe you need to be replaced. Being Irrational is not a “different belief”, it is incompetence, which I wouldn’t want working for me. Fostering a Dangerous Work environment is a major legal lawsuit concern to corporations, that is why they banned smoking.. all civil lawsuits failed, because you have NO Legal Right to stay employed if you violate corporate terms of employment. ONCE the FDA Approves the Vaccines, Corporations will mandate vaccinations … make your choice.

  8. Feeling it personally. Yesterday my supervisor met with me to tell me that due to the new mandate I must get vaccinated or resign. She doesn’t want me to go because they all admit I’m a great worker, yet her hand is being forced to do this. So I resigned in good standing but I will never be forced to give my body to the powers that be. My choice.

    1. @diveunder Cool story bro.
      Still wont prevent his job from having to shut down business for weeks if he infects his co workers.
      No business is going to take that increased risk.

    2. @John snow No business, you know this for a fact? Hmmm, I hired someone last week as a new detailer, I didn’t ask for a vaccine card! Want to try again? How about we start with correcting your grammar, “won’t!”

    3. @Rotoflier Nah, no more 9 to 5’s for me. It simply means I have to be my own boss and start a home based business. There are plenty of ways to make money besides a job. It wasn’t my only source of income anyway, so I’m good.

    4. @diveunder BAHAH sorry I should have said no business that wants to stay open or be profitable.
      You are just a bad businessman that’s ok not everyone can be good at it.

  9. It’s ignorant and bigoted to say “do something else for a living” when someone doesn’t trust an establishment.

  10. So, what employers are saying, “if you get COVID and die, it affects the company because we’ll have to find a replacement for you, so either get vaccinated or you’re fired”

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