1. The right thing to do. The
    🇺🇸US should expand it’s efforts to assist at-risk Afghan citizens flee Taliban violence as fighting intensifies ahead. After all, they worked on U.S.-funded projects. Afghans were employed by a U.S.-based media organizations.

  2. what about those so called Iraq’s Weapon of Mass Destruction?
    the culprit whose authorized Iraq’s INVATION should be charged for WAR CRIME.

    1. Junaid, Obama and Dementia Joe bombed Libya 🇱🇾 creating a booming African slave trade still going on today!!!!!!!

  3. The US had betrayed the Afghans, and thousands of people who work for the US military faced execution by the Taliban.

    1. @Bryan You say Biden, Yet Trump had already said he was going to pull us Out.
      The Longest War in American History (20Yrs),Trillion Plus Dollars $$$ and Thousands of American Warriors Lost.
      It was Definitely Time to Leave.
      Unless you Generals had a Better Plan 🤔

  4. Ask if they want to come to New Zealand, we already have a compliment from those helping NZ military Afgan deployment.

  5. Its freaking stupid to be holden to paperwork when people lives are on the line. Inhumane.

    1. Trump Betrayed the Kurds.
      After they Helped us Fight ISIS for Years.
      So he could let his buddy in Turkey 🇹🇷,start Killing the Kurds.
      Turkey called the Kurds Terrorists.

    1. The Kurds were sent to the Slaughter by Trump,so he could Help Out his Turkish buddy.
      The Kurds spent Years Helping the U.S. Fight ISIS,to be Backstabbed like that.

  6. Anyone who wants to get out of there should be able to go to some NATO country. Let’s get that going people!

  7. Ah, yes, papers. Why didn’t people living in an active war zone, with limited access to internet, tv, phone fail to provide the correct paperwork and on time?

    This is obv a way to stall relocation. The afghans will be housed in camps in the US waiting for their case to go through all necessary checks..

  8. It’s like the Fall of Saigon only slower! Pick up the Paces people! They helped us so we should help them!

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