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  1. Before this.. most police constable wasn’t getting 1.5 million per year. Now it not even 2.5 million and look how much their own move by.

  2. All of uno fi lift up out of Parliament…. Prime example of when you give Monkey Power its bound for disaster… Call election early and lift up!!

    1. Exactly what will happen. We sit back and get bullied by the gangs and watch the crime get out of control so why would we all of a sudden bully politicians who underperform and continue to be corrupt and self serving?

    2. @4evahodlingdoge 🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️ unless we seriously do something and Fast

  3. They make it sound like the increase in pay is gonna stop the escalating crime and violence. I know it won’t change anything if we voice our complaints but at the same time, you have to wonder how can you have people that are working every day of their lives, not making near a fraction of what you make and then come on TV and say you are going to get an increase. Knowing damn well that the increase in pay won’t change the outcome of how bad Jamaica is right now, because in order to do that You’re gonna have to open up the skeletons in your closet

  4. How do we determine which is better , whether JLP or PNP, based on this matter?
    1990’s PNP took over 350% increase in salary, from $90,000 to $410,000. Now JLP is moving up by 200%. No other public sector workers have ever gotten that kind of increase at any given time in history. Is it because their jobs or professions are not as important when compared to the politicians?
    As a retired teacher who has given over 30 years of my life to serving the nation’s children, I’m very disappointed!!😮😢

  5. Wickedness evil it doesn’t matter how much money the MP them get they will never never help their communities wickedness evil 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  6. All I know no one cares about no one. Its all about themselves. See how they take their time to find the right words to say. When it was the public sector worker’s time you didn’t hear them talk like that ,I personally don’t believe in the government.

  7. Mercy on our country. We who overseas feel it. Because we are going to feel it too..we going home to do business

  8. No Jamaican Politicians have ever demonstrated any initiative to make Jamaica better. That MP has no idea what he’s saying, look at Jamaica today? Where is the Value that he speaks of? What a Clown 😐

    1. @Fabian Douglas paying teachers will make students admire and probably try to become a teacher. So we employ Jamaicans and more people will be educated

  9. Violent crime is by far the biggest threat to Jamaica’s economic development. Why is it that the politicians who are failing to legislate proper laws and the judges who are failing to keep dangerous criminals off the streets are getting the most handsome and pain-free rewards?

  10. This is Ridiculous. Why do they think they deserve a raise.. what happen to the teachers, doctors etc. What happen to building more hospitals, building infrastructure so young ppl can have more job opportunities… SERIOUSLY

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