1. @GeneraLea Speaking You are so kind. You’re the type of person who would change the channel on Ukraine. I won’t because even though it’s hard to watch I will care about them. America is doing everything it can to help. What are you doing????

    2. @Janie K Carney America helping ? More like feeding Ukraine enough to use it to bait Russia aka Afghanistan/Soviet war.

    3. @Janie K Carney How did America “help” by destroying the peace agreement Ukraine and Russia agreed upon in April to stop their war?

  1. This man is the reason Ukraine might lose this war. Too slow, not enough weapons supplied. Women and children are dying due to lack of action.

  2. Don’t care what gas cost it’s worth every penny to see Russia defeated and justice served for their war crimes l

    1. Median pay in Poland where I live is 952 USD net per month. Median means that half of the workers earn less and half of the workers earn more- it’s more true to reality than the average salary that is always much higher because of people earning for example 100 000 USD per month. So average Polish working person earns 952 USD net per month. My bill for the gas heating of my home-( insulated)- and most households in Poland are heated this way- for October and November together amounts to 790 USD. That will make 395 USD per month. And the gas price is to rise from January by 23%. This will make 486 USD per month for heating, washing and cooking . And let’s not forget electricity bills which are also very high. Two people earning 1900 USD together- which is a norm here will spend at least 600 for household bills if they happen to live in a gas heated insulated house of a very average size. And you have to add to it very expensive gasoline if you live outside of the city and need to drive to work. Yes, we will handle it. Yes, it is absolutely worth it. But, God, it will be hard. Damn you Poo tin!

    2. How come the only way crimes the ever be thought about is Russia, and every Muslim country that’s not US Allies. Like how can I a straight face accept the Saudi Arabia regime and condemn Russia, Iran and Venezuela. I understand the reason but in good faith they lying about why and they using because it’s Europe they make it so publicize and not saying that they have been backing Nazi after they were already condemning them just 2 years ago. It’s clear that the Congress ” totally forgot about the Nazis 2 years later” ironically it’s crazy

    1. @allan allen 18 billion is a joke in 8 months they spend 1 billion every 3 days in Afghanistan 2.3 trillion in 20 years total so of course they back downn wíth 18 billíon is nothing

    2. @WTH! Biden imported about $18B in Russian oil to help fund Putin’s military, while also sending weapons and money to Ukraine. 🤔

    3. @allan allen It will cost a lot more later if we don’t supply weapons to Ukraine now. Putler won’t stop if he is victorious in Ukraine. He wants a new imperialist empire. Already Putler’s mouthpieces, the pundits on RuZZian TV talk shows, are talking about taking Europe.

    1. Vote Trump if you actually want to help them and others. Way more peace with Trump you just don’t like mean tweets

    2. @Paul Wachira it wouldn’t be a hard winter if Biden hadn’t imposed his restrictions on drilling, and we were still exporting natural gas to Europe like we were under Trump

  3. “Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.”
    Article II(c) of the Genocide Convention.

    1. @Krishna Chaitanya About Ukraine , the subject is Ukraine in this video. Palestine is populated by nuts so the civilized societies don’t realy care for Paslestine.

  4. Joe Biden once said “Brutality will never grind down the will to be free,Ukraine will never be a victory for Russia,for free people refuse to live in a world of hopelessness and darkness” 🇺🇦 ❤️

    1. @Stian Jorge Jarnæss
      What do you care about what is happening in Russia?
      break free? who told you that they are not free?

    2. @David Ferrari ha ha ha. What’s happening in Russia now is the same fascism like in Germany in WW2. Kreml think they can adopt the same doctrine without revealing themselves 🥹

    1. The problem is you can’t weaponize winter unless it’s against the troops you’re actually fighting. Hitting civilians is not going to stop the Ukraine army from advancing and kicking your butt.

    2. @Curtis H. Biden could easily solve the problem by removing his drilling restrictions in the US (which are insane), and we could get back to exporting natural gas to Europe. People need to wake up

    3. @Mark think about all the russian soldiers freezing to death or bleeding out in a field left with no supplies by their commanders, those sons, and farthers never make it home for another christmas

  5. Why do people think Winter will benefit the invading and less well equipped army? That has never been the case.

    Sure it will suck for the civilians but even a home with no power and a shell hole is far far better than a trench.

    1. They’ll knock out more power grids and railroads that will make it impossible to fuel up, reload, people call Russians orcs but it’s Ukraine that has used tunnels an trenches since WW2 which helps them move around undetected

    2. @owen thomas son, if we logical people had our way, our corrupt governments would be building more nuclear power plants, as they are the safest form of energy currently available for the planet…but they have brainwashed kids like you into thinking wind and solar are better than clean burning natural gas, much less nuclear

  6. Just answer the question Jens. Would NATO have a problem if Germany gave the air defense to Ukraine rather than Poland?

    1. @Armadillo the germans ( Saxons) were considered inferior barbarians by the tanned Mediterranean people: ( Romans and Arabian people) who gave them everything to the Anglosaxon: Algebra, trigonometry, arts,medicine, astronomy, Alphabet, hospitals,universities etc, etc…..infinite!!!

    2. Poland take air cover from EU friends. Poland don’t do it. UKRAINE will bomb you again. Try to protect you from Nazi beggar ZELENSKYY.
      Now Afghanistan can beat Russia or Syrian rebels can beat Russia.
      Russia has no weapon. PROBABLY North Korea and Cuba are helping Russia with Weapons. As per MSM, PUTIN is going to die. 😜😜😜😜😜

    3. Poland take air cover from EU friends. Poland don’t do it. UKRAINE will bomb you again. Try to protect you from Nazi beggar ZELENSKYY.
      Now Afghanistan can beat Russia or Syrian rebels can beat Russia.
      Russia has no weapon. PROBABLY North Korea and Cuba are helping Russia with Weapons. As per MSM, PUTIN is going to die. 😜😜😜😜😜

  7. Winter has served as an effective weapon of war on Russia’s behalf before notably during Napoleon’s and Hitler’s attempted invasions. This year the season will vanquish many invaders as well, albeit now the Russians who have proven abysmal at logistics since the beginning. This inability, certainly increasingly targeted by the Ukraine this season, will cost them a lot more now.

    1. it wouldn’t be a hard winter if Biden hadn’t imposed his restrictions on drilling, and we were still exporting natural gas to Europe like we were under Trump

  8. Putin’s mistake was waiting. He thought he could just go in there and have the whole thing over in a couple of weeks but then the world said “Oh No” When the USA started sending weapons to help, russia should have said :OK, Never mind” But he waited and then almost every country started sending weapons to defeat putin.

    1. The mistake was that a special military operation on the territory of Ukraine should have been launched back in 2014, when NATO had not yet created such an army in Ukraine. Let me remind you that in 2014 (with the support of Western countries) a coup d’etat took place there, the east of the country did not accept the new illegal government and a civil war began there, Ukraine launched a punitive operation against the eastern regions of its country, which it branded “terrorists”. Its most active phase was in 2014-2015, the eastern part of Ukraine (which is called Donbass) then withstood with the help of Russia, which helped this region with humanitarian aid, weapons, there were also many volunteers from Russia who fought with local residents against the Ukrainian army. But better late than never, Ukraine was preparing a new offensive on Donbass, which was planned for March, but Putin thwarted their plans and hit ahead of schedule on February 24.

  9. Strategically speaking, it was stupid move to leave power, communications, and finance active for so long. Transportation, fuel, and ports are also top priorities. To fight war you need to disrupt “All” your enemies capabilities. This should be a lesson for us. If war, our power grid, refineries, ports, and railways are primary targets that would take years to rebuild.

  10. The earliest pioneer’s to settle the Canadian prairies were wheat farmers from Ukraine(true…lots of them). They built their first houses literally from the sod they were planting in…called them soddies. They survived and thrived at 45 below zero on the wide open and windy great plain. They can be pretty tough and determined and inventive and supporting…just saying. They make the best sausage and pierogis too and they can hold their own in a hockey fight…

  11. Notice how both Hungary and Turkey have authoritarian regimes, that they’ve slid into in recent years (let that be a warning to other Western nations — democracy requires continued internal vigilance), and they’re the one’s dragging their feet when it comes to admitting more member countries into NATO. Notice how Russia is relying on Iran and North Korea for military assistance. Basically, the “democracy vs. autocracy” narrative seems to be valid when it comes to this war in Ukraine. And no one can reasonably argue that autocracy is “good” and democracy is “bad,” on that level, even though each system has its strengths and witnesses. Strong democracies tend to be better at correcting course and staying out of trouble, though. A world of strong democracies would be the best system for global stability, as the concentration of power in individual autocrats, rather than democratic institutions, is a recipe for instability.

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