Reid on Payette report: ‘Think we’re going to see lawsuits’

CTV News Political Commentator Scott Reid and Evan Solomon react to the report into the 'toxic workplace' at Rideau Hall.

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  1. If she still gets her pension for life and the VETS will not receive financial compensation for their injuries then Trudeau is a complete joke

  2. I kinda admire the way she stuck the knife into the PM with her quote from Trudeau “we all experience things differently” a bonbon dripping with venom

  3. I bet there’s no shortage of film producers lining up for the rights to any of the players stories in this sorry saga

  4. Trudeau will give all the complainantants half a million and an NDA and we’ll never hear anything else about it.

  5. Canada is a joke cuz we still have a GG…….we’re spineless nation who spend 300k + pension on this useless GG position.

  6. Too bad by law she’s entitle for the pension; but her expense claims should be check. If they are not legitimate, she needs to repay the amount. Also for those employees at the Rideau Hall suffer this Toxic Workplace should get together to sue her!

  7. Not only has Ms. Payette disgraced the office she served as well as herself, her arrogance is a national disgrace. She doesn’t deserve a taxpayer funded pension or an perks. Canadians should not foot any legal bills by individuals suing them for their conduct.

  8. Lawsuits: Makes sense- when you consider that the federal flunky government employs more lawyers than anybody else.

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