Rep. Chris Collins Expected To Change Plea, Plead Guilty To Insider Trading | Craig Melvin | MSNBC

Rep. Chris Collins, R-N.Y., the first member of Congress to publicly support President Donald Trump is expected to plead guilty to insider trading charges after originally pleading not guilty when he was first indicted in 2018. Aired on 09/30/2019.
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Rep. Chris Collins Expected To Change Plea, Plead Guilty To Insider Trading | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


    1. Ed S
      Thats right, but I assume most people know under which banner he operated. Its the party of crooks & criminals worshipping the fat orange rat in the middle of the nest.

    2. Well, if he pleads guilty to a felony, there goes his vote for Trump in 2020. Let’s see…Trump has lost votes from his personal attorney, his first National Security Advisor, his campaign chairman, this congressman, and who else? It’s a bummer cause Trump needs every single vote, as he lost the popular vote and barely passed the Electoral College last time.

    3. @AboveAll Odds Yeah, its absolutely nuts to think that a country that touts itself as the “best in the world” should be able to provide healthcare and affordable education to it’s people. GTFO.

    1. Lord Luke Lightbringer yeah lock all of them up…ie Comey, McCabe, Rodentstain, Page, Strozk, Ohr, Clinton, Brennan,Clapper

  1. This is shocking. I’ve never heard of such abuses from an honorable congressperson!
    At least I can take comfort in knowing he’ll be charged justly, free from considerations given to his skin color and financial status, and pay an appropriate debt to society.

  2. I knew he was a criminal the moment he said ~”let’s move on from Michael Flynn, now that he has is over…no follow up investigation needed” (while trying to keep a straight face)

    1. @Fireball XL5 It’s beyond hilarious how Trump is surrounded — absolutely *bathing* in criminals. And yet, he’s as innocent as the driven snow? Uhm hmm.

    2. @Cynna1065 yep, hopefully when this nightmare is over the psychologists can explain it. I know one thing, I now see the entire Nazi Germany thing in a whole new light. Same phenomenon…

    3. @Fireball XL5 Absolutely, no country is safe. This is a modern-day cautionary tale to be learned by every democracy. (Now, watch some ignorant Trump supporter pipe in that the U.S. is a republic and has never been a democracy. >D )

  3. May ALL CORRUPT Left or Right, Dem or Rep get PRISON!!!!!! Majors, Judges, City council members, lawyers, ECT get them all.

    1. @Danny G the “liberal” media is a myth. We have a problem with right wing media, though. They are the ones intentionally lying.

    1. You’re assuming he’s going to step down. There’s no requirement that politicians step down after committing criminal acts…even felonies. Unless he is arrested, he will retain his position and power.

    2. @Danny G What do these people have in common? Anthony Weiner, Corrine Brown, Chak Fattah, Jess Jackson Jr., Frank Ballance, Jim Traficant, Wade Sanders, Darleen Druyun, Mel Reynolds, Austin Murphy ….

    1. It doesn’t say what deal he is getting by pleading guilty. MMMM probably be put on parole for 6 mths. William Barr will be his parole officer. LOL

    1. Yeah, what about that? Didn’t Trump also run on term limits? I haven’t heard word one about it since he took office.

  4. so he’s on the hook for insider trading and he came out very very early on as pro-tRump? The only reason they wanted to come to washington to drain the swamp was because it was getting so crowded. They thought they’d take over the tidal basin!

  5. The people who attend t’rump rallies could never afford the type of life people like Collins enjoys. And they’d have to sell their homes for the privilege to belong to maralago. Yet here they are, willing to defend them to the bitter corrupt end. 🤔
    What idiots! 😆😝😂

    1. It’s why all republican run states are underfunded for education. They try to keep people stupid on purpose because only stupid people vote republican.

    2. It is amazing how bad the red states are in. You would think they would wise up, but instead they blame it on everything except the actual problem. My state use to be on the upper side of average but then we turned red and it is now going down hill.

    1. aegisgfx I Seriously Doubt It.. Modern Democrats are all DemonRats👹 on the inside. They want to make people as desperate as possible and slaves to the state. aka ‘Them’..

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