San Diego Declares Covid-19 Misinformation A ‘Public Health Crisis’

San Diego County Supervisors Chair Nathan Fletcher says misinformation is “the number one barrier to people getting vaccinated today.”

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San Diego Declares Covid-19 Misinformation A ‘Public Health Crisis’


  1. Although the government can’t put people in jail for misinformation, anyone (or their family) who’s been injured by misinformation can justifiably file a lawsuit. Those who spread misinformation are liable for monetary damages, including companies and politicians.

    1. @潘卓Pan_Cho You watched a MSNBC Soundbite of Trumps speech. You and Fake News watchers are too gullible to watch the video in full

    2. @Louis Tully there’s a surprise, a Trumpette who doesn’t believe in climate change, but does believe in the Big Bearded man in the sky. Pathetic.

  2. Good work San Diego, make them prove the things they are saying or get fined, so tired of these parasites

    1. @jake Hunter keep up this behaviour, it’s further proof we need vaccine mandates and it sounds like you really want one….

  3. An actual Japanese proverb simply states: “The cure for stupid is death.” I don’t want any more people to die from this virus, but at the same time the Republicans and anyone else who is aiding and abetting the spread of Covid aren’t needed in the gene pool.

    1. @Hairy Balling – You obviously have just enough knowledge to think you’re right, yet not enough to realize you’re wrong.

    1. @Dino It does not make you American by putting so much credence in lies and deliberate misinformation. It makes you an embarrassing part of America when you openly display your willful ignorance.

    2. Who exactly determines what “misinformation” is? America and the rest of the world is becoming a Communist dystopia more by the day at this point.

    3. No it isn’t. It is specifically protected in the US Constitution along with flag burning and your stupid comment.

  4. I don’t like certain politicians so I’m going to put my life, my children’s, my families and my communities lives at risk. That’s Republican logic for you.

    1. Said Joe biden and the democrats when they opened the borders and let in illegal immigrants that are covid infected. Wonder why delta spiked in the south first. Do you think it had anything to do with more than 2 MILLION illegal immigrants coming in from the south ???

    2. @Turd_Immunity quit crying. Everyone knows you’re projecting. You get all your information from a screen so you assume the same everyone else. I already explained to you, there’s plenty of people with families across international borders. We can always check what’s real or not unlike you who gets everything from a screen with no way to check

    3. @Turd_Immunity I’ve known several that died, Turd. And I wonder if you have immunity to the Delta yet – hope you’re ready for the potential consequences – I suppose you have no vulnerable friends or family that you feel like protecting – maybe you should avoid them, or they you.

    4. @Turd_Immunity P.S. dipshirt I know 2 who have died and 2 who have long Covid 5 months and 1 of them still can’t taste or smell anything the other is 3 mo in :weak;coughing;headaches;etc.!! Just because you live in Turdbucket,nebraska and have been mostly passed by does’t mean everyone has!! And Delta’s spreading out into the sticks right now,so it may not be much longer that you’re personally untouched by it!!

  5. Really only now after nearly 2 years of this, only now to try and move the post to the rightful position, bit too little too late.

  6. I’d hate to die because my dislike for someone clouded my judgment. What a waste, or maybe we’re better off without him, who can say?

  7. So, the people who’ve accused others of emotional reasoning require personal stories of heartbreak to convince?
    I keep hoping to be surprised by the projection, and it’s always just disappointing instead.

  8. I feel for the doctors and nurses who are going to deal with the aftermath of Labor Day Weekend and the start of the college football season. The stands were packed with unmasked people. This is about to get real ugly really fast.

    1. @John Really? Next time you or a family member goes in for surgery, just tell them and the nurses that…since masks have been worn for decades to prevent germ infestation into open wounds. God… you really are that ignorant..

    2. @Will B Doctors aren’t wearing decorative masks they got on Amazon and they never touch the mask and also go through a whole sanitization process before a surgery lol it’s more than just a butterfly mask or whatever you have that protects people in surgery🤣

    3. @pale_blue_dot You obviously haven’t paid much attention. Surgical masks have been made of cloth for years. It wasn’t that long ago that disposable surgical masks came to the operating room. You’re the one who said masks (no specific type) did no good.
      I really have to laugh though when you say a mask requirement is all about control. If that’s your idea of control you obviously haven’t been in the military.

  9. Wow, this Public Official is a LEADER. He remains positive and actively responds with answers instead of blame and fear mongering. Very refreshing.

  10. For years Republicans have been dying to find the best way to own the Libs.
    Well guess what? They found it with Covid.

  11. “The members of Congress know that, uh, you know, the, looks like a tornado, they don’t call the, that anymore, that hit the crops and wetlands in the middle of the country. It’s just across the board.” Dementia Joe Biden (9/7/21)

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