New Jersey Resident Recounts Tragic Flooding

NBC News' Ellison Barber talks to Manville, N.J. resident Julie Anne Colorado who describes the flooding from Ida saying, "I didn't know if we were going to live or die. I didn't know. It was so fast."

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New Jersey Resident Recounts Tragic Flooding


  1. Look at MSNBC refusing the cover the 6 airplanes that are being held hostage in Afghanistan by the Taliban I guess if we ignore it it will go away

    1. try and stay on topic Mark…. again that IQ is keeping you from succeeding in life isn’t it…we get it hard to find something intelligent to say with such a low IQ huh!!!

    1. Democrats didn’t defund the police. I know the truth is inconvenient to a far-right troll like you but try to keep up.

    2. Why are you people such hateful traitors? Did mommy not love you? You are gonna end up dead or in prison you keep up the BS.

    3. @Margaret Webb Naw, he’s just a troll. The real question is if he’s doing this for fun or because he’s been paid.

  2. Why not much news on the Biden Harris hostages situation in Afghanistan with the 6 planes full of Americans thant the Taliban wont let leave Afghanistan.

    1. why don’t you send an email to MSNBC they could tell you…right now the attention on this video is focused on the aftermath of lives after the hurricane flooding… kind an off topic question don’t you think!!!! I guess your attention span is less than a 5 year old’s!!! Always someone in a bunch that tries to deflect for the topic at hand!!!

  3. “I will visit New Jersey. But I won’t be answering any questions. They told me not to. I don’t know why. If I can’t answer questions, I probably shouldn’t ask questions either.”
    – _illegitimate_ President Joe “you ain’t SockPuppet” Biden

  4. So many old 90s hair metal mix tapes, Jets posters, and neon headbands were lost in the Great Jersey floods of 2021. 😉

    Seriously, had some friends lose some quality keepsakes in the floods. Be safe, everyone!

  5. It’s such a tragedy for the poor folks in Louisiana!? I can’t imagine what they are going thru. I hope the infrastructure bill will be successful and Louisiana and all the states that have been affected will be able to build back better !? This bill couldn’t have come at a better time for these families. It is imperative that the Senate pass this legislation

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