Adm. Stavridis: ‘In a Post-Conflict Moment Like This It’s The Fog Of Peace’

Admiral James Stavridis, former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the landscape in Afghanistan after the U.S. withdrawal, and the continuing effort to evacuate Americans and others from the country. "We've all heard of the fog of war, even in a post-conflict moment like this it's the fog of peace, and it's just going to be a duel of competing stories for a while," says Adm. Stavridis, continuing, "if we really hit a hard spot and there are American citizens who h

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Adm. Stavridis: 'In a Post-Conflict Moment Like This It's The Fog Of Peace'


  1. Everyone makes mistakes, but the wisest people know it, admit it, and accept it. The greatest failure is failing to recognize our proneness to mistakes.

    Yes. President Biden is 100% responsible for cleaning up Trump’s mess.

    “The buck stops with me.”
    — President Biden, 08/20/2021

    As president, Biden takes responsibility for the chaos of the Afghan withdrawal.

    ‘No, I don’t take responsibility at all’.”
    –Trump 03/13/2020

    Trump deflects blame for his coronavirus  testing debacle, and the soaring number of infections.

    Personally, I like presidents who don’t dodge drafts or responsibility.

    History teaches that there has been a long-running battle with fear of the truth. People mistakenly fail to admit the truth, and in so doing, help to perpetuate recorded falsehoods. And if it’s not fear, then it’s distortion of the truth to promote a personal or political cause.

    Loyalty to the truth should be the ultimate goal of the historian and the reader.

    What can the individual learn from history — as a guide to living? Not what to do, but what to strive for. And what to avoid in striving. The importance and intrinsic value of behaving decently. The importance of seeing clearly—not least of, seeing yourself clearly.

    1. @kensolar69 that’s odd because like I said all the mainstream media around the world and here at home are bad-mouthing Jo’s decision on how he pulled out

    2. @Mark Evans THE MSM is 98% owned by a half dozen or so far right wing companies or individuals. I’m not the least surprised. Far right companies of the military-industrial complex could lose billions.

    3. Are you part of demented Biden’s troll army? I doubt a thinking person can really repeat all the BS Demented Biden has been saying. He hasn’t taken responsibility for anything you fool and liar.

    4. @mike brigs The Bush-Cheney admin that lied us into 2 disastrous wars, badly mishandled from the git, into 2 countries we never should have invaded, cost us 6,000+ lives, 400,000 wounded, not to mention 450,000+ civilian deaths.. You must be going out of your mind about them if you think 13 is enough for you to rant in all caps. And then. Especially since trump had the Taliban released from prison and made whatever deal with them and removed all but a handful of troops from Afghanistan days before Biden took office, well geez, that must have really set you off. If not, then you’re just a hypocrite.

  2. I sure hope we don’t have direct military action in Afghanistan 🇦🇫. Pray …we can resolve this withdrawal situation …as soon as possible. We need to airlift more people outa there directly.

  3. 100,000 people in 7 days is just amazing but its still not good enough. Come on people it was time to go and people knew for at least 3 months this was going to happen. NO MORE FEEDING THE WAR MACHINE


  4. “Equipment that was left behind was destroyed. The Taliban will destroy the Americans we left behind.
    So nothing we left behind will fall into the hands of the enemy. It’s an amazing success.”
    – _illegitimate_ President Joe “you ain’t Orwell” Biden

    1. We destroyed everything that the Afghan army didn’t surrender
      round 28 billion worth of material over twenty years not including bullets n fuel
      If anyone cares….

    1. Lol are you part of Demented Biden’s troll army? Nice job learning Biden’s talking points by hear you fool and liar

  5. Stavridis supported the illegal regime change operation in Syria, a violation of International Law and the UN Charter. It’s always a good idea to have the CIA arm and train insurgents and rebels in Jordan and inject them into Syria’s civil war to topple Assad. Responsible for introducing Isis into Syria, drawing Russia in legally, at Syria’s request, and laying blame for the subsequent bloodbath at the US doorstep. (Operation “Timber Sycamore” 2012-2017)

    1. Are you folks STILL talking about Hunter? What about Hillary? She hasn’t been heard from in five years, why aren’t you still going on about her? (quit huffing the paint thinner!)

  6. Air Drops Of Supplies Into Panjshir Valley Will Help The Resistance

    Include The Kind Of 4-Wheel ATVs You Buy At Walmart

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