Texas Republicans Go All The Way With Voting Restrictions, Abortion Law

The Texas Tribune Washington bureau chief Abby Livingston discusses what the latest is in Texas politics after a restrictive voting bill and abortion law are signed into law. 

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  1. There needs to be a massive backlash or the Repubs are going to just get uglier with the controls they attempt to put on women

    1. @Alli P
      You used “fetus” term to dehumanizing the human life in womb, and you complained about how people considered you as subhuman?

      Disintegrious. Stinks of cognitive dissonance, just like killers jailed in the prison, complaining about human rights.

    2. I know, everyone is upset with the 6 week legal limit. What is an acceptable time to no longer allow abortion. I’m pro abortion, but my sister feels first breath is the cutoff. So basically up until birth she says she should be able to abort. Is this what everyone wants?

    3. @Texas Pride you’re clearly not female or have any experience with pregnancy. Most women have no idea theyre pregnant at 6 weeks, which is the point of Mullah Abbots rule. To cut women off before they even know there’s a problem. I believe the original cut off point in Texas was a little more reasonable at 8 weeks.

  2. Texas and Florida stays in the headlines for all the wrong reasons again and again … treat the state like a broken iceberg and let it float away😒🤦‍♀️

    1. Nah it’s just MSNBC and CNN propaganda that are obsessed with red states

      There’s a reason why Florida and Texas has a huge influx of people moving into those states while failed NY and California and losing people

    2. Sort of a good point. Most of the people upset about Texas, dont even live in Texas. It’s like the country’s run by SJWs.

  3. Republican Taliban: “Her body, my choice.”

    Republican Taliban: “Don’t tread on me. Now if you’ll excuse, I’m off to write laws that will tread on you.”

    Let’s face it, Republicans have way more in common with the Taliban than they do with America.

    1. @Florida Man I wonder how much the Taliban gave Trump & Pompeo for their signature on the Surrender Treaty ?? Zoe

    1. If us conservatives were Taliban, we’d be getting praised by Biden and he would be giving us all kinds of free goodies.

    2. @Florida Man 👈 Still looking for those WMDs that GW Bush said were the reason to invade Iraq and start the war in Afghanistan. 😅😂🤣

    1. @Michael Clark You clearly don’t even know what stem cells are. And a fetus doesn’t develop vocal cords or a voice box until about week 28.

    2. @sammyshott23 omg so stupid. You can literally look up videos of what I’m talking about right now. There’s thousands. The stem cells are just one of the things harvested, obviously.

    3. @Michael Clark Like I said, you don’t know what stem cells are. If you did, you wouldn’t be saying such stupid things.

    4. @sammyshott23 lmao ok whatever queen of semantics. Get a life. Look up what I’m talking about? The mutilated tiny underdeveloped babies is the important part. Its real life it really happens. Learn something besides Leftists insanity, please for the love of God? Try to be a decent human being?

    5. @Alli P I’m pro abortion, but how late in the pregnancy is to late to abort. How long do dems want to extend it beyond the 6 weeks that’s legal. No one seems to want to share that info.

  4. People just keep talking about it without taking any action to oppose all these craziness laws that GOP are implementing every single day before all of Us.

    1. @The Patriot I agree with you but I would rather these authoritarian traitors show us all of their cards and then deal with it as opposed to snap re-acting too quickly and allowing for a counter move. Biden can knock all of this fascist bullsh*t out in just a few moves in time for the midterms. I’ll be watching closely over the next few weeks as I think changes are coming sooner rather than later.

    2. People that are doing all the talking cant do anything about it for one important reason. THEY DON’T LIVE IN THE STATE THEY ARE CRYING ABOUT!!

  5. If a person cannot get to the DMV for I.D or to the polls to vote, how are they supposed to get to the baby chop shop ?

    1. @akahina everyone wants to boycott everything they disagree with. Ironically the only ones you hurt are the hard working folks that probably voted for your guy.

  6. Apparently Republicans in Texas do not believe that policies are good enough to win fair elections
    If the Republicans do not believe in their own policies, why should you vote for them?

  7. Dear Texas, next time your powergrid collapses, don’t come crying for the rest of us to bail you out…again.

  8. In any country with a decent constitution these GOP criminals would simply be tossed straight into prison, and it would be a very long time before they got out.

  9. Time to change the party name to match their actions. The “Texas Nazi” party is more descriptive of the direction they are going. Hope they get voted out before it reaches that point.

  10. All those white, gray haired old men passing laws securing their continuation in office & repression of women’s rights, different costumes & hair styles than the Tailban, but behind the scene there’s something awfully familiar.

  11. Greg Abbott’s actions are inexcusable if i was Republican in Texas i would just throw that restrictive voting bill in the trash can

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