Sen. Kaine: ‘We’ve Got To Do More’ To Evacuate Afghan Allies

Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) joins Andrea Mitchell to react to the latest efforts to evacuate Americans and Afghan allies from Afghanistan, and explain why he feels that "Congress has to do more to oversee U.S. military operations."

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Sen. Kaine: 'We've Got To Do More' To Evacuate Afghan Allies


  1. Searching for the truth!
    Why were we there for 20 years?
    What was the benefit, who’s pockets were being lined? We didn’t hang out for 20 years and spend trillions of dollars for nothing! What’s the truth?!I feel for all the victims of this horrible situation. And in the meantime, can we get some housing for the homeless and some relief for the student loans, and perhaps the seniors and others, will not have to choose between medication and food. Just saying.

  2. *America, a country that goes to war to impose its ideology on other nations and does the same if it’s the other way round.*

  3. They have known for over a year this day is coming when trump pompoe taliban deal people could have left on their own

    1. That’s true. Nobody mentions that these Americans were told to leave months ago, or that Trump intentionally stuffed up the visa process for the afghans. The press loves a dramatic image, so no matter what happens, Biden will be blamed for a 10 second clip of some morons who thought they could hitch a ride on a jet.

  4. If only we had some kind of established presence there so we could organize a safe and timely evacuation of all citizens, allies, and military equipment…..🤔🤔

  5. Removing American should’ve been done along time ago. Before Joe made this unilateral action to remove American troops, shut down secure military bases and then make the announcement that we are leaving by a certain date, Americans should’ve been swiftly removed from Afghanistan.
    What is inexcusable is that Joe made that unilateral decision and the result was that he left Americans behind. The Taliban is now knocking on the doors of American citizens in Afghanistan. He left Americans behind.

    1. We’re 🇺🇸 America, strongest nation in the history of the world. And somehow we were under pressure by the Taliban to leave because of some deal that we made that was already past its original deadline?

    2. They’ve been politely requesting Americans to leave Afghanistan for a while, and 3 weeks ago they told them explicitly to GTFO, take commercial flights, and that the US would loan them the money. When the US will pay for you to come home, you know it’s time to go. There’s a CBS news article highlighting that Biden told them to leave on 8/7. Google “americans told to leave afghanistan”.
      Because we’re Americans, and we love our freedom, you can’t just “remove” us from a place. You have to beg us pretty please with sugar on top to GTFO….and then rescue the ones who didn’t, like the stubborn fools who refuse to evacuate before a major hurricane.

  6. Where was all this urgency when Trump abandoned our Kurdish allies in Syria to be slaughtered by his buddy Erdogan.?? This is a manufactured crisis created by Trump and Pompeo.

    1. We didn’t have American citizens stranded there trying to stay on the same page I know it’s tough especially since your president completely screwed up on the world stage

  7. This is a time of unprecedented existential weeping, uncertainty, darkest darkness and stunning gnashing of teeth! Glory! Her majestic bravery and panoramic courage, in the face of incomprehensible misogyny, as perpetuated by oppressive patriarchal cruelty, heartbreaking marginalization, and tectonic disparity, is so breathtakingly epic and iconic! Praise and Hallelujah! She’s proactively embracing her shimmering profound authenticity, and taking comprehensive unconditional empowered ownership of her extraordinary omnipotent power. We are in a state of oscillating awe, because she’s leveraging her awesome independence as a compassionate, kind and stalwart role model and catalyst of comprehensive synergistic change for the Sisterhood, which honors her brilliant resilience and noble resistance as she takes accountability! Hallelujah Healing! Healing Glory and Praise!

  8. Democrats abandoned American citizens to die in Afghanistan and all they can focus on is how many Afghans they can import into America, what a disgrace

  9. Here’s an idea. How about flying them into Dover, Delaware then and bussing them right over to Wilmington, Delaware to live with the Bidens for a few years until they get woke?

  10. Does Kaine think we stupid. 25 hundred troops with the 300k afgan troops could hold out taliban off easy. you never need to send more troops in with those numbers but MSN bad reporting didn’t hit him with that question

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