Speaker Nancy Pelosi On Impeachment Resolution: ‘We Will Deal With It On The Floor’ | MSNBC

When asked about Rep. Al Green's (D-Texas) impeachment resolution, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-California) claimed, "we will deal with it on the floor," and mentions other committee investigations underway.
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Speaker Nancy Pelosi On Impeachment Resolution: 'We Will Deal With It On The Floor' | MSNBC


  1. Weak leadership it’s time for these corporate Dem to go. All talk no action and when no one is looking they help the Republicans with there agendas. But will turn around and bite any of their own when they try to get anything done.

    Let me clarify since people are assuming I am a MAGA guy. I’m not I am a social Dem like Bernie. Corporate Dems are basically Republican lite to me and to that I say no thanks.

    1. Sorpresa
      The CANCERvative cult are far worse… they are actually EATING their own, then acquiring their assets and UNEQUALLY distributing them among themselves, such as Cocaine Mitch, Lizzy Craham and Blubber Ross.

    2. Sorpresa Let’s just call the top Democrat in the House of Representatives what she always has been: a dishonest thief.

    1. @Steve Uselton
      How about the two year investigation results put into motion for judicial accountability. Plus the retraction of obstructing idiots getting in the way.

    1. @boston bevo If Trump wins in 2020 you will be the one crying because then he has nothing to loose

    2. Trumps Dantichrist , like anyone but a complete moron believes packerfan , that would be a democrat

  2. If Donald Trump walked into Times Square and shot somebody, Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t impeach him.

    1. Impeach Congress, not our great President. Congress is a disgrace. It spends all its time passing Bills of Attainder condemning people for not being woke enough to satisfy the demands of the lunatic Dem base.

    2. @Joel Mittelstaedt : you’re right about those two but Pelosi is doing a good job of marginalizing them in the house. Unfortunately she can’t do anything about their jr high Twitter and Snapchat personas or the sycophantic coverage from the press. As for the sanity thing, if your baseline is Trump then I question your definition of sane.

    1. Yes, Republicans spent two years refusing to support President Trump, the people won’t forget their cowardice. RINO’s are done, populists are the party now.

    2. @Jake Franco No, Pelosi is a coward, Chuck Schumer is a coward. They worry more about optics than morality. It is moral to oppose a racist dictator, it is moral to oppose his sycophants. Not doing so in order to play to optics is cowardly.

  3. While his actions scream “Impeach!” impeachment itself will do F# all. Nixon was forced to resign by the Republican Party, not his impeachment. And if we’ve learned anything it’s that the GOP is utterly servile and craven to Trump. He could literally get away with murder at this point, as he once said. Clinton was impeached and remained in office for his full term.

    There is only one sure fire way to end this: *VOTE*

    Always remember, Trump *lost* the popular vote by a massive 3million. His electoral college win was one of the *lowest* majorities in its history. Trump’s victory was secured by barely 100,000 votes over three states. The 2018 mid-terms was a massive rebuke of his Presidency, and saw the largest House swing in nearly 50 years. He remains dismally low in approval polls, standing as the only President in modern times *not* to reach at least 50% at least on point in their term. Even the most favourable conservative leaning polling agencies (like Rasmussen) have him at 47-48% at best. He *knows* he has a tenuous hold on power.

    Organise. Register. Volunteer.

    *Your* inaction and complacency is what Trump is depending on.

    1. @Joel Mittelstaedt – I told you for what. The reason why he hasn’t beem indicted on charges is because the Justice Department refuses to charge a sitting President for criminal activity. But as soon as he leaves office, so long as the Statue of Limitations hasn’t been crossed, he will be formally charged. At that point, a President Pence can pardon him.

    2. The GOP has refused to get behind him which is what makes this weird DNC talking point so strange. We Trump supporters are actually livid at the GOP leadership for cowardly refusing to support his agenda.

    3. @Magus12000BC I don’t think they have enough evidence or we would have heard about it.

  4. Nancy, what is it going to take ?…Begin impeachment, make him deal with that, along with Mueller, Epstein…all of it..”deal with it on the floor”…When ?

    1. Epstein? He has no real connection to Epstein. Democrats do. Do you people actually believe the trash your media feeds you?

    2. never! pelosi likes to protect the grand old boys that allowed her to be a politician just as long as she never “rocks the boat”.

  5. Nancy wants all the facts out first before running off half cocked…sometimes getting all your ducks in a row is a good thing…and then you get them with all the evidence not just some

    1. @Cynthia Peralta I really hope that’s the case and “deal with it on the floor” is not just rhetoric..

    2. an impeachment inquiry is the evidence and fact gathering process that is how you put your ducks in a row so now when will she start (she wont) impeach Pelosi

  6. *How’s about just impeaching him and taking it from there?????* He’s not going to sit through a trial – *HE’LL RESIGN!*

  7. When will the majority realize that the nation cannot move forward if we continue to elect old politicians who are unwilling to compromise for change.

    1. Fix our broken public systems like infrastructure, healthcare, immigration, gun rights, etc. As radical as some of the younger generation is, it seems like their ideas refined could move us in the right direction. I’m not talking about the private sector btw. They’re forced to change with technological advancements.

    1. @Duke Knight why would you think I’m racist or hateful. You got problems. Democrats are the party that cried racism.

    2. @Joel Mittelstaedt does one have to have an extra chromosome to be a trump groupie or a Repube?

    3. @Joel Mittelstaedt anyone who supports a hateful racist, is a hateful racist, so you are a hateful racist enabling a hateful racist. Get it?

  8. Since the GOP is relying upon Russian interference to win the 2020 election; I would highly advise Pelosi to move forward on impeachment.

    1. @brian gardner <--- discord baiting algorithm - ignore. This is a public service announcement.

    2. Democrats reply on Mexican interference to win them elections. Russia isn’t sending invaders to take over our country.

  9. We did our job by giving you back the GAVEL Nancy, now damnit, it high time you do yours!!!!!!

    1. Impeachment should be done closer towards the Election Day. Be patient. These things take time. The case towards the election gets so strong that if the GOP do nothing it will be a disaster going into the polls. These inexperienced more left leaning democrats need to chill.

  10. Just vote blue. This impeachment process moves too slow for the trump daily mayhem machine and the election in 2020 will occur before anything is resolved anyway.

    1. she did the same thing for 8 years when W was in charge idk why everyone is acting so surprised all of a sudden.

  11. Once again Pelosi makes sure that the dems put party before country by refusing to impeach because of the “bad political repercussions” (which don’t even exist actually)…so if no one in the US government is going to stand for the rule of law, Constitution, and America’s principles, what’s the point of voting for any of them?


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