State GOP Wages War On Vaccines

“Republicans claim to be the party of pro-life. Well if you are the party of pro-life, be for children and don’t deny them information and access to live-saving health care opportunities,” says Tennessee’s Rep. Lamar on the GOP rolling back vaccine outreach to children. 
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  1. Can the feds set up vaccination centers and outreach in Tennessee, on federal property with federal employees?

    1. Here in Nashville we had an estimated crowd of over 400,000 on Broadway watching the fireworks. There are also over 30 bars on that street.There are little to none mask wearers. Now Tennessee has the most new Covid cases and hospitalized in the country.

    2. @victorianmelody46 Under the inTrumpetent Administration, the greatest country with only 4% of the world’s population and with the best medical care suffered 19% of the deaths. No excuse for that. Pure incompetence and second degree murder because the deaths could have been largely avoided. Biden has done all he can bringing competence back to government and controlling the virus but the murdererous Trumplicans are stubborn fighting him every step of the way just to make their political opponents look bad. The deaths and suffering is just collateral damage for political gain.

    3. They can and should when my wife was to take hers she didn’t want to go to a vaccination center or even set foot in a hospital….since her mom and her mom’s twin died of covid…they all have the same doctor he knew her fear was going to be a issue so he came to her to vaccinate her…

    4. Unfortunately it wouldn’t have an impact. I live in Tennessee, most people I know are not vaccinated and refuse to get it. It’s not about convenience or information, they believe the conspiracy theories and just won’t do it. Jill Biden came here and did exactly that about a month ago. I don’t have the exact number but it was around 30 people who got the vaccine. At another stop on her trip here a bunch of people showed up just to boo her. The issue is vaccine hesitancy. But that’s why this issue in the video is so awful. Many teens want to get the vaccine, but their parents won’t allow them to, and they technically can get it anyway if they’re at least 14 but the woman who was trying to educate the public about that was fired.

  2. Long term neurological deficits? Like they can be stupider. Do they have to get hit over the head with their dead kids? How on earth do the Republicans think this will end? It’s absolutely insane.

  3. Didn’t Trump claim that HE was the person responsible for Operation Warp Speed and took credit for the fast rollout of the vaccine even AFTER he left office?? And didn’t he also TAKE the vaccine???!? You can’t make this 💩 up people

    1. As a matter of fact, both Kamala and Biden said if trump said to take the vaccine that they wouldn’t…
      Wonder what changed their minde.

  4. Party that claims to be pro life killing themselves and their kids to prove allegiance to diaper don… Also call themselves Christians and worship their false idol.

    1. Absolutely. Political advise from politicians, health care advice from medical professionals. I bet you a gazillion, politicians go to the doctor when they have a medical problem.

  5. in the years to come… academics will be debating the causes behind the collapse of American society and position on the global stage… they will point to this singular issue as a benchmark for insanity and mass hysteria

  6. A closely held secret is that Americans (and everyone else in all other countries) have been injected with many vaccines for decades. It’s why we are all still alive.

    1. India is the most interesting country to look at population alongside vaccine introductions. Tells the story pretty dam well! Vaccinations very clearly keep people alive!

    2. @Adam Taylor Don’t forget all of those millions of men and women who have cycled through the Armed Services. They get shots for all sorts of creepy crud.

  7. 2 things that these kids are scared of
    The virus and their Tump loving parents
    Cuz they need the vaccine so they don’t want to die

  8. People who catch the virus, or families that had members die from catching the virus because of the GOP should sue them for negligence.

  9. Republicans seem to have become a death cult that cannot wait ’til the former guy offers them the sweet kool aid.. Just unbelievable! This is happening in the United States that we Germans use to admire for decades, so sad!

  10. Next, the GOP will be telling their voters not to go to actual doctors or other licensed medical practitioners when they are sick or hurt. “Visit your local snake oil salesperson.”

  11. i dont understand why a political party like the republican party whose majority of voters is the elderly would not want them or anyone else to protect themselves from almost certain death, at the very least the extreme negative impact from this will drastically reduce any of them ever being voted in again, which should be reason enough.

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