Taliban Accelerating Takeover of Afghan Cities

The Taliban on Monday had seized control of at least four provincial capitals in Afghanistan, as the militants pressed on in their offensive while American forces finalized their pullout from the war-torn country. Kelly Cobiella reports.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Taliban Accelerating Takeover of Afghan Cities


    1. Afghanistan is not stupid. They outnumber the Taliban by the tens of thousands. Afghanistan are purposely letting the Taliban advance as to not lose US support. If they showed any ability to suppress Taliban, US would be gone for sure. Thanks.

    2. @Chad Thundercock
      Because they want to live in an Islamic State….where Surah 5:33 and Surah 4:34 is an every day thing

    1. @rationalguy Actually, Afghanistan is important – strategically, the oil pipelines from the Russian Federation go through the country. The only reason that the USSR abandoned their occupation, was because of changing political thinking, & of course the entire country was bankrupted at that the point in time. We (USA), kept them busy fighting endless gorilla skirmishes with the Mujahideen, while waiting for them (USSR), to run out of money, & too many of their military dying.

      That being said, yes, we NEED to get out the people who helped 🇺🇸.

    2. Reminds me of Korea and Vietnam. We still have troops in Europe and Japan to remind us that we once won a war. Trump & Biden should be ashamed. Especially Biden for leaving people behind, like we did in those other wars we lost.

    3. When the Taliban grow stronger and attack your US cities like 9/11 then you guys will wish you kept your troops in Afghanistan. I’m Mexican and I understand that.

    4. @Jake R You should look no further than the Bush administration for blame on 9-11, it wasn’t 20 guys from Saudi Arabia that imploded the 3 buildings at the World Trade Center.

    1. What about all the innocents the us army killed? Yep the taliban is the only cure for Afghanistan. The government sided with the ones killing their people they deserve to be overthrowm

  1. This country has always been a lawless territory. There was some degree of safety for residents of cities but apparently no more. ..get ready for a bloodbath folks.

  2. so everyone condemns the occupation of US army in AF, now they go away as wished but still got blamed. it’s as hard as to serve the big CEO.

    1. It’s similar to Vietnam.. didn’t want us there to begin with but eventually became dependent (not there fault) and now we leave… there’ll probably be a picture of the embassy with the last helicopter taking off just like Saigon in 75’…

  3. All those young American lives lost for litteraly nothing! Sorry if you served and lost friends and family.. You were betrayed plain and simple

    1. @M. B sad but it’s the truth… They use their victory from ww2 to perpetuate the idea of patriotism to go fight their money wars

    2. @Timothy M all those young kids man… Who will never experience having a family or on their first date with their future wives… Alot of those guys died real young.. So much potential lost

    3. @Gerrit Peacock it’s all been lies! I know it’s hard to believe that there are people in this country capable of allowing such things to transpire but it’s the truth my friend! And we will be saying the same for covid 19

    4. @Jake R negative… That whole “fighting for freedom” was true in ww2.. But they’ve been dragging that mantra for decades just to keep lining their pockets.. More control more power.. That’s all it is… They died for fat rich men.. Not for freedom..

  4. Why are we pulling out so quickly? Even faced with the increase of Taliban activity? Maybe things are about to hit the fan. Maybe we need the troops back home more.

  5. The most terrifying part of this as an American is that another unwinnable decades-long conflict is probably just around the corner.

  6. Sooo after two decades and billions of dollars from Americans y’all still couldn’t figure it out?

  7. This sad escapade was over October 7, 2001…the day it began. Afghanistan is and remains the graveyard of empires.

  8. The only people shocked are the ones who didn’t go there. I don’t think a single person in the armed forces whose served in the desert held any illusions it would last more than 5 minutes without us. Its a sad but inevitable conclusion to a very long nightmare.

  9. The news trying to make me feel bad after having a 20 year blanket over Afghanistan. Finally someone canned this mess, even if it makes us look bad we can stomach it.

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