Taliban Allowing Nearly 200 Americans, Foreign Citizens To Leave Afghanistan

The Taliban is allowing some 200 Americans and other foreign citizens to leave the country on a flight to Qatar on Thursday, according to new WSJ reporting and confirmed by NBC News.

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Taliban Allowing Nearly 200 Americans, Foreign Citizens To Leave Afghanistan


    1. @Deb Try researching what Putin’s aims are and then think (Google definition of thinking) about the fact that trump is still crying about how he lost the election and that undermines confidence in democracy AROUND THE WORLD.

    2. in two days there won’t be any hostages they’re going to March them out on September 11th and have a 20th anniversary party with them. You’ll see the videos.

    3. @Do Wa- 😆 🤣. I would at that you are insane, but msnbc has created 100s of 1000s like you. You are the real threat. You are the enemy

  1. All who fought and died trying to do the right thing through this 20 year debacle are hero’s no doubt! But I can’t help but hold a very dear place in my heart for the 13 hero’s who helped in ending it! They will always standout! 🇺🇸🌏✌🏼

    1. @Leroy Parker ok, dealt with. There’s blood on my hands. Do what? Nothing changes. Nothing changes for anyone, besides a 20 year old war is over. Anything else? I’m a combat veteran – I may have blood on my hands already you clown.

    2. 63 troops died in Afghanistan during Trump’s presidency. We haven’t heard a peep on the news about them…..

    3. @JK F1 the Afghan government and military was supposed to take over. The military predictions were the government would stand for 60-90 days. Trump is the one to make a deal with the Taliban in 2018. He and Pompano helped facilitate the release of 5K Taliban prisoners. It was the largest successful airlift in American history. We lost the war and couldn’t dictate the rules. Republicans have short memories!

    4. @RueBirdDragon – Two days after being sworn in for a second five-year term at a ceremony attended by senior U.S. officials, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has reversed his initial refusal to release Taliban prisoners prior to peace talks with the insurgents.
      “President Ghani issued a decree tonight to release up to 5,000 Taliban prisoners starting Saturday from a list provided by the Taliban,” U.S. special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad wrote early Wednesday on Twitter. “The Taliban had already agreed to release up to 1,000 prisoners from the Afghan government side.”
      Trump isn’t the Afghanistan government, nor the President of Afghanistan.

  2. We educated the Afghans and gave them the experience of democracy, what they do with it is up to the Afghans. Afghanistan will deal with it’s own problems we can just watch.

    1. @The Devil All The Time Sharia acts as a code for living that all Muslims should adhere to, including prayers, fasting and donations to the poor. It aims to help Muslims understand how they should lead every aspect of their lives according to God’s wishes. The bible has laws, like the 10 commandments. Sharia law is only as bad as those interpretation and enforcement. You answers are 2 lines and emojis because you are the ignorant one who can’t even explain what it is….

    2. @RueBirdDragon Allah is not God /Jehovah / Yahweh , you would know that if you have ever studied the real word of God. As you can see Muhammad is the antithesis of Jesus. Jesus was the last prophet of God, He was pure of heart and a perfect being. Christianity is the the spiritual descendent of Judaism, that’s why the Old Testament is in the Bible.

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    3. I’d like to thank the Biden Harris administration for ensuring a sweeping victory for Republicans in the mid terms. 👏🙌

  4. Well then, I trust they’ll receive the credit for it.
    I’ve no doubt that GOP hacks like Graham and Cruz will attempt make it sound like a deadly insult worthy of another invasion. But when you reach a certain age, _like haemorrhoids_ you tend to expect that kind of nonsense.

    1. Oh he’s going to get all the credit he deserves for creating this mess. I’m sure they will spin themselves into the ground trying to save his a**hole.

    2. Yes, Cruz and Graham are like festering sores on our Democracy. Anything they say is designed to tear down America so they can win. Typical Anti-American Trumpist fools.

  5. How much ransom was paid in the form of “humanitarian aid”? Everything has it’s price. I’m glad they are getting out.

    1. @Russell D Have you proof of such statement?? Pls post it. It’s the republican voters being brainwashed with their propaganda entertainment shows.

    2. @Russell D if you’re referring to Bagram, that base is 50 miles away from Kabul. It was useless for evacuation efforts.

    3. ​@patricia lafountain I’m just another person trying to find the truth. But the methods we use to research are all controlled by Big Tech.

      I try to watch foreign media outlets and compare the Fox stories to the CNN/ABC/CBS narrative. I feel the truth is somewhere in between. But every piece of data we use to deduct our opinions from is censored and controlled by Big Tech.

      So I may be wrong to think hundreds of people were killed because of a stupid military mistake. But that seems to be what the rest of the world thinks.

  6. MSNBC sugar coating it hard. Bottom line lets just get our people out and move on…. should have never gotten into nation building.

  7. Don’t tell us about how wonderful the Taliban is, or how many of the hostages they have let go. Tell us how many Americans are still trapped in Afghanistan, and how many are still being held hostage.

    1. @Dock Newton well the way I see it news cant tell ya nothing until they have the info themselves, and they don’t get that info until the Feds clear it as non classified.

    2. @Brandon Angstman I’ve found that these news sources today are mostly partisan claptrap, and that they lie constantly to further their petty agendas. If they aren’t lying out right, then they are lying by omission, and keeping things from us that we ought to know. They work tirelessly at dumbing their audiences down, and filling their empty heads with inane talking points.

    3. @Brandon Angstman Also I think if we are waiting on Joe Biden to declassify his debacle in Afghanistan, we’ll be waiting quite a while.

    4. @Dock Newton that’s actually not directly up to him, it would actually fall to senior military analysts and department heads at the Pentagon to decide. Joe only gets to have access and the ability to declasify after the reports have been checked over.

    5. @Dock Newton most nefforts tend to exaggerate but with the exception of fox news most reporters give decently accurate reports. It’s impossible for any network to be completely unbiased and cnn is no exception but the do adequate work for a 24/7 news network. I tend to cut the reporters some slack since it’s the networks that insist on adding padding to the stories and not them.

    1. Wow Trump freed the taliban leader and 5000 of his followers and made an agreement with them while at the same time ignoring the afghan government.

    1. Perhaps tiny minds should listen, but remember it’s her opinion just like every blathering witless wonder on fox entertainment gives everyday.

    1. @patricia lafountain you should have thought about that ,do you really think they want four or five large American bases in Afghanistan which is a country very close to them?

    1. New poll out shows Trump is now ahead of Biden in the Primary Vote. What a difference 6 months of slow Joe makes.

  8. Gee..I wonder why this network ( and other liberal propaganda networks) have ratings IN THE CRAPPER as FOX beats them badly? What a mystery?

    1. Most of these people didn’t want to get close to the airport and rightfully so . Dont blame the American government for that 🤷‍♂️

    2. @Dingle Berry Lol!!!! What?
      They didn’t want to get close to the airport because of the disaster this government created there. Lol!!!
      Who do you want to blame the girl scouts? Lol!!!

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