The secret to Kellyanne Conway’s White House longevity

Since Donald Trump became president, many of his top aides have come and gone, but not Kellyanne Conway. She has been the President’s point person since before he was even elected, constantly outlasting the rest of Trump’s orbit.


Trump praises 'beloved' Kellyanne Conway for her 'help' with the press

Kellyanne Conway under fire for promoting Ivanka's brand

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Kellyanne Conway To Reporter On Hatch Act: “Can You Leave, Please?”

Trump says he won't fire Kellyanne Conway

'You think he should just take that sitting down?': Kellyanne Conway defends Trump in feud with husband

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  1. Hey, Chris here. With continued push to remove Kellyanne from a position of power, do you think President Trump will listen, or keep her a close adviser?

    1. I wonder what else is happening between them that caused her to side with Trump against her husband saying Her husband is just jealous of her and Trump’s close relationship.

    2. The only policy Democrats have is hate all things Trump. They wouldn’t even approve emergency funding for the border detention facilities. Absolutely shameful.

    1. All you fuuuucccccing piece of shiitt demonrats are going to Lose Again 😢😭 😥😭 😢 TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸💪 MAGA 🇺🇸💪 KellyAnne Conway 2024 🇺🇸💪 Keep America Great 🇺🇸💪

    2. @kliskey123 that was fucking hilarious. To see all the follow up comments completely proving your statement true.

    3. @Butthole Mouth OK then explain why the lie about ag Barr blocking details of the Mueller report is just fading away? Mueller never said anything about it when he had his press release. And i don’t hear liberals talk about it anymore. So why do you just flat out lie about someone, then pretend it never happened? Argument initiated.

  2. Maybe she’s still there because she throws a good Lewinsky. Dam sure ain’t her looks or intelligence.

  3. Conway didn’t understand Trump she just has rock bottom morals like Trump. Evil gets along with Evil.

    1. You pussies hate Kelly because she’s a fighter. You all hate fighters who don’t bow down to the bullshit shaming tactics of your behavior control PC culture. You hate individuality and want everyone to conform to your hive mind opinion set.

    2. @cj p well said. I personally just cannot communicate with these Dems anymore. So I just play their ignorant games. The only thing these demonrats can do is verbally attack! So fuucccem cause I’m locked and loaded

  4. She tows the line like no other, and she has extremely soft lips. You all can figure that last one out for yourselves.

    1. Says the loser who believes whatever CNN tell them. You morons can’t accept the loss and built up this bullshit narrative that russians had any real effect. You only hate Kelly because CNN has programmed you that way.

  5. Does anyone think KellyAnne wrote the racist tweets for Trump (after she was chastised with the Hatch agreement) because they seem like complex sentences?

  6. The only things that’s in this White House are the many faces of racism. Everyone who works for Donald Trump is a racist and everyone who supports Donald Trump is a racist just call it for what it is

  7. Birds of a feather. Liars like liars. In their mind when they lie they tell the truth. Dysfunctional state of mind. Both believe everyone should think and believe as they do.

  8. She’s a lying witch, with no morals, integrity, or character. Whats the big mystery? Of course Trump would wanna keep her.

  9. What happening here is Psychopath Trump is completing his fascist takeover of a democracy by subverting and perverting it’s institutions. Kellyanne has assisted in this by rendering The Hatch Act as powerless to do anything about corruption. If you support Trump your a fascist meaning your against democracy and human rights.

  10. Everyone’s joking, but I seriously think there may be a “personal” relationship between Kellyanne and Trump. Think of the way her hubby lashes out, her refusal to leave no matter what… She’s made her “choice” (of some kind).

  11. where is the subpoena for Kellyanne for not showing up for testimony? why is trump team above the law?

  12. I wonder if that woman is playing paddy cake with her boss.
    It’s so odd how long she has lasted.
    She is truly a nut job, just like her boss.

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