US-born high school student detained for weeks by CBP

A Texas-born high school student who was detained by immigration officials for more than three weeks told CNN's Nick Valencia he was treated less than human at a US Customs and Border Protection facility.
Francisco Galicia was born in Texas, and he is an American citizen. As a child, he moved to Mexico with his family and later returned to the US as a teenager. He says he was carrying his state ID, a Social Security card and a wallet-sized birth certificate.
He also had a Mexican tourist visa with him that inaccurately listed his country of birth as Mexico, setting up a conflicting nationality claim, his attorney, Claudia Galan, said.

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    1. Can you define text book racism for us please, and tell us how these as yet, unconfirmed allegations, meet that definition?

  1. smh A dayum shame. They targeted him because of his ethnicity and that is discrimination. I’m glad he’s filing a federal lawsuit.

  2. Happens to often, more people need to hold these devils accountable and prosecute them. In addition to suing, prosecute them.

    1. @Eddie O’Rourke Take it easy on them man. They are victims of our liberal American educational system. We continue to fight for a cure.

  3. Deport Melania Trump. She obtained a Visa that no other individual can obtain in order to stay in the US.

    1. @The Remixstress Just wanted to say your comment frigging nailed it! Perfect, succinctly put. 💯

    1. @Daisy Unchained The thing is, there are reasons for suspecting the kid might have set this up deliberately to get a lawsuit.

    2. Flabby Bum lol, an 18 year old kid on his way to soccer camp? Which fever swamp does this very fine theory spring from?

  4. There is excuse for it to take 23 days for this young man ICE screwed up big time on his case alone .

    1. @George Cass Like i said, do you know how long it takes to validate a birth certificate. Not only that, there is overcrowding due to dumbass Dems promising illegal aliens free health care and open borders. This is not the fault of the gov’t. This is his mother’s fault, plain and simple.

    2. @Keith Weiman right… the next time a blonde fair boy skinned born in US ( mexico bad DOCS) gets put in there…. let us know

    3. @George Cass Something similar happened to me as well. As a naturalized US citizen with an accent (my English is otherwise very good) and an expired US passport that I didn’t have with me, I naively assumed that I could just reenter the country with my native passport and my US driver’s license as ID’s; they’ll find me in the system, I thought. It didn’t fly.
      It didn’t occur to me the get the media involved, and being white, that would have probably been massage to a wooden leg. I love how the petty reporter tricked the kid into vouching for the good moral character of every single person in those facilities.

    4. Go to almost any black man in America and ask them whether they have been illegally stopped or arrested and then you will see that those who are posturing this are full of it. I feel sorry for this young man but ask American black young men how many times they are stopped while driving black and falsely arrested with no question of citizenship and see what you get.

  5. Remember what George Carlin said? “Just when you need your rights the most, they take it away.”

    Another confirmed incident 1943 Japanese Americans.

    1. @Jester Avrgjoe you lost me at “a” entertainer. 😌 work on your debating tactics a wee bit more. Oh and Wikipedia isn’t a source. May God bring you brains 💪

    2. Funny thing is even comic books are political. The first ever Captain America comic was him punching Hitler as a middle finger to dictatorships. So if you wanna say that entertainers and media can’t be political. Do some actual research.

    3. @Jester Avrgjoe All Trump supporters are a liability to my country….what to do what to do

    1. @nelson 100 exactly…present your papers and show your ID to travel to see family in other states.

    2. LOL there is no wall. It’s a little fence. No concrete and not built “so fast your heads will spin”.
      Drumpftards are his easy marks, suckered by the conman.

    3. That’s what a nation does to keep their sovereignty. you are not a nation unless you can control your boarders. What is the suggestion that would be better?

    4. Wow, did you stay up all night thinking of that? I suppose you leave your doors and windows open while you’re away, inviting all and any body to come on in.

  6. Trumps America smh.. we need him voted out in the upcoming elections guys. An American born and raised citizen no less. This is profile racism and discrimination.

    1. Get lost! Think about the situation. Kid has a tourist visa? Why if he is American ? Also why would he allow a tourist visa to have his home labeled Mexico ? None of this story makes any sense.

    2. texas thunder – Omar’s real name is first name, American last name, Citizen. Pretty much all you need to know

  7. Pelosi, McConnell, and Barr are responsible for allowing this disgusting administration continue taking us down the road to a dictatorship.

  8. some idiot a while back didn’t think hispanic americans would be profiled by ICE and border customs.
    i called this so way back.

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