1. Let’s get the feds. out of the way, so we can get on with things. No joke about housing in Vancouver. Perhaps you have some of the laundered money used in the housing market which priced it out of the reach of the average person.

    1. @Trevor Carlson
      Yes they are…Christy Clark was the best.
      If she would’ve won last provincial election trans mountain would be pumping oil today.

    2. The pre-21st century Liberal party was always mainly a politically centrist party. The left wing nonsense they’ve been spouting is relatively recent, and it’s only getting worse by the year.

      But while they were centrist, it was always the Conservatives who were right wing.

  2. What a freaking blowhard. Talk about stoking Separation!!! This guy just threw a lot of gas on the fire. He will be sorry when he is cut off from Moronto and Dumtreal by a real country.

  3. Typical west coast windbag. He has no idea about the economic reality in the interior of HIS province, never mind Alberta and Saskatchewan. He probably couldn’t find Kamloops on a map.

    1. Quite amazing how that country (exiled loyalists) can never work together, beside for bashing on Québec (the Alphadog).

    1. @randy woods Life is not fair. You don’t get to do want you want in BC without British Columbians having a say. Sorry to inform of this, but there is no poll that showing any support in BC for your fringe facebook group. Zero, non, zilch. We’re happy to be part of Canada. Thanks.

    2. @randy woods No MP or public official in office in Northern BC supports separation, and even the conservatives there dismiss the talk. Sorry, but BC is not Alberta. Besides, Alberta can’t separate because of treaty lands. Constitutional law experts agree.

  4. Yup, Stewart is doing a fine job on the “opioid crisis” with 16 overdoses in one day at one “safe” injection site in Vancouver.

  5. Vancouver needs to get over itself and stop pretending they represent all of BC. Everyone in the Interior and North voted Blue.

  6. Legalize drugs then wonder why drugs are out of control. You have a housing crises – um why? No work? Hmmm.
    What are your solutions? Cause and effect . Think about it.

  7. He tells Kenney to stop whining but he cry’s he needs money for housing but Alberta needs jobs should be first!!! Stop the oil to B.C. now

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