What Makes The NRA So Powerful? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. NRA is real Russian collusion .Russia sponsor and support NRA and copy and steal US weapons technology.

    1. @KentBalzer That will be why Moscow Mitch has a Chinese spy for a wife … her family have contributed millions to McConnell’s bank account , they run a shipping company in and out of China , you know , where the Fentanyl comes from , through the unprotected ports because all the resources are shoring up the southern border fiasco … mmmm the poorly educated

    2. @Leo Peridot Ollie certainly knows about collusion , both with Iran and then the drug dealing, gun running Contras , what a guy … high treason , but he got immunity for squealing , ol Caspar Weinberger was a Sec of State heading for the slammer … then Billy Barr made it all go away

    1. larry fitzgerald true and he promised to do so, just another lie from the incompetent ignorant narcissistic sociopath racist and pathological liar.

  2. The NRA launders Russian money for Republican political candidates, the most obvious being trump. In this day and age, that seems to be a winning business strategy. We can thank trump for that.

    1. That actually being closely watched now so decant launder any foreign campaign donations. That’s why they’re having money problems. The finances are so bad they might not be able to buy off the Republican party in 2020

  3. Our Constitution kept us all safe and a freedom of speech all these years,and because these judges interpret what’s in the Constitution there’s only law when they want it,when the second amendment Gos a muck all others will be useless, not very far off Patriots,we have a huge military ,and is very strong but we can’t use it to protect our own country what’s wrong with this ,everything, we can only use our great military to defend everyone else’s country, what a huge waste of our taxes.

  4. So the media is pushing that Russia is beefing up our military and jobs and lowering unemployment and terror groups. Stopping school shootings. And stopped the planes from spraying chem trails and fighting corruption here. WOW I have Bridges for sale too

  5. How did David Hogg know there was going to be a mass shooting in El Paso.
    Hogg hopped on his bicycle and made it in plenty of time for the photo ops.

  6. Director Wray, multiple witnesses report seeing multiple shooters, all dressed in black and wearing masks.

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