White House official: In Ukraine, ‘Time is not our friend’


  1. The Abram could be described as a ground based fighter jet with its jet turbine engine
    Give Poland a year to build up their support and maintenance facilities for Abrams, because they are already working on getting Abrams for themselves, then if the war is still being waged we can give Ukraine Abrams

    The sooner Scholz gets off the fence and gives Ukraine what they need the sooner this war can come to an end

    He is correct about NATO. If Putin hadn’t attacked Ukraine people were questioning if NATO was needed anymore. Now, it clearly is and is more united than ever and growing

    1. @covid1234 USA and Russia were allies during WWII and together we defeated the Nazis. Real Americans support Russia.

    2. @covid1234 You hate on USA because that’s all you can DO . USA is the most Powerful Country in The World

    3. USA and Russia defeated germany during WWII and defeated the nazis. Russia and USA are stronger together.

  2. We also can’t disrespect a nations decision as to how they help. They know they have more of responsibility to help than the USA does. They are very close to Russia.

  3. John Kirby sure knows his craft. He has great experience. It is fortunate that the Americans are involved in this support system.

    1. Biden has been nine months behind on everything since this war started. he is the weakest president we’ve ever had in the US.

  4. US and Germany is unnecessarily delaying the end of this war by procrastinating on tanks, including training. The lead time could be 4 -6 months.

    1. @JH And who is the likely enemy of all these states? The Baltic countries and Poland who know Russia best have given the highest proportion of arms relative to their budgets and ‘kits’, because their no. 1 enemy is the same as NATO’s

    2. Nope Germany have been procrastinating for weeks and the US have given the most aids so far. Now it’s partially resolved cos third party leopard tanks can still go to Ukraine.

    3. @Михаил Черников Why did Russia ever thought it would finish the war by February/March 2022 at the earliest?! 😆

  5. Kirby is cool guy 😎
    Anyway, the West should provide Ukraine with everything that needed, there is no point in dragging this nightmare

  6. 0:32 “We’re still looking through a myriad of requests from Ukraine…” Hell, the Ukrainians have been asking for tanks almost since the war started and we are “still looking…”. This duplicity is really repugnant.

  7. The US just does not want their latest tank technology to fall into enemy hands, just in case a tank is captured intact.

  8. Are the Germans afraid of energy not getting through? Has Putin sent private threats and blackmail messages? This is so hard. May God give Germany courage and may the Holy Spirit help us get through with true reports to the Russian people. May God grant us peace.

  9. It’s called “negotiation”.
    Too many faceless stockholders in the MIC responsible for too much suffering in Ukraine.

  10. Just love to listen to Mr. Kirby. He is so well versed and well spoken in what is happening in Ukraine and what their needs are and more importantly, what their needs are going to be in the future. Fully aware that Putin will never end this war and have the US have plans in place to continue to fully support NATO and Ukraine. Keep the push on!! Giving up this war at any time now will signify to the Kremlin that they have won and that would not only be in reference to Ukraine….and we do not want that…do we??

    1. He said *”We haven’t decided yet one way or the other”* [about the tanks] Is that really credible at this stage?

  11. I am no expert, but I have a sense that if Ukraine does not get MBTs quickly; this war will drag on for another year before they are able to eject the Russians. That means another long and hard winter for Ukraine.

    1. The next winter probably wouldn’t be as harsh. Russia already exhausted most of its missiles stock, so unless they stop firing for the rest of the year just to stock up again somewhat (not sure they could reach near the level they had in ten months) they couldn’t sustain the same rythm of fire they have been using this winter.
      Also, the ukrainians would probably have adapted even more by this time, with a more resilient better protected electric grid and heating systems.

      But another year of fighting would be costly in money and lives, so indeed better to avoid it.

    2. @Damdumps Given that Russia cannot hope to conquer all of Ukraine anymore, Ukraine has basically won by default already.
      But then, Ukraine managed to reconquer the Kharkiv oblast as well as Kherson, proving they can actually not only resist, but take back what’s theirs.
      They have a lot of men and the full support of the west, aka almost 50% of the entire planet’s GDP.

      Russia has already lost this war, they are just wasting more men and their own economy by continuing this absurd struggle.
      They should just go back to Russia where they would be more than safe.

  12. John Kirby is well spoken on the pertinent matter of getting Ukrainian combined forces training and many capable armored fighting vehicles to Ukraine. Even so, 50 at a time is a trickle, and the full compliment includes tanks. The training can be expedited given the motivation of the Ukrainians, and a supply chain needn’t be so difficult if you set up repair shops in Poland, and just use some of the hundreds of Abrams tanks for spare parts like the Navy does with it’s jets. Send the complete package of necessary supplies with the tanks (air filters, special lubricants, etc ), and begin getting the tanks there today so they’ll be ready to go when Ukraine needs them. 🇺🇲🇺🇦⭐

  13. When I hear this level of equivocation I have to think either (a) plans are already in place and Ukraine’s allies are being strategically vague…or…(b) 2023 will be a long “holding action” while preparations are made for some sort-of 2024 offensive or for Putin to drop dead (not a bad outcome).
    It’s almost February and the spring fighting season is right around the corner. Unless you have your offensive plans, equipment, training and international committed logistical support already lined up, 2023 is more or less already over from an offensive standpoint. The military buildup for Operation Desert Storm to “liberate” itsy bitsy Kuwait took a full 4 months and that was with full “all in” international support. Offensive military plans don’t just prepare themselves overnight.

  14. Germany know what it means to get dragged into a war through your alliances. That’s how WWI happened. And everyone blamed Germany alone. Then the US invasion of Iraq happened and Germany did not go along – which was right. And the US blamed Germany for some weird reason. Then Syria happened and the US escalation led to nothing. The refugees of this war are now – to a large extent – living in Germany. The country has made bad experiences with escalating conflicts.
    Having said that I still think this is different and Germany should send its Leopard tanks. It apparently already allows others to send it. But the hesitation regarding the Abrams is just an excuse. Those tanks are very similar to the point. That the Abrams uses the same Rheinmetall gun as the Leopard and the main practical difference is the engine and drive system. There also very different leopard versions. The really useful modern versions are the ones operated in Spain, Germany and Benelux.Poland uses a 30-40 year old version that isn’t even fully compatible with the German version.

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