1. Santos should just change parties to declare himself a democrat. All this would then be a non-issue.

    2. @Douglas Reagan Good for Biden. Now do the billions Kushner and Mnuchin got from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Ivanka’s Chinese trademarks obtained on a state visit, Don Jr.’s meeting with a Kremlin lawyer, and Eric’s… what does Eric do? Uh… other than use a cancer charity to launder donations stolen from St. Jude through the turmp organization? Also, turmp’s deal with a Scottish airport that forced government employees to stay at his minigolf course.

      You know that’s just the tip of the corruption iceberg, right? I can do this for HOURS. No amount of whataboutism will change the fact that TFG ran a four year crime spree through the White House, or that Santos is an unbelievably corrupt criminal. Take care of your own house before peddling your unevidenced conspiracy theories.

  1. And now that she knows, she’s silent? Such integrity, such honesty, another shining example of Republican veracity and honor…..NOT!!!!!

  2. Finally! We’re talking about all the GOP sloppiness and carelessness that got Santos on the ballot and elected in the first place.

    All this time the GOP has been trying to make it seem like this is all about Santos so that GOP voters forget to ask “But why didn’t you do a basic background check before enforcing him to us?”

    1. @Pedro The Mexican
      My reply is about Al Franken. He was already Democrat.
      Santos is not a Democrat no matter how much you wish it to be true.

    2. @gacj2010 Yet no mention of Trump doing exactly the same only with many times more documents and lies and deception about having returned all of them several times. You’re funny.

    1. You knew Joe Biden was better suited for the dementia wing in a nursing home, but you voted for him. What does that say about you and 80 million of your friends, LOL !

    2. The House Democrats that voted Pelosi into 2 terms as speaker knew she lied and covered up WMD lies about Iraq! a lie that was used to invade a nation…a lie that cost US troops lives..and many innocent Iraqi lifes! But yep lets pretend santos is the biggest liar here!
      voters that say nothing about there party being WMD lairs… but than pretend Santos lies cross the line when Pelosis..and all the WMDs liars didnt shows how unhinged you are

  3. We understand they wanted that seat, but they had time to get a better candidate, but they chose not to even after knowing who Santos is..very sad indeed.

    1. They chose “Santos” on purpose: what a way to stick it to the libs! Plus, they probably would have lost with one of their own, because Republicans lose elections if they don’t cheat or trick voters.

    2. the GOP can’t attract better candidates. Those who were better politicians in the GOP have retired, given up or left the party. This is NOT the GOP of Lincoln or Reagan. It’s a QAnon/MAGA cult.

    1. @barn owl Absolutely. if they can prove it. I don’t like liars on either side. Trump has really lowered the bar on what is acceptable. Santos proves that. It’s really sad because we need both parties. Nobody has accused politicians of being honest, but historically when they were found out they faced accountability, it seems that’s not the case anymore. There’s a difference to lying and being a liar, they all lie, but some take it to new heights.

  4. Elise Stefanik is one sandwich short of a picnic. Her choice to support Santos and not even vetting him just shows how desperate Republicans are/we’re to gain control. It was hilarious to watch Elise during the votes for House Speaker. She acted like she was hatching Scalise and The spineless, no balls McCarthy.

    1. @Dr Anderson – I think that’s just the usual cynical bullshit and ultimately allows the corrupt to get away with it.

  5. That Stefanik supported Santos blindly — did she actually not vet him before providing that support? She’s no moe reliable than Santos himself, is she?

  6. It seems very strange that our government has no recourse to expel him on the spot for the mayhem he has created. this is another reason why there must be a fact check on all government applications, may I add background checks. this should be a no-brainer. George Santos should not be allowed to be in congress one more day!

    1. Kevin needed his vote and it’s in Kevin’s best interest to keep Lying Santos on. He even got commitee assignment

    2. A strange government that has a President that during election campaigns has told the Puerto Rican community he grew up in one (which he didnt)… Told coal miners he grandad was one ( he wasnt … told poor people he grew up poor and family lacked food…even though proven he was brought up in a middle-class family…and many many more but you say nothing about that..but more concerned about a lying house member

    1. How have they not realized after the midterms that their short term stubbornness is resulting in long term losses? These people are oblivious to reality.

    2. I read a very long article about Stefanik and how she changed from a ‘trump is a disgusting horrible human being and a male chauvinist jerk” to “I support trump all the way no matter what”. The article wrote in detail about all who knew her, her friends, her supporters for many years, calling her and writing her “What has happened to you we can’t believe you have turned your back on truth and facts and your integrity all for money and trump”? These were people that knew her for many years, asking “who are you we don’t even know anymore’. Stefanick often responded very nastily saying “you don’t understand” blah blah. They have all said who she is now is like night and day, she is not herself anymore and they all feel ashamed of her that she LIES CONSTANTLY now and they feel betrayed. She turned to trump for ‘power and money” they say she now is making tons of money off of asking for donations and how much she supports and defends trump now. Her friends say “she hated this man thinks he is an immoral pig, insane, cruel and a pathological liar, not worthy of ever being president and now here she is on his side and wanting power so much she lost herself her morals, her integrity’..

    1. lol what Santos did was nasty… but Biden lied on campaign elections..from telling voters he finished top of his classes..but finished in bottom 4… he came from a Puerto Rican growing up… he grandad was a coal miner… claimed he grew up poor where food was hard to come by..but all lies.. its funny which liars you chose to call out and those you ignore

    2. People have the expectation that once these lies have been fully brought to light, and the shameful behaviour of this reprehensible piece of excrement is made known, that the Republicans would finally be shamed into getting rid of him.
      The stench of this malfeasance cannot and should not be ignored.
      Yet this is precisely what they are trying to do.
      They’ve basically said to voters that electing him was their problem. They created this situation by believing what they were told, and now they have to live with him.
      McCarthy and the Republicans are trying to pretend that they have no ability to rectify this turmoil, and that it really can only be done at the next election.
      And everyone knows why.
      It’s because they desperately need the Santos vote in Congress.
      They cannot afford to lose his seat and they’ll do nothing to put it at risk.
      But what they might not be able to do is control what’s done when the investigations into his campaign finances are completed.
      Given the debacle that he created with his campaign, one can only imagine what sort of mess his finances might be in.

    3. Okay, enough about this guy Santoś lying dude, get him out….now let’s talk about Biden for lying and selling us all out for almost 50 years. He is not above the law. Take him, Trump and Santoś and lock them all up for treason and any law that we all can through at’em, crap, make a few up while you’re at it!

  7. Makes me genuinely curious about the rest of their backgrounds that none of them seem to care about the mess with Santos. I think we should start deep diving to find out why.

    1. LOL
      You are aware of Bidens lies to voters during elections right? from tellin puerto rican he grew up in a Puerto Rican community.
      (he didnt) .. Told coal miner he grand-dad was one (he wasnt) told others he finished top in his politics class…he finsihed 4th from bottom… told others he grew up in a family that was poor and couldnt afford food ( he didnt) THEY ARE JUST A FEW… i guess those sort of lies are fine..and not worthy of a mention huh? How about Pelosi proven to have known WMD claims were lies..but said nothing… what about those lies? but no its Santos the one who is the worst! LOL

    1. @Sandburg Martin I heard Donald Trump personally made and packaged all the food and delivered it personally to the stores … just ask him, it’s all him 👍😉

    2. @John Herold Democrat- The party of violent extremists ANTIFA, grooming children, narcissistic pronoun demands and childish rants.

    3. @YouTube Admin well considering tRUMPs family separation plan. Resulted in tRUMPs KIDNAPPING CHILDREN plan! Talk about putting lipstick on a pig! ( and it really didn’t even do that ! Family separation !!!!! ) But the g.o.p. said OK! And let U.S. not forget! tRUMP told Bob Woodward on tape covid is DEADLY! tRUMP told U.S. “covid was just a bad case of the flue”! And the g.o.p. said OK! tRUMP literally hawked FAKE CURES for covid! Then 400,000 Americans DIED! The g.o.p. said OK! And let U.S. also not forget the COUP! Of course the g.o.p. said OK! Santos g.o.p. said OK! the g.o.p. HASN’T left the economy better than they got it for the last THREE g.o.p. administration’s! I got a HELL of alot more than you! And mines TRUE! By the way where did you get that BS? Fox? You know the fox needs a name change to LION news! It’s like fake news without all that fake stuff! Besides they’re not even clever just LIES

  8. I’d lie about everything too if I already was a member of congress under my drag name Elise Stefanik and now illegally held two different seats.

  9. It stands to reason that the more they turn a blind eye to his lies: the more they come across as enablers or just plain complicit.

    The absolute best way they can come out of this is to say that they were too dumb to see through the charade

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