1. @Mary w. Been listening to comments from Lefty. Don’t worry about Lefty’s ignorance. He’s got tired. Think he’s off in corner with his hands down his pants thinking of Matty Boy.

    2. @Lefty Loser Yes, like you a month ago. Up pops another one. What do you go by on your other accounts? Or did those get shut down for telling lies?

  1. In COViD arguments they want decisions re vaccines to be made by the person and their doctor…… so what about in this situation?

    1. They learned from trump, doctors can’t be trusted. “Don’t Fauci my Florida”..hy send the darlings to school? They are indoctrinated from birth. Read the tabloids and find your answer. If I had ringworm, THEN I would take it. History? GQP prohibit educated people.

    1. @Darrell Knott I vote for the best candidate running that has a chance of winning.

      The Semper Fi is for the real men and women. You may not measure up, but I always will. Clearly, my sentiment is not for you.

      Alpha males frighten and confuse betas, so I can understand why you’re afraid. It’s ok. You will survive.

  2. “Intends to seek abortion”

    I’m going to say. Someone in Texas Sue the Gov. Abbott on the basis he intended to seek an Abortion.

    1. Exactly. lol For every 10k fine the Federal Government should pay and take it out of the Governors pay. Wonder if Biden can make an executive order on that?

    1. Yeah like all the kids getting covid and dying because of parents stupidity. Oh but that’s ok but an abortion is horrible.

    2. @Casey Sager Excuses to use Biden as a front man? Seems hate rules your type then truth of facts over feelings

    3. @Don’t Inject The Kool Aid So what you’re saying is you can’t cure the disease until you remove the cause of the disease.

    4. @Linda Joicy I’ve been researching the whole thing for 14 years and counting and nobody wants to know the truth at all just stuff that makes em feel good is all no truth just words

  3. Republicans: “We’ve banned abortions because we’re PRO-LIFE”
    Also Republicans: “OH YEA, anybody can also carry a gun without a license or training too.”

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