Will Donald Trump Recognize Existence Of ‘White Supremacist Terrorism’? | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. “I just killed 22 people in El Paso.  Did I do good, Mr. President?  Did I?  Did I?  Did I?”

    1. @VIRTUAL REALMS The Manifesto uses Trump’s language, invasion, etc – it also talks about dividing the US into race based areas, environment and corporations – there is not a single left wing political point in that. Fascists also talk about environment and economy (kind of deal for them). Trump’s targets people with brown skin – the El Paso incident shows how that translates into violence against anybody perceived as Brown. Trump rally locations have a 200% increase in hate crimes…

    2. @Dom Douse And Warren has done little to fire people up like laugh at comments “shoot them.” It is ridiculous for Trump and Co to try this…

    3. @クルックシャンクバド Maybe even invited to the White House for Big Macs. LOL. Take care.

    4. @Purpl3 Grape I never thought about that. But wouldn’t Trump then be a part of the dreaded “Deep State?” LOL. Take care.

  2. If trump shows up in El Paso…Make him sit in a room with the dead. for 24 hours..and ask each body and soul there for forgiveness…then resign…

    1. No REG FLAG LAWS!! They will take ALL guns from the American citizens – not the criminals!! Clean up the right ones, not ALL of us!! 👎

  3. A mother shields her child that cost her life but Moscow mitch stays on vacation were trump was during the event

    1. @Michael Nolte
      Ms Warren is not the president, just a candidate for the position. She, as well as the other candidates cannot be held responsible, so peddle that b.s. elsewhere.

    2. @Michael Nolte
      Go back to a clip where he told the police to shoot blacks and if they can’t shoot them, rough them up and bump their heads against the frame of the car door and he will pay the cops legal bills if they get caught on camera doing it.

    1. @ladianamc It is a fake narrative, and Robert Mueller said as much. None of his campaign have been indicted for conspiracy or hate speech.

      What language are you referring to that amounts to racism or hate? The media have lied so much it is shocking. For example, he did not call Mexicans rapists and murderers ( he called some people crossing the border rapists and murderers), he did not call whgite supremacists good people ( but has condemned white supremacy ).

    2. @adstanra Trump’s racist slurs occur in his speeches, rallies and tweets – the white supremacist terrorist in El Paso uses Trump’s own language in his manifesto. How many white supremacist terrorists in the US (and world) have referred to Trump as a motivation before their attacks? What is the body count by now? NONE of that is fake – those are real people that were murdered by people committed to Trump’s agenda of ridding the US of “invading Latinos,” “Liberal Socialists” and the like.

      You are confusing the investigation Mueller made into Trump campaign collusion with Russia and obstruction – with Trump’s rhetoric. Mueller did not investigate Trump’s racism. I can only guess that is the conspiracy hoax you referred to. The Mueller report cited 10 counts of obstruction and that they had no evidence of collusion – not that there wasn’t collusion. And I’ve lost count of how many indictments and convictions have resulted And there are ongoing investigations….

    3. U cant be serious the left are communist nazis ….real nazis by actual definition …..not just because they disagree with u that doesnt make someone nazi

  4. RISE UP, America!
    If he shows up in ElPaso, there should be the Largest Protest in History.
    NOW Is The Time.

  5. “These sinister ideologies must be defeated …” said the guy that launched his campaign by calling Mexicans rapists.

    1. sfamerken12 Geez, your a lost cause. Is this what you imagined a DT presidency to be like? Always defending him? Sure, your right…it’s the world that’s all wrong.

    1. @Ben Howell Well Ben get ready for four more years my friend . It is going to happen Democrats are in desperation mode they know they are not going to defeat Trump . And they have tried everything its not going to happen . Even there fake polls and fake news . You are watching the Democrat party implode the race card all played out . See you at the polls in 2020 what a crew Democrat’s have running lol ! Trump 2020

    2. @Mr. Unknown do you understand the republican has become a cult? and you are a member. a willing member. you have turned other Americans, the guy who bags your groceries, the person who teaches your kids, the woman who delivers your mail, who happen to belong to another party, into demons. into the ‘enemy’. you have become an American ISIS member. agree with me or die. when a political party becomes a religion, it’s a dangerous thing. you and people like you are the reason America will never be great again.

  6. the only reason Trump is speaking against gun violence is because someone explained “inciting violence” charges to him. Texas and Ohio should pursue state charges where Barr can’t protect him

    1. Absolutely. If shouting “fire” in a theater where there is none is illegal, then him supporting “shoot them” at a rally filled with white supremacist is just another in a long list of crimes perpetrated by this vile bag of yellow cowardly puss.

    2. Sure thing, as long as I can sue you for falsely calling everyone at a Trump rally a white supremacist. Moron.

  7. Trump will change his words in 72 hours and will go back to his racist rhetoric guaranteed

    1. As the ratings sink like the Titanic and viewership disappears, you really get good look at the nuts that are sticking around

    1. It came through loud and clear that he was going through the motions and didn’t mean a word of it.

  8. Very telling that Trump & McConnell were barely heard from on Saturday or Sunday. Both should stay away from El Paso. They are partially blame for the tragedy. Offer no ability to help others heal.

    1. Fascism, concentrationcamps, army parades, attacking minority groups, dividing a country, white supremacy etc etc. I know exactly what you mean ,Toussaint. We all should by now one would think

  9. New gun legislation should already be 2 days old. Mitch McConnell and Trump should have to dig those folks graves.

    1. @LardGreystoke …All the hate is coming from the Left.
      We on the Right have been doing nothing except turning the other cheek.
      But I can’t say how much longer we’ll be able to take that before we start hitting back.

    1. Mothers instinct to protect her young at all costs,all mammals and even insects have that instinct.

  10. Trump is a cultural flamethrower. McConnell is a legislative one. They’re working together to tear down American democracy.

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