$1.9 Trillion Covid Relief Package Heads Back To The House | MTP Daily | MSNBC

NBC News Capitol Hill correspondent Leigh Ann Caldwell discusses the Covid relief package heading back to the House after the Senate removed minimum wage and limits some benefits. Aired on 3/08/2021.
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$1.9 Trillion Covid Relief Package Heads Back To The House | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. There should be a rule where if your senator or rep voted against the bill, your state or district should be last to get the checks, small business aid, or vaccine.

    1. @Ro G
      That might backfire. Those same politicians would turn around and say to their constituents: “Biden’s a hypocrite. He said he’ll be the president to all Americans. Looks like he’s a little bit less your president because he’s hurting you.”

    2. Baby Ro, you voted for Dementia Joe Kid Touch you should not be able to take Trump’s vaccine!!

    3. @Joe Dementia Kid Smell You do know that Pfizer vaccine is not Trump’s because they never participated in operation Warp Speed. Thank God Trump’s out because he would’ve bungled the vaccine distribution just as he bungled social distancing and mask-wearing at his super-spreader events. What a Dufus!

  2. Isn’t it weird that people living paycheck-to-paycheck are supposed to have months worth of savings for emergency according to our politicians.
    But BiLLiONS apon BiLLiONS of dollar corporations are so poorly managed are on the brink of bankruptcy after weeks of reduce profits, Rally’s political courage from both sides to help.
    Yet till this day MiLLiONS upon MiLLiONS are still waiting for help.
    Strange how’s this is uniquely American in the richest nation on this planet.

  3. Let’s hope there is no lapse in unemployment benefits. Many workers are working with reduced hours at work and need to support life.

    1. Michigan just cut off every single person off with EB. We have exactly one week left under the other administrative plan. It expires in 4 days!

  4. Hopefully the House will put a zero behind their first drafting of the bill and give 90% to Americans, rather than the pathetic 9%. PORKULUS!

  5. This bill is amazing. My brother has two children and he will get a TON more money than was promised. My brother’s family of 4 will get $12,200. From four $1400 stimulus checks, one $3600 for children under 6, and one $3000 for children over 6. This will improve his life so much when he most needs it.

  6. Without the 15$ min wage this bill is basically telling essential workers that they are essential enough to get sick and die to bring you your groceries but not essential enough to help them feed their own families…..looking forward to kicking my Senator out of office….I hope your little stunt was profitable for you Senator Sinema….I’m not going to forget it.

    1. Just think after this bill passes,, the former administration will have given us more money than this administration who had to impeach someone who wasn’t there, bomb people in the middle East, and still can’t get people vaccinated, even though the Big Guy received his before he took the office.

    2. @Noneofyour Damnbusiness sorry man….I got a fight with the Democratic Party and pathetic trump cultists are just deadweight at this point.

  7. No matter which party is going to be in power during the next pandemic,
    countries should be prepared and save money for a relief package that works.
    A Law should be passed telling whichever government what to do
    so no time and money should be wasted by the repUGLYcans.

  8. Covid deaths US 538,527 Mexico 190,604 UK 124,566 Canada 22,258 China 4,636 Australia 909 NZ 26 Taiwan 10.
    Two thirds of the Covid variants originate from the US making Covid the US virus.
    There are 15 Covid variants, 10 from the US, 2 from the UK and 1 each from South Africa, Brazil and China.
    Traitor Trump’s “Do nothing” pandemic strategy is written into the history books as America’s biggest-ever failure.

  9. What crap low income workers or anyone making very little money deserve that 15 an hour shame on you buggers

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